Only about Sunflower: 9 striking facts about Sunflower you should know!
Sunflowers. Photo: Burlington Free Press

1. Sunflowers are known for evoking a feeling of positivity because of their large, yellow blooms. To help you understand more about this beautiful flower, Knowinsider would like to introduce 9 striking facts collected from different sources of data.

2. Growing as they are day by day, Sunflowers provide lots of nutrition to remove toxins, such as lead, arsenic, and uranium, from contaminated soil. They are a natural decontaminator of soils and have been used to clean up soil at some of the world's biggest environmental disasters, including Chernobyl and Fukushima. Sunflower oil is packed with calcium and iron and contains vitamins A and D1.The first needed-mentioned fact is how to Raise Sunflowers. According to the, in fact, sunflowers need full sun and rich, well-drained soil to reach their maximum height. However, to protect sunflower seeds from birds, place a mesh bag or nylon stocking over the bloom until the seeds ripen.

3. Like potatoes, tomatoes, and corn, the cheerful plants didn't originate in Europe. It is indicated by the that they were cultivated in North America as far back as 3000 BCE, when they were developed for food, medicine, dye, and oil. Then, they were exported to the rest of the world by Spanish conquistadors around 1500.

4. Tsar Peter the Great was so fascinated by the sunny flowers he saw in the Netherlands that he took some back to Russia. They became popular when people discovered that sunflower seed oil was not banned during Lent, unlike the other oils the Russian Orthodox Church banned its patrons from consuming. By the 19th century, the country was planting two million acres of sunflowers every year.

Only about Sunflower: 9 striking facts about Sunflower you should know!
Photo: Hoa Online 247

5. Sunflowers attract bees, making them useful in areas where people are beekeeping and looking to attract more bees.

6. At the bud stage, sunflowers exhibit a unique trait called heliotropism, with which the bud of the sunflower faces the sun at all times throughout the day, starting the day facing east and ending it facing west.

7. Not all sunflower petals are yellow. There are more than 60 varieties of sunflowers that live around the world—some of these varieties have striped petals. Some sunflowers also have different interior shades.

8. The French word for sunflower is tournesol, which translates literally to "turned sun," referring to the plant's ability to turn itself to face the sun.

9. Got a sunflower that no longer has seeds on the inside? You can use the head of the sunflower as a natural scrubbing tool!

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