Numerology: Predict Your Life Based on Date of Birth
Numerology: Finding the meaning of life through date of birth
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What is numerology?

Numerology is now widely known to the community. This is a science of discovering yourself through numbers.

Numerology is a specialized field that studies numbers and the vibratory effects of numbers on human life.

Numerology can be viewed as a form of reading numbers, decoding the signals that life has sent to each individual person in this life, similar to Physiognomy, or Anthropometry...

How to calculate key numbers based on date of birth

According to the Pythagoreans, there is no Master Number = 1. So our Master Numbers will be from 2 to 11. Another special case is that the number 4 is made up of the total number 22 which will be Write it as 4/22, to distinguish it from other normal numbers 4.

Formula to calculate the Key Number: Add all the numbers in the date of birth (solar calendar) to get a two-digit total number. Continue adding until this number is within the range from 2 to 11. Special case: the number 4 is made up of the number 22 combined and will remain the same as 4/22.

For example: Your calendar date of birth is:

May 27, 1983. Add each of these numbers together to get a total number. Specifically: 2 + 7 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 35. Add 3 + 5 = 8. So the main number in this case is 8.

Meaning of key numbers

According to expert, if you are taught about the key numbers of life since you are a high school student, you will find it easier to orient your career. We too, each of us will develop our strength if we clearly understand our own Master Number.

Obviously, calculating and predicting based on numbers is extremely complicated. Therefore,'s numerologists will help you make fast, reliable predictions about your life based on your date of birth. We are divided into 9 groups as follows:

A. 1, 10, 19, 28

B. 2, 11, 20, 29

C. 3, 12, 21, 30

D. 4, 13, 22, 31

E. 5, 14, 23

F. 6, 15, 24

G. 7, 16, 25

H. 8, 17, 26

I. 9, 18, 27

1. People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

You like to find new things in life, are enthusiastic and brave. Whether it's study or work, your results will always stand out from others. Therefore, you have sky-high confidence and are always proud of yourself. No matter who you are with, every time you discuss, you want to express your opinions and thoughts. You do not like to take command from others but always strive to be capable of leadership. You are a person of integrity, do not like to take shortcuts but always strongly follow the path that leads to your goal. Besides, you are talented in speaking, sociable and like to joke, so you are always loved by everyone.

Suitable career

The most important thing for you is to find the job you want, just like that you will easily succeed and make a lot of money. Freelancer will be suitable for you.

Love style

Deep down, you always have a small part of you that wants to receive love from others, so jealousy and exclusiveness exist in your personality. Therefore, your style is to quickly reach the audience and "promote" emotions.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 8: Both have great ambitions so they will understand you

Number 3: Have a lot in common with you.

Number 5: Objects in group number 5 are suitable for the majority.

Number 9: This group has different personalities, opinions, and views from you but will easily create a romantic relationship.

Groups that are not suitable for me: Numbers 6 and 7.

2. People born on the 2, 11, 20, 29

You are very perceptive and have all five senses highly developed. In social relationships, you easily get along with everyone, but in your heart, you clearly distinguish between love and hate. As for those who are really close, you always give everything to them. You don't like competition, so instead of starting a fight, you'll find a way to compromise. You have a sensitive perception so you can easily recognize changes in your living environment. Your imagination and creativity are also very rich. You are also easily influenced by others, so if you can marry or work with the right person for you, you will be happy and develop your abilities.

Suitable career

You have the ability to grasp the atmosphere and mood of the people around you, so you can act as a bridge between people in a work environment. Human resource management job is right for you.

Love style

You are blind in love. You love easily, are easily hurt but also have a quite exclusive and strong personality.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 9: Be a sensitive person like you.

Number 6: Will be very tolerant towards you.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 4 and 8.

Numerology: Predict Your Life Based on Date of Birth
Numerology is a philosophy derived from a multitude of ancient spiritual practices including the teachings of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras

3. People born on the 3, 12, 21, 30

You have the qualities of a star, always cheerful and optimistic. So you can easily recover after suffering damage or failure. You hate bondage and love freedom. You are unlikely to be knocked down by failure and quickly look for another path. You also enjoy communicating with others. You are interested in many things around you, but sometimes they easily cool down quickly. In general, you are a quick-tempered person.

Suitable career

You are always full of creative ideas, very suitable for work in planning, advertising, or in the field of communications, PR or marketing.

Love style

You need to have a realistic view of the people around you. Because you tend to only see the good in someone if you like them, and are easily disillusioned when you learn more about them.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 8: Has the same agile personality as you.

Number 1: There are many similarities with you.

Number 7: Being a generous person will easily understand you.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 5 and 9.

4. People born on the 4, 13, 22, 31

You are very trustworthy and have a simple life, but inside you always exists an extremely passionate soul. You always focus your best to achieve your goals. Although your steps are often slower than others, you do not like to rely on anyone, so the results and position you deserve will come to you. In addition, you are not easily dazzled by beautiful things, always know what you want and have clear ambitions about it. With this personality, among friends, you are quite strict and difficult to get close to, but are very trusted and respected.

Suitable career

You are hard-working and honest, suitable for the position of civil service, accounting, administrative staff, or even a higher position as a communications director or planning director. In addition, running your own restaurant business can also bring you success.

Love style

In love, you are quite careful and slow. But the older you get, the more you will feel the urgency needed, and be able to adjust yourself.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 6: Live realistically like you.

Number 9: Is the person who will sacrifice for you.

Number 5: Is someone who will listen to everything about you.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 2 and 8.

5. People born on the 5, 14, 23

As a highly curious person, you are always clever enough to satisfy your own curiosity. So you are also quite interested in adventurous things. You are easily bored by restrictive administrative work and always want to challenge yourself. People with number 5 are also talented in art, with the ability to perceive art superior to others. Independence also makes your feelings about art better and more unique.

Suitable career

You have an overwhelming personality and can think of everything that other people would never think of. So you are quite suitable for jobs that involve constant travel abroad, cultural exchanges such as in travel companies, import-export companies... In addition, you can also choose a career related to art and literature.

Love style

You like to experience a lot in love. Love from first sight to love with best friends, love through long-term understanding...

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 7: It will be easy to become friends.

Number 8: Will be the puzzle piece that complements your shortcomings.

Number 1: Someone who can enjoy a lot of fun with you

Unsuitable group: Numbers 3 and 9.

Numerology: Predict Your Life Based on Date of Birth
Numerology and Your Life

6. People born on the 6, 15, 24

You are warm and considerate of others. You are a pacifist, always trying to avoid conflicts and resolve them by compromise. You have a very attractive appearance and act elegantly and gently, so you always receive the love of others. It's hard for you to say no when others need your help. Perhaps this annoys you at times, but it also makes you a trustworthy person. You are always calm and dignified, taking each step firmly on your path. You love peace and have a deep feeling for literature and art.

Suitable career

Jobs related to charity, love or art are quite suitable for you, such as health care and social welfare.

Jobs in the planning, development, promotion... department are also suitable because you have the ability to integrate well with colleagues.

Love style

You were born with intelligence and romance, often tending to immerse yourself in love passionately and deeply. You can easily realize that someone likes you and is also very open about it.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 4: Their personality is realistic and stable like yours.

Number 2: Will be someone who can take care of you and be devoted to you.

Number 9: Is a fairly peaceful person, like you.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 1 and 7.

7. People born on the 7, 16, 25

You always bring a mystery to those around you. You have sharp observation and judgment abilities, and your analytical and intuitive abilities are also very developed. Your creativity can be promoted in every field. You have an introverted personality but are not too cold. You still know how to talk and bring happiness to everyone. Whether in friendship or love, you have strong enthusiasm and balance and equality. You have a talent for science and always want to try your hand at it. Instead of living to make money, you are more inclined to pursue your dreams.

Suitable career

You may be suitable for the position of university lecturer, psychologist, or scientific researcher. Archaeological science and history will also be suitable for you, helping you develop your abilities.

Love style

You are quite cold, love with reason. There will be no way you can love someone so much that you will live and die together. But sometimes there are times when you don't even know you're in love, and just fall in love.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 5: The lifestyle of person number 5 is quite similar to yours.

Number 3: Suitable to be your other half.

Number 8: If you are female and the person with number 8 is male, this person will protect you.

Number 6: Is quite a practical person, but knows how to pamper and satisfy your dreams.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 1 and 6.

8. People born on the 8, 17, 26

You have leadership talent, always anticipating risks or failures. You are full of confidence, do not like to be dictated to by others, once you believe in something you will never give up. Therefore, others also trust you and give you high positions in study and work. But it's important that you still maintain harmony, don't consider yourself the center or number one, and still have good social relationships with everyone.

Suitable career

You are perfectly suitable for business or management jobs, such as human resource management, sales, construction...

Love style

You are rational and quite intelligent in love. Just like at work, once you have a goal, you will try your best to achieve it.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 1: Your agile, quick-to-win personality is similar to yours.

Number 3: Both of you will never feel bored as lovers.

Number 7: People with number 7 will complement your shortcomings.

Number 5: Be someone who can make you happy.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 2 and 4.

9. People born on the 9, 18, 27

You are extroverted but quite conservative, so sometimes you also have moments of being introverted. You often worry and think about your future. But on the other hand, you are a romantic person who likes to daydream about love. You also know how to care for others, always feel happy to help someone, so sometimes you get taken advantage of. However, you are tolerant and easily forgive their mistakes.

Suitable career

People with number 9 have very abundant energy. You are suitable for jobs that are close to the environment, nature, and animals.

Love style

You are shy and easily embarrassed, but when approached and physically touched, you easily adapt. You are very clear in relationships and do not like ambiguity.

Group of people suitable for you:

Number 2: Being a thoughtful person will complement your shortcomings.

Number 4: Will give you practical advice.

Number 6: Peaceful, honest, similar to your personality.

Unsuitable group: Numbers 3 and 5.


Which of the 9 birth groups above do you belong to? Try reflecting on your life with the above calculations and predictions from

Although numerology is still controversial, it has gradually been recognized by the community.

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