Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
How to Calculate Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers in Numerology

Numerology is a mystical subject that has received a lot of attention in the past 5 years.

The numbers in your date of birth and name will reveal your typical characteristics as well as your life's mission.

This is a subject with a very broad range of research possibilities. However, before delving into numerology calculations, you must first understand the fundamentals of the subject.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a branch of study that focuses on the meaning and impact of each number on a person's destiny. Some experts approach this mystical subject scientifically, rather than spiritually, as some elements promote online.

The dominant number, or destiny number, can be determined using numerology calculations. We can change the way we approach people once we understand their typical personalities. This not only makes working with someone easier, but it also allows you to better understand that person's inner thoughts.

The most special thing that numerology brings to learners is to indicate their mission in life.

Finding one's life's mission is not a top priority for young people because they are too busy making money and having fun.

However, by the age of 30, most people are compelled by their inner consciousness to discover their life's purpose. As a result, numerology reading is the best tool for assisting you in self-discovery and determining the answer to the question "What is my life's mission?"

Scientific Basis of Numerology

The vibration of each number affects each person's behavior and personality, which is the scientific basis of numerology. It may sound mystical, but Pythagoras, the subject's founder who researched and taught it thousands of years ago, explained that matter in the universe is made up of molecules. As a result, the various vibrations of each molecule will affect the structure and properties of a specific object or phenomenon.

Pythagoras spent his entire life researching and discovering the magic of each number based on this theory. To be more specific, it refers to the energy field of each number and its impact on a person's life, destiny, and personality. Numerology calculation arose from this.

It can be stated that numerology is a mystical subject with scientific foundations and is not a scam, as some groups preach on social networks and forums.

General Meaning of Each Number in Numerology

Each number in numerology represents a different meaning. These meanings, when combined into each specific case, will help you see the personality and some typical events that will take place in each person's life.

To help you understand better, KnowInsiders will give the most typical meanings of the following 9 numbers:

Number 1: Symbolizes independence, leadership and high responsibility

Number 2: Symbolizes peace, sophistication and emotional sensitivity

Number 3: Symbolizes creativity and good communication

Number 4: Symbolizes responsibility and certainty

Number 5: Symbolizes freedom and exploration

Number 6: Symbolizes love, care, protection and nurturing

Number 7: Symbolizes truth and the desire to find life's mission

Number 8: Symbolizes spirituality, financial independence

Number 9: Symbolizes humanity and hidden leadership qualities

How to Calculate and Determine the Master Number/Fate Number According to Date of Birth

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
Destiny Number Calculator

In this part, we will learn the most important content, which is how to calculate numerology based on date of birth. Calculating the dominant number/fateful number has 3 typical meanings as follows:

• Your life's mission

• What is your most outstanding personality?

• Strengths and weaknesses of your personality

The main way to view this numerology is as follows: Destiny Number = Date of birth + month of birth + year of birth

Rule: Always reduce the final result to a single number

The key numbers (destiny numbers, life path numbers) include 12 numbers from 1 to 9 and 3 special numbers are 11, 4/22 and 6/33. Each number will have the following meaning:

Destiny number 1: High, strong, bold personal ego Tends to be at the top, takes risks

Destiny number 2: Calm, solve all problems based on both reason and emotion. Have the ability to communicate and communicate. Love peace and harmony, do not like competition

Destiny number 3: Dynamic, eager to learn and work, inspirational person Confident, vibrant, dynamic and has the ability to balance emotions very well

Destiny number 4: Practical, focuses on material things, loves making money. Meticulous, careful and perfectionist

Destiny number 5: Loves freedom, likes to go everywhere to explore Quang Giao, has the ability to connect with the community

Destiny number 6: High sense of responsibility, Not judging things by the surface but looking deep into the inner nature Loves family, tends to protect and defend

Destiny number 7: Brings spiritual energy. Intellect and intuition are well developed, like to challenge yourself

Destiny number 8: Financial independence, good intuition Ability to understand people's hearts

Destiny number 9: Has the will to progress, has the ability to listen, share, and has an open-minded personality. Always separate all problems from each other to help them get the best treatment.

Destiny number 11: People with good intuition and spiritual abilities Are the spiritual leaders of a group

Destiny number 4/22: King number, has superior qualities Responsible, disciplined and principled in everything

Destiny number 33/6: People are confident, optimistic, endless inspiration to those around them Altruistic personality, have healing energy

For example

A person whose date of birth is December 10, 1997

Master Numbers/Destiny Numbers = 1+0+1+2+1+9+9+7= 30 = 3+0 = 3.

Thus, the fate number in this case is 3.

After determining the fate number is 3, you can apply the meaning table to decode this leading number as follows:

The leading number 3 proves that you are a dynamic person, eager to learn. For you, studying and working are the most important priorities in life. When done right, you will be extremely confident, vibrant and can inspire those who work with you. In particular, your pressure tolerance is very good.

Number 3 - people may aim for jobs that involve numbers and calculations. In addition, they are also very strong in creativity and writing. Therefore, if you have a dominant numerology result of 3, you can choose a job related to economics or writing, both of which are suitable.

How to Calculate Attitude Index Based on Date of Birth

The meaning of the attitude index represents your instinctive reaction to a specific problem in life.

The way to calculate the attitude index based on date of birth in numerology will be according to the following formula:

Attitude index = Date of birth + month of birth

This index will range from 1 to 9. For the meaning of each number, you can refer to the table of general meanings of each number that mentioned.

For example:

People born on January 14

Attitude index = 1+4+1 = 6

So, the attitude index is 6

Decoding the meaning of attitude index 6: People with attitude index 6 are very loving and always family-oriented. No matter where they go, they always remember their family, especially they love their children very much and always want to give them the best.

How to Calculate Personal Year

Through the year of birth, you can not only calculate the dominant number (destiny number) and attitude index but also calculate the personal year.

The meaning of the personal year will help you know which year's energy is favorable and which year is unfavorable for you. From there, you will build a detailed plan for your life to fulfill your goals and dreams.

The formula for calculating an individual's year based on date of birth in numerology is as follows:

Personal year = Year you are living + Date of birth according to the solar calendar + Month of birth according to the solar calendar

How to view numerology through the individual year will fluctuate around 9 numbers with specific meanings as follows:

Year number 1: A new, favorable start to implement a new plan

Year number 2: Spiritual awakening and profound change in perception

Year 3: Convenient for studying

Year number 4: Be careful of losing money, unexpected accidents may occur

Year number 5: Change perception radically, have the opportunity to make new friends

Year number 6: Have the opportunity to meet and marry your destiny or have good news about your children's path

Five number 7: Be especially careful, there is a possibility of accident or bankruptcy

Year number 8: Earn a lot of money or be financially independent

Year number 9: Extremely favorable for starting large projects

For example:

People born on March 18

Personal year 2022 = 2+0+2+2+1+8+3 = 18 = 1+8 = 9.

Meaning of Destiny Number in Numerology (Date of Birth)

A person's date of birth also has very special meanings. This is one of the factors that affect each person's personality and life. This explains the phenomenon that people born in the same month and year but on different days will have different personalities, lives and destinies.

The date of birth number will include 12 numbers from 1 to 11 and the special number 4/22.

The meaning of each date of birth number will be shown below:

Date of birth number 1: Have a high sense of responsibility Always try to complete your own work Highly personal, need a lot of private space for yourself

Date of birth number 2: Sensitive to intuition Cheerful personality, sociable, likes to work in teams Honest, trustworthy person, does not like to take advantage of others

Date of birth number 3: Personality is humorous, cheerful, likes to make others laugh Work with a specific plan, not according to inspiration

Date of birth number 4: People are resourceful and skillful. Practical, analytical and do everything from a scientific perspective

Date of birth number 5: People who know how to care and take care of others Are emotionally sensitive so they are easily vulnerable Have the ability to make friends and connect with people extremely well

Date of birth number 6: Loves beauty, has an artistic soul, tends to surround and protect Easily loses energy and makes a big deal out of things

Date of birth number 7: Active, likes to experiment and stand up from failures. Is a person with the ability to inspire.

Date of birth number 8: Likes to work individually Likes independence and autonomy in life, especially about money

Date of birth number 9: Relatively serious, has great ambitions and ambitions

Date of birth number 10: Easy to adapt to life, clever, active, has many friends

Date of birth number 11: Strong spiritual energy Talented, many talents Easily stressed, moody

Date of birth April 22: Intellectual than others, learn 1 to know 10 Practical, skillful and very sophisticated person

How to Calculate Numerology by Name

In addition to calculating numerology by date of birth, calculating numerology by name will help you learn more interesting things about your personality and life as well as those around you. To apply the formula to calculate indexes by name, you first need to convert the names to single numbers.

Conversion table to the Pythagorean number system

To make your conversion more convenient, KnowInsiders will introduce the table to convert names to the Pythagoras number system below:

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
Conversion table to the Pythagorean number system

Y Exceptions:

The letter before and after Y is a consonant and Y is a vowel

The letter before and after Y is a vowel and Y is a consonant

How to Calculate Mission Index Numerology by Name

The mission index will tell you what you need to do in this life. Whether you actively do it or not, your life will still revolve around these things. The mission index consists of 11 numbers, each number will have its own suitable occupations as follows:

Number 1: politician, CEO, businessman or principal

Number 2: diplomat, actor, consultant, salesman, teacher or psychologist

Number 3: performance-oriented job (comedian, ballet dancer, magician,...), actor, educator, artist or musician

Number 4: job in organization or management

Number 5: politician, writer, teacher, journalist, artist

Number 6: leader, teacher, actor or writer

Number 7: education, charity, leadership or evangelism

Number 8: businessman, banker, financier, soldier or government employee

Number 9: charity, arts or business organization

Number 11: jobs associated with art, business, leadership or in non-profit organizations

Number 22: manager, diplomat or psychologist

The way to calculate the numerology mission index is to take the sum of the letters in the name and add them together.

For example: Person named Nguyen Hoang An

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
How to Calculate Mission Index Numerology by Name

Mission index = 5+7+3+7+5+5+8+6+1+5+7+1+5 = 65 = 6+5 = 11

People with a mission index of 11 are suitable for jobs related to art, business, leadership or in non-profit organizations.

How to Calculate Soul Index Numerology by Name

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
Soul Destiny Number Calculator

The soul index will show the person's deep desires. The soul index consists of 11 numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22. The meaning of each number is as follows:

Number 1: Desire to become the leader holding all power in an organization. Highly competitive, breakthrough thinking.

Number 2: Desire for peace, wanting to live and work in a fair group

Number 3: Desire to be creative, want to go beyond the usual frameworks to find something new.

Number 4: Desire to have stability in work, finances and family.

Number 5: Desire to go to many places, discover new things, want to be yourself and not like to be constrained by a framework.

Number 6: Want to take care of the people you love. Love art and beauty.

Number 7: Desire to find the true truth of life

Number 8: Desire to be independent in finances and life

Number 9: Desire to contribute to life, desire for peace and a prosperous life

Number 11: Desire to become the spiritual leader of the group

Number 22: Desire to do great things in life

The formula for calculating the soul index in numerology is to add up all the vowel letters in the full name.

For example: Person named Dang Minh Tien

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
How to calculate soul index numerology by name

Soul index = 1+9+9+5 = 24 = 2+4 = 6.

Meaning: soul index 6 shows that this is a person who loves art and beauty

Numerology Calculation of Personality Index By Name

Personality index will tell you how a person reacts to certain events in life. These things will be expressed through a person's actions and words, so they will be evaluated by those around them. The meaning of each personality index is as follows:

Number 1: Likes to work, study and entertain alone

Number 2: Want to work and socialize in the same group

Number 3: Likes to tell jokes or make others laugh

Number 4: Likes sports, loves cooking or jobs that require manual dexterity

Number 5: Love experiences and traveling

Number 6: Likes to take care of family and buy things for their home

Number 7: Like to do and learn on your own, not want to ask for help or rely on others

Number 8: Differences in lifestyle and fashion sense. Love independence and autonomy

Number 9: Always have moderation in words and actions. Analyze and handle everything with reason, not emotion

Number 11: Live in harmony with everyone around you, have the ability to control your emotions well

Number 22/4: Have a spirit of dedication and attachment to an organization

The way to see personality index by name in numerology is: you take the sum of the consonants in the full name and add them together.

For example: Person named Hoang Yen Nhi

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Based on Date of Birth
Numerology calculation of personality index by name

Personality index = 8+6+1+5+7+6+5+5+5+8+9 = 65 = 6+5 = 11.

Meaning: people with a personality index of 11 always live in harmony with everyone around them

Some Notes on Numerology Calculation

When performing numerology calculations, you need to pay attention to the following:

Only use the solar date of birth to calculate, do not use the lunar date of birth

When calculating indicators based on date of birth, you should use your real name and full name, and avoid using nicknames.

Note the case where Y is a vowel and Y is a consonant

In Conclusion

Above is information about the simplest way to calculate key numerology, soul index, life mission, personality index by name and date of birth that has introduced to you.

With this comprehensive guide to numerology calculations, hopefully you will have more tools at your disposal to better explore and comprehend both yourself and people around you.

Using the straightforward methods mentioned above, you can compute the numbers for yourself, your loved ones, and friends while considering the significance of each one.

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