Overview: Netflix USA July 2024

The shows that air in July 2024 are Homicide: Los Angeles, Exploding Kittens, Elite Season 8, Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 1, The Dragon Prince Season 6, and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.

Love Is Blind: Brazil Season 4, Simone Biles Rising, Too Hot to Handle Season 6, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 4, and Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 are among the other shows on Netflix's July 2024 slate.

• Sprint – July 2nd – Sports docu-series.

• Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024) – July 3rd – Eddie Murphy returns as his iconic character.

• Barbecue Showdown (Season 3) – July 4th – Competition reality series.

• Rhythm + Flow France (Season 3) – July 4th – French competition reality series.

• Desperate Lies – July 5th – Brazillian drama series.

• Receiver (Season 1) – July 10th* – Sports docu-series following on from Quarterback following NFL players.

• Blame the Game – July 12th – German comedy film.

• Exploding Kittens – July 12th – Adult-animated series based on the classic card game featuring the voices of Tom Ellis and Sasheer Zamata.

• Cobra Kai (Season 6 – Part 1) – July 18th

• LALIGA: The Series – July 19th – Sports documentary series.

• Skywalkers: A Love Story – July 19th – Documentary from Jeff Zimbalist

• Find Me Falling (2024) – July 19th – Romantic comedy from Stelana Kliris starring Harry Connick Jr., Agni Scott, Ali Fumiko Whitney, and Tony Demetriou.

• Simone Biles: Rising – July 19th – Sports docu-series following gymnast Simone Biles.

• Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson (LIVE) – July 20th—live boxing match.

• Kleo (Season 2) – July 25th – German spy thriller.

• The Decameron – July 25th – Comedy soap drama from the creators behind Orange is the New Black and Teenage Bounty Hunters.

• Mountain Queen: The Summits Of Lhakpa Sherpa – July 31st – Documentary from Lucy Walker

Netflix Originals in July 2024: English and Non-English


Beverly Hills Cop 4: Axel F

Coming to Netflix: July 3rd

The 2024 Netflix Original Beverly Hills Cop movie is highly anticipated. After years in development and production, the film stars new and returning characters as Axel F is dragged back into the saddle and must team up with a new partner to find the person who threatened his daughter's life.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylour Paige, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot, and Kevin Bacon join Eddie Murphy in a better-than-ever film.

Receiver (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: July 9th

In addition to Quarterback, Netflix will continue to stream sports documentaries, including Receiver. The new series will give fans behind-the-scenes access to top NFL players like Davante Adams (Las Vegas Raiders), Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings), George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers), Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers), and Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Exploding Kittens (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: July 12th

Based on the card games and Netflix mobile games, Exploding Kittens is coming to TV thanks to a new adaptation by Matt Inman, who runs the show. Tom Ellis, Sasheer Zamata, Suzy Nakamura, Mark Proksch, Ally Maki, and Kenny Yates are some of the voice actors for the new show.

Skywalkers: A Love Story

Coming to Netflix: July 18th

Netflix July 2024 Full Schedule - Originals, Movies, and Series (New & Leaving)
Skywalkers - A Love Story - Netflix in July 2024

Skywalkers: A Love Story is another documentary that will be available on Netflix in July 2024. If you have severe vertigo, we strongly advise against watching this documentary. Maria Bukhonina and Jeff Zimbalist co-directed the documentary, which follows a daring couple as they travel the world to climb the last super skyscraper and perform a daring acrobatic stunt atop the spire.

Find Me Falling

Coming to Netflix: July 19th

The brand-new romantic drama Summer of Love on Netflix follows rock star John Allman as he retreats to a remote home in Cyprus in an effort to revive his career but finds himself interrupted by strangers and unanticipated reunions.

Harry Connick Jr., Agni Scott, Ali Fumiko Whitney, Tony Demetriou, Aggeliki Filippidou, Lea Maleni, Athina Roditou, and Clarence Smith star in Stelana Kliris' film.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson (LIVE)

Live on Netflix: July 20th

Netflix July 2024 Full Schedule - Originals, Movies, and Series (New & Leaving)
Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson (LIVE) Live on Netflix: July 20th

In what may be Netflix's most anticipated live event, YouTuber Jake Paul will face 50-6 boxer Mike Tyson. On July 20, the 80,000-seat AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the live event.

The Decameron (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: July 25th

The creator of the new historical comedy series, set in the joyous days of the Black Death outbreak, is Kathleen Jordan. The show centers on the class structures of the era and how those in the higher strata of society managed to survive, while following a few quirky characters.

The all-star cast includes Zosia Mamet, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, and Tony Hale.

Mountain Queen: The Summits Of Lhakpa Sherpa

Coming to Netflix: July 31st

Lucy Walker's new documentary may be nominated for an award. The documentary about Lhakpa Sherpa premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. As a young girl, she was denied education and worked in the mountains, concealing her gender. She became the first Nepali woman to summit Everest before moving to the US as a single mother.


The Imaginary

Coming to Netflix: July 5th

Language: Japanese

Netflix July 2024 Full Schedule - Originals, Movies, and Series (New & Leaving)
Netflix in July 2024 Schedule -Non Engish - The Imaginary

As part of a new multi-film collaboration, The Imaginary will be available on Netflix in some regions starting in early July 2024.

Rudger, a boy conjured up in a girl's dream who has lost the capacity for love, is the main character of Yoshiyuki Momose's movie.

Desperate Lies (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: July 5th

Language: Brazillian Portuguese

A new drama series from Brazil centers on a woman who gets pregnant with twins after mating twice, leading to a number of complications. As the secrets start to come to light, she works hard to keep her family together.

Blame the Game

Coming to Netflix: July 12th

Language: German

Blame the Game, a new Netflix Germany comedy, will premiere globally mid-July 2024. This family games night movie stars Dennis Mojen, Janina Uhse, Edin Hasanovic, and Anna Maria Mühe. A young man is invited as the new boyfriend. When her ex arrives, things change.

Kleo (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: July 25th

Language: German

Netflix July 2024 Full Schedule - Originals, Movies, and Series (New & Leaving)
Kleo (Season 2)

The highly underrated German thriller series Kleo is back for a second outing nearly two years after it first debuted on the streamer.

Also coming in July 2024:

Rhythm + Flow France (Season 3) – Coming on July 4th

Another Self (Season 2) – Coming on July 11th

T・P BON (Season 2) – Coming on July 17th

LALIGA: All Access – Coming on July 19th

Netflix July 2024 Full Schedule

Note: Every date is susceptible to modification. Netflix has not yet verified the items marked with an asterisk.



This documentary series offers a unique perspective on the highly regarded Spanish football league, covering everything from on-field victories to off-field emotions.


Ahead of her much awaited return to the Olympics, gymnast Simone Biles is balancing her personal life, mental health journey, and training. Follow her.


About Antoine Season 1

Amazing Antoine

American Hustle

American Psycho


Back to the Future

Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part III

Big Daddy

The Blind Side

Call Me by Your Name

Captain Phillips

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Easy A

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Batch 3)

The House Bunny


The Karate Kid

Lost Seasons 1-6

Magic Mike XXL


The Nun

Paw Patrol: The Movie


Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 3

Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 2

Suits: Season 9

The Sweetest Thing

Uncle Buck

The Wiz




In this sports series, elite sprinters navigate training, media attention, and intense competition as they compete to become the fastest people on Earth.


Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F — NETFLIX FILM

Detective Axel Foley from Detroit returns forty years after his iconic first case in Beverly Hills to do what he does best: solve crimes and stir up trouble.

Love Is Blind: Brazil Season 4 (BR) — NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)

Whether they are single or married, people in this season discover new avenues for romance and form meaningful connections without first meeting in person.

The Man with 1000 Kids (GB) — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

A number of families find out that the charming man they had put their trust in is a sperm donor for hundreds or even thousands of other children worldwide.


Barbecue Showdown Season 3 — NETFLIX SERIES

The tantalizing culinary competition is back, with nine competitors slugging it out to become the next BBQ champion.

Rhythm + Flow France Season 3 (FR) — NETFLIX SERIES

fresh jury. New rules. Aya Nakamura, SDM, and SCH, three superstar judges, shake things up in their quest to name the next big thing in French-language rap.


Desperate Lies (BR) — NETFLIX SERIES

A woman becomes pregnant with twins by two men due to a rare phenomenon. She makes an effort over time to maintain her family's unity and the secrecy of her affairs.


A young autistic tour guide falls in love with his more senior coworker and experiences a range of new and powerful feelings.

The Imaginary (JP) — NETFLIX FAMILY

A made-up friend named Rudger must work with other lost Imaginaries to find his best friend Amanda after he gets separated from her before fading away.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3


Boruto: Naruto the Movie

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Road To Ninja -Naruto The movie-


Bad Boys

Bad Boys II


The Boyfriend (JP) — NETFLIX SERIES

A group of guys share a house and operate a coffee truck for a month in an effort to get to know one another and possibly find their true love.

Hannah Berner: We Ride at Dawn — NETFLIX COMEDY

A new stand-up special from comedian Hannah Berner.


Eva Lasting Season 2 (CO) — NETFLIX SERIES

Eva’s return sparks a new round of school debates, deep chats, dating dramas, magical moments of camaraderie — and endless hope for Camilo.

Love Is Blind: Brazil Season 4 (BR) — NETFLIX SERIES (new episode)

In this season, singles, once engaged or married, explore new romantic possibilities and make deep connections without seeing each other first.


There's a saying in the NFL that there are no positions more challenging than quarterback. However, making the throw is just half the story. Receiver tracks five of the top pass catchers in the NFL both on and off the field in 2023: Amon-Ra St. Brown, Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, George Kittle, and Deebo Samuel.

Sugar Rush: The Baking Point Season 2 (MX) — NETFLIX SERIES

Ready, set, whisk! Emotions — and cakes — run high as six new teams whip up jaw-dropping culinary creations to wow the judges and take home the dough.

Wild Wild Punjab (IN) — NETFLIX FILM

A bunch of inebriated boys decide to attend his ex's wedding in order to bring closure to their friend's breakup. What follows is an audacious and spontaneous plan for a "breakup trip," which results in unexpected adventures in this land of mazes known as Wild Wild Punjab!


Another Self Season 2 (TR) — NETFLIX SERIES

As they continue to explore their ancestral traumas, Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla face life-altering decisions amid new beginnings in coastal Ayvalık.

Vanished into the Night (IT) — NETFLIX FILM

A father, immersed in a difficult divorce process, embarks on a dangerous mission when his children disappear from their isolated country house.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 — NETFLIX SERIES

Seven years have passed. As Harald aspires to become King of Norway, Leif searches for the Golden Land, and Freydis seeks a happy life for her people.

Rhythm + Flow France Season 3 (FR) — NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)

New jury. New rules. Superstar judges SCH, SDM and Aya Nakamura shake it up in their quest to crown the new biggest name in French-language rap.


Blame the Game (DE) — NETFLIX FILM

Pia invites her new boyfriend, Jan, to her regular game night, but the unannounced arrival of Pia’s ex raises the stakes for everyone.

The Champion (ES) — NETFLIX FILM

An irascible football player who appears to have it all is benched after a fight and is given a new tutor, a reclusive academic who will help him learn to confront his fears.

Exploding Kittens — NETFLIX SERIES

Earth stinks, so God (Tom Ellis) is fired and sent to Earth to reconnect with humanity. The catch? He's trapped in a fat house cat. He moves in with a dysfunctional family to help them as part of his rehabilitation, but he spends most of his time chasing laser pointers.

Finally, Godcat's cat-neighbor is the Antichrist, his archenemy. The outcome is the ultimate battle between good and evil.but Godcat (Ellis) is distracted by a yard pigeon and Devilcat (Sasheer Zamata) is napping on a laptop.

Lobola Man (ZA) — NETFLIX FILM

Slick lobola negotiator Ace Ngubeni takes on his hardest deal to date for a timid client, only to discover that the stakes are higher than money.


Five Star Chef (GB) — NETFLIX SERIES

Competing to introduce their fine-dining concept to the storied Palm Court restaurant at London's opulent Langham Hotel are seven professional chefs.


Midnight Sun

Trolls Band Together


Join animal pals Kiki, Dewey, Hazzy, Luly, and Teshi as they learn how to make friends, try new foods, and face other big firsts in colorful Roo City!


The Boy Next Door

Chad Daniels: Empty Nester — NETFLIX COMEDY

Comedian Chad Daniels sounds off on dad-shaming, dating someone with allergies, and the upside of an empty nest in this edgy stand-up special.

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Freed

Homicide: Los Angeles — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Homicide is a brand-new docuseries from Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, Wolf Entertainment, and Alfred Street Industries that tells the tales of infamous murder cases from the perspectives of the detectives and prosecutors who solved them.


The Green Glove Gang Season 2 (PL) — NETFLIX SERIES

The Green Glove Gang is hiding and on the run when one of their sons gets into a fight with a violent gangster, forcing them to come out of hiding.


As an official Time Patrol agent, Bon continues his amazing space-time rescue missions while training Yumiko, his new assistant.


Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 1 — NETFLIX SERIES

Our senseis and students must choose whether and how to compete in the Sekai Taikai, the world karate championships, now that Cobra Kai has been eliminated from the Valley.

Master of the House (TH) — NETFLIX SERIES

After their patriarch dies, leaving behind his diamond empire and the housekeeper he recently married, the family becomes embroiled in a power struggle.

Rhythm + Flow France Season 3 (FR) — NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)

fresh jury. New rules. The goal of superstar judges SCH, SDM, and Aya Nakamura is to determine who will be the next big thing in French-language rap. They shake things up.


Find Me Falling — NETFLIX FILM

A rock star (Harry Connick Jr.) flees to a cliffside home on a picturesque Mediterranean island after releasing a failed comeback album, only to discover that his new life has become complicated by unwanted visitors and an ex-girlfriend.

Skywalkers: A Love Story — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

A daredevil couple travels across the globe to climb the world's last super skyscraper and execute a life-or-death acrobatic stunt on the spire in an attempt to save their relationship and career.

Sweet Home Season 3 (KR) — NETFLIX SERIES

The world is on the verge of a monster-human collision, forcing humanity to make a difficult decision. A desperate struggle breaks out as desires collide.

Too Hot to Handle Season 6 — NETFLIX SERIES

There are new twists, a new prize fund, a new season, and Lana has a new, naughty sidekick who is causing trouble for the attractive singles in the villa.


Rhythm + Flow France Season 3 (FR) — NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)

New jury. New rules. Superstar judges SCH, SDM and Aya Nakamura shake it up in their quest to crown the new biggest name in French-language rap.


All American Season 6


Dirty Pop: The Boy Band Scam — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

The rise and fall of Lou Pearlman, the music mogul who founded and took advantage of some of the biggest boy bands of the 1990s, is chronicled in this gripping documentary series.

Love of my life (CO) — NETFLIX SERIES

A young, feisty landowner's daughter falls in love with a charming young laborer, only to have their families destroy them.

Resurrected Rides — NETFLIX SERIES

Comedian Chris Redd works with a dream team of car experts to breathe new life into worn-out rides with stunning customized makeovers.


The Decameron — NETFLIX SERIES

A small group of nobility transport their servants to a magnificent villa for an opulent vacation in 1348, while a terrible plague strikes the rural areas of Italy. However, in this dark comedy, what begins as an inebriated sexual romp becomes a struggle for survival.

Kleo Season 2 (DE) — NETFLIX SERIES

As she continues her dizzying journey through post-Cold War Europe, former East German spy Kleo delves farther than she would like to into her own past.

Tokyo Swindlers (JP) — NETFLIX SERIES

A team of swindlers gets wind of prime real estate worth 10 billion yen and will stop at nothing to pull off their most ambitious scam yet.


The Dragon Prince Season 6 — NETFLIX FAMILY

As Callum and Rayla set out in search of a way to destroy Aaravos, their friends face the elf’s insidious influence in both Xadia and Katolis.

Elite Season 8 (ES) — NETFLIX SERIES

Omar and Nadia reunite just as graduation nears for students at Las Encinas and one last mystery pushes friendships — and enemies — to the brink.

House of Ga’a (NG) — NETFLIX FILM

The story of Bashorun Gaa tells of the ascent and fall of a cunning kingmaker who used magic and deceit to gain power before his own blood brought him to an end.

Non Negotiable (MX) — NETFLIX FILM

Negotiator Alan Bender, who is called in to free the president from kidnapping, finds himself acting as a mediator to keep his marriage intact as well as to save his wife.

Too Hot to Handle Season 6 — NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)

There are new twists, a new prize fund, a new season, and Lana has a new, naughty sidekick who is causing trouble for the attractive singles in the villa.


The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


Mountain Queen: The Summits of Lhakpa Sherpa — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

In this compelling documentary, the first Nepali woman to summit Everest sets out to ascend the mountain for the tenth and final time.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 4 — NETFLIX SERIES

In this chilling docuseries, witnesses, law enforcement, and experts reexamine cold cases, bizarre creatures, and other puzzling events.

Leaving Netflix in July 2024

Aside from the upcoming Netflix July 2024 lineup, here are the titles that will no longer be available on the streaming service.


War Dogs


Abducted in Plain Sight


The Beguiled


Big Eyes


American Graffiti



Fatal Attraction



King Richard

Knocked Up



Public Enemies

Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Retribution

Role Models


Smokey and the Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit II

Something’s Gotta Give

The Great Wall

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions

The Other Boleyn Girl

The Theory of Everything

Top Gear: Seasons 29-30


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