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National Proposal Day (March 20): How To Celebrate, Meaning And Perfect Rings To Propose. Photo KnowInsiders

March 20 is National Proposal Day. The Spring Equinox brings the arrival of Spring, warmer weather, longer days, and new beginnings - the perfect day to get down on one knee and ask a significant other for their hand in marriage.

What is National Proposal Day?

National Proposal Day offers couples a chance to pop the question on a day brimming with its own meaning and symbolism. It always occurs on the equinox – when there are equal amounts of day and night – a beautiful representation of two equals joining together. That means National Proposal Day actually happens twice a year. The dates vary slightly, and usually takes place on the first day of Spring and the first day of Fall. The Spring National Proposal day is an extra special time to propose since it’s the season of new beginnings.

Why should there be a national proposal day?

Love cannot be hidden in the heart for long. The national proposal day is needed as many people fail to get the right situation to propose and just keep waiting. The one who is waiting will use the national proposal say to declare love with confidence.

The proposal may or may not yield success. If there love for one person, it is always better to express and wait for the results.

How did National Proposal Day start?

Story has it that National Proposal Day was created by John Michael O’Loughlin. After he saw his cousin neglect to propose to his girlfriend after dating her for years, and decided to invent a day for proposing. He chose the first day of spring because of the equal equinox.

One might ask whether it was his place to force the issue with his cousin but the day does give others who might be on the fence a slight push in the right direction.

The day quickly gained traction and spread all over the internet, with more people taking part on National Proposal Day. The most popular days for wedding proposals are Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, and New Year's Day, but National Proposal Day is consistently rising in popularity, with more engagements happening on that day every year, so perhaps it will be up there with the most popular holidays one day.

Wedding proposals come in all shapes and forms. Some people like a big and elaborate proposal, such as a flashmob, others prefer to keep it private, with a special and romantic evening at home. There is no right way to do it, the important thing is to be sure that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

While the tradition has always been for men to get down on one knee and propose to their partner, more women are now taking their engagement proposal into their own hands and proposing to the men! Many choose to do it on leap day when it happens, but why not do it on National Proposal Day?

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What should one do on the national proposal day?

Photo Pixels
Photo Pixels

The ones who have been waiting for long should be confident enough to declare love on the day national proposal day. The ones who desperately want to declare their love must think of an innovative way to propose. It is said that the majority of woman doesn’t like when the declaration is made in public, so men must have that fact in mind and try some other innovative way to propose in private. You can also share the about the day on the internet via social media on March 20. This holiday marks the beginnings of fresh relationships in individuals’ life.

Those in a relationship can cherish the marriage proposal day when they had received the proposal and accepted the affection mutually. It will be nice if the scene is replayed in reality with the same affection and smile this holiday. Mark this day in your calendar and bend down on your knee to your favorite woman or guy.

How Can We Observe National Proposal Day

Photo happily connected
Photo happily connected

Of course, you need the “Ring”!

Commemorate the day by going on a ring-hunting spree! Explore the different rings available at the jewelers! If you are not sure what suits your boo, don’t hesitate to ask your boo or the ring experts for suggestions! Voila, you now have the perfect ring to kickstart the next level of your romantic relationship!

Head to the bakers!

Hint your boo by asking suggestions about what would be a suitable flavor for a wedding cake! Order the same and pop the ring!

Propose in front of her family or friends!

Surprise your boo by proposing in front of her family or friends by making it the most memorable engagement ceremony! However, this plan will need efforts to bring all of them together.

Talk with your partner!

You can start the conversation casually by flipping over bridal magazines or bridal attires online just to understand your partner’s thoughts about marriage! You could also keep the ring handy if the conversation goes right!

Mingle if you are single!

The National Proposal Day is all about the push you need to take the next big step! If you are single don’t forget to mingle today! Meet people on Tinder or Bumble or at the park! The best place to find love would be in what you love to do! So if you love cooking, dancing, or you are a science nerd or a history nerd or anything you love, volunteer, participate and strike a conversation! You just gotta keep looking!

Sometimes opposites attract as well, so keep an open mind!

Photo lekhapora
Photo lekhapora

Celebrate meaningfully by opting for marriage counseling!

You can observe the day in a deeply valuable way by taking marriage counseling together! Counseling can help you both in looking at marriage more practically. It helps you to understand yourselves and each other better.

Spread the word via social signals!

Many are not aware of this beautiful day. Imagine how many people would take the courageous step towards eternal commitment! So spread the word and may many start off their happy marriages! To encourage your friends, family, and followers on social media you may use #NationalProposalDay and #ProposalDay to share inspirational proposal stories, proposal tips, and ring pictures of the past and the present!

Perfect rings to propose with on National Proposal Day

For a ring with the ‘wow’ factor enjoy the ultimate in elegance with this stunning cluster style diamond ring, which features a dazzling Round Brilliant Cut centre stone held beautifully in a classic claw setting and surrounded by sparkling Round Brilliant Cut accent stones in a beautiful halo design. They are nestled in a split band, which glistens with Round Brilliant Cut shoulder stones on both sides.

Photo purelydiamonds
Photo purelydiamonds

If you’d like something less traditional, this luxurious rose gold cluster style diamond ring is for you. It features a dazzling Cushion Cut centre stone beautifully held in a classic claw setting and is surrounded by sparkling Round Brilliant Cut accent stones in a beautiful halo design, all nestled in a band glistening with Round Brilliant Cut shoulder stones. This dazzling ring offers a simple yet sophisticated design that sparkles from every angle.

Photo purelydiamonds
Photo purelydiamonds

For a vintage lover this classic five stone diamond ring design with its stunning beauty is ideal. Featuring a dazzling Emerald Cut centre stone flanked on either side by a total of four sparkling Baguette Cut diamonds, they are all beautifully held in a stylish rub-over setting.

Photo purelydiamonds
Photo purelydiamonds

Break away from tradition and see just how beautiful a classic three stone design can be with this stunning Diamond ring, featuring three beautiful round Brilliant cut centre diamonds, and set into a twisted band glistening with claw set Round Brilliant Cut shoulder stones. As stylish as it is elegant, this lovely ring has been crafted in 18ct white gold.

Photo purelydiamonds
Photo purelydiamonds
Facts about the national proposal day

Jhon Michael O Loughnin started the day to remind that one must wait so long to propose or receive a love proposal. This day is dedicated to marriage proposals and spreading love among your loved ones.

The national proposal day falls on the Vernal equinox. It is said that the stars and the planet align to make some life-changing decisions during the vernal equinox. Many prefer to pop the question about marriage proposal on this day and enjoy spring equinox.

The autumnal equinox is also celebrated as the national proposal day. The amount of day and night are equal during the autumnal equinox, and many wish to get engaged on this day.

One can propose during the beautiful spring or the autumn.

Valentine’s day is a day where you can express the love you have for your spouse, mom, dad, or friend, but this day is dedicated to the one with whom the long-lasting marital bond will be made. If you got a crush, pop the question about marriage on this day with an engagement ring.

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