National Egg Day: History, Significance, Celebrations and Interesting Facts

National Egg Day on June 3 finds eggs finally breaking out of their shell and it is a day in which people can celebrate one of the most humble breakfast foods available—the egg.

Eggs had some tough years as health experts fretted about the high cholesterol content. But after a revision of the American Heart Association’s guidelines in 2000, the health benefits of eggs seemed to outweigh the concerns. The AHA says healthy adults can enjoy an egg per day and easily remain within the daily cholesterol limit, reported Holidays Calendar.

Also, a single egg has only 75 calories, which is great for those looking to lose weight. And the seven grams of protein in an average egg almost makes this a superfood with a great calorie-to-protein ratio. So those of us who are big fans of poached, scrambled, over easy, hard-boiled, fried, sunny-side-up, or soft-boiled eggs can feel free to use National Egg Day to utter that timeless phrase, “How do you want your eggs?” And it doesn’t matter if it’s 7am, 7pm, or somewhere in between.

National Egg Day: History

At this point, we’re unsure whether National Egg Day was invented by The American Egg Board or by someone who is merely a fan of this food item. What we do know is that this holiday is a good excuse to enjoy an egg for breakfast, lunch, or any other time of the day, reported Republic World.

National Egg Day: History, Significance, Celebrations and Interesting Facts
Photo: Awareness Days

National Egg Day: Significance

The National Eggs Day celebration is marked as a way of recognising the importance of this protein-rich food in our lives. Eggs are counted amongst healthiest foods across the globe which is also economical in nature. So let's know more about the National egg day significance and celebration.

The availability of eggs should not be taken for granted, as the number of nutritions present in one egg is infinite. Eggs can be eaten at any time of day and for every meal, they provide us with ample proteins and energy required for our bodies to sustain throughout the day. To raise awareness about eggs as a food, National Egg Day was declared.

To understand National Egg Day's significance, we need to understand the health benefits attached to eggs. With 6% of Vitamin A and 6.3 grams of protein in one egg, we consume just 75 calories, the egg is a magical food for those who want to stay fit or lose weight. Also, there are a plethora of different egg recipes on the internet. Even if you are bored with an omelet, you can opt for scrambled eggs or other egg recipes, as cited by National Today.

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National Egg Day: Celebration

On the occasion of National Egg Day people engage in numerous activities that are related to eggs. Like preparing some innovative or traditional egg dishes for your family and guests. Raising awareness and educating others about the nutritional facts attached to eggs. Other activities include playing some games related to eggs, painting, decorating the eggshell, conducting online quizzes related to eggs, etc.

As the world is going through a Pandemic in the form of COVID-19, participating in online activities for the National Egg Day celebration is the ideal option. You can post your photos on social media with the egg dish you prepared, or the eggshell you decorated. As in the time stepping out of the house is not recommended even in the toughest circumstances. So its best to celebrate National Egg Day 2020 at home with your family.

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Fun Facts About Eggs

Now that we’ve discussed National Egg Day and when to celebrate it, it’s time to learn a few other fun facts about eggs. Although most people give them little thought, eggs are actually one of the most fascinating foods around. Don’t believe us? Well, give us a few moments to change your mind with the following facts.

- Ounce per ounce, eggs are one of the most protein-dense foods available.

- Brown eggs cost more than white eggs because the hens that lay them are bigger and cost more to feed.

- Older chickens lay eggs with thinner shells than younger chickens do.

- Free-range chickens lay eggs with richer-colored yolks.

- Free-range chicken eggs not only have a darker yolk, but they’re more nutritious than eggs from caged chickens.

- Both egg yolks and egg whites have the same amount of protein, They each contain 3-grams.

National Egg Day: History, Significance, Celebrations and Interesting Facts
Turkish Menemen with Eggs. Photo: Give Recipe

Turkish Egg Recipe That Will Make You Skip the Snooze Button

It is a simple one-pan dish with eggs, tomatoes and green peppers. It is optional to add onion too. What makes this breakfast dish so special is the simplicity behind it. You always have the ingredients above, don’t you? Especially during summer. You can easily make a classic menemen recipe with these. I have a few additions to this classic recipe though. As I learnt from mom, I always add garlic along with the tomatoes and garnish it with some herbs right before serving. I love the freshness they give to the dish. Nobody can resist against dipping crunchy Turkish Simit into a pan of menemen.

First, cook chopped onion and green peppers in olive oil until tender.

Second, add in diced tomatoes, garlic and green onions. Cook for 10-15 minutes stirring frequently until it thickens. Sprinkle salt over it.

Third, make rooms for each egg and break them into these rooms. Help the egg whites set using a spatula. Let it simmer uncovered until the eggs are slightly cooked for 8-10 minutes.

As a final touch, you can sprinkle black pepper and chopped green onions or other herbs on it.

Alternatively, you can beat the eggs well before adding them into the pan. So if you want to go with this method, whisk the eggs well and pour it into the pan after the second step above. This Turkish scrambled eggs recipe is even better for dipping bread. I think it turns into a perfect egg dip with this method.

For a classic Turkish menemen, you can either break the eggs right into the pan or beat the eggs first and then pour over the simmering tomato sauce. I love both versions, but I prefer leaving the eggs whole in the pan when we are crowded. It’s easier to serve it this way; one or two eggs for each person.

Serving Turkish Scrambled Eggs

If you prefer the second method and make Turkish style scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers, just serve it in the pan. No need for plates! We LOVE to dip bread right into the same pan. Get ready to eat more bread for sure! Alternatively, we sometimes serve it with Turkish Orzo Rice Pilaf especially when we are having it for lunch or dinner.

Obviously, the best companion for this meal is either a glass of cold ayran yogurt drink or a bowl of refreshing cacik dip when it's served as lunch or dinner. I can't think of a better light and tasty meal for hot summer days.

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