Meet A Vietnamese Mutant Who Hasn't Slept for 50 Years - Top 10
Meet the Vietnamese mutant who hasn't slept for 50 years

Top 10 "Superman" in the World for Without Sleep

Mr. Thai Ngoc, a Vietnames in the central province of Quang Nam, is known as a "mutant" because he hasn't slept for half a century, but his body is still very alert and healthy. Up to now, many people in the scientific world have not found an explanation for this strange phenomenon.

Mr. Thai Ngoc was too famous for the story of not sleeping 20 years ago.

He also once entered the world's top 10 "superman" for this ability.

At that time, his insomnia became a "hot" topic, many famous television companies from all over the world such as Japan, Thailand, England ... came to his house to "watch" him for a week.

They brought a lot of advanced machines, traps, set and spread everywhere, from the house, the fields to the toilet to see if he could deceive others about his ability to not sleep.

But in the end, the journalists, despite taking turns on duty, still did not find him "cheating" but still tired and sleepy; and Mr. Ngoc, just naturally light a hoe and work in the fields all night. He entered the history of medicine as a mystery so far no one has been able to decipher.

Unusual fever in 1973 and more than 18,300 days without sleep

Meet A Vietnamese Mutant Who Hasn't Slept for 50 Years - Top 10 "Superman" in the World
Vietnamese Mutant Without Sleep

Mr. Ngoc said, he grew up in wartime, running around in the middle of the night, losing sleep was common, so he didn't notice. However, one day in 1973, at the age of 31, Mr. Ngoc suddenly had a high fever, he was unconscious. Since then he has not been able to sleep anymore…

"After that fever, I didn't feel like sleeping anymore. The next night, I tried to close my eyes but couldn't, and then another night, another night, and so on until now, I haven't slept for 50 years," Mr. Ngoc said.

"In the first few days, I didn't sleep, I felt very uncomfortable, but I got used to it, and my eating and health were still normal, so I no longer dreamed about sleep," Mr. Ngoc shared.

Since he couldn't sleep, "sitting without looking at his wife is boring", so every night at midnight, Mr. Ngoc would work hard. At first, seeing him working in the field every night, the neighbors protested, saying he was "crazy". Many people even said that he was possessed by a ghost. But then gradually learned of his strange illness, so they sympathized with this "mutant" habit for a century of "making night as day".

"Every time I go to the hospital, the doctor tells me that I'm not sick at all, I won't sleep for a few meals. But for the past 50 years, I still haven't been able to sleep a minute. In the early days of insomnia, I felt restless inside. I'm very uncomfortable, but I'm used to it, and my eating and health are still normal, so I don't dream about sleep anymore", Mr. Ngoc shared.

The life of "mutant" nearly half a century without sleep

Meet A Vietnamese Mutant Who Hasn't Slept for 50 Years - Top 10 "Superman" in the World
He Drink Wine to Take a Nap

In a remote mountainous area in Que Trung commune, Nong Son district, Quang Nam, Mr. Thai Ngoc (80 years old) is known to many people for his strange ability when he hasn't slept for 50 years. This special ability not only made people in the country stir, but also attracted international media to find out.

The old 4-level house where Mr. Ngoc lives is nestled in the middle of Na Trang valley, leaning against Cheo Beo mountain. The interior was empty, only a few plastic chairs, a wooden table and a small bed. Under the kitchen, a few simple cooking utensils speak of the somewhat simple and lacking life of the owner.

Meeting Mr. Ngoc was also when he was working hard in the kitchen with a pot of boiling green tea. Even at his "rare" age, his tall and thin figure, austere face, his voice was always warm and gentle.

Sipping hot tea, Mr. Ngoc said, he was born like any other normal child. Growing up, he followed the family's farming business and married a girl from the same village. However, this wife unfortunately passed away while giving birth to their first child. Six years later, he "went another step" with another woman and had five children together, two boys and three girls.

With 24 hours a day, Mr. Ngoc takes care of all the housework. But he struggled for a long time when he fell into a situation where he had nothing to do, so he had to sit in the yard to watch the moon and stars, light a cigarette and listen to the sound of insects waiting for morning. With this 80-year-old "mutant", the night is a lonely, cold and endless world that only he can feel.

Unable to sleep, of course, his time budget is almost twice that of others. In the countryside, he mainly does manual labor, so at night, he does all kinds of things, from hoeing to harvesting rice, farming...

Taking us to the garden, he shared, when he was young, this farm was divided into many areas to grow plants suitable for the soil. In which, he planted acacia and fruit trees and many types of timber trees such as do bau, cho, black star... in order to preserve precious wood varieties.

The fish ponds here were also dug by him through many sleepless nights. On nights without rain and moon, he worked more productively. As for the dark nights, his "friend" is the bonfire and the oil lamp he made.

"Very upset, very angry. What a strange disease. Seeing people sleep but craving. On nights when the moon is clear, I often go to the fields to pull weeds and hoe, but I can't stand sitting still. It's strange to think, the time I work. Work is twice as much as ordinary people, but life is still not good," said Mr. Ngoc.

Drink Wine to Take a Nap

Meet A Vietnamese Mutant Who Hasn't Slept for 50 Years - Top 10 "Superman" in the World
Vitenamese Man Without Sleep for 50 Years

Until now, Mr. Ngoc is 80 years old, and his supple body also begins to follow the laws of human life. Now, he is craving a nap, but according to Mr. Ngoc, he is still unable to sleep.

At night, especially in the rainy season, when it rains heavily, it's boring to lie down all the time, just want to sleep, but no sleep comes. So he had to make a few bottles of wine, to find sleep, but only to close his eyes in a drunken stupor, but never get a full night's sleep.

Science has no answer

Meet A Vietnamese Mutant Who Hasn't Slept for 50 Years - Top 10 "Superman" in the World
The 'mutant' that hasn't slept for almost half a century continues to not sleep

His age, inability to sleep makes many people suspect that he has some kind of supernatural power. But perhaps this answer is for medicine, science. As for Mr. Ngoc, going to the farm to feed the chickens every day, staying up at night listening to the radio is as normal as a meal.

Some groups even played all kinds of music to "lull" Mr. Ngoc to sleep. But in the end, the journalists who took turns on duty were still lethargic, then fell asleep. As for all camcorders or photography, every few days, they are helpless because the battery runs out, while Mr. Ngoc's eyes are always wide open, awake.

To verify Mr. Ngoc's sleepless record, a British film crew also took him to Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital to do a series of tests to find the cause, but the results showed nothing abnormal.

Not only that, many delegations of experts from Europe kindly invited Mr. Ngoc to come to their country with more modern machinery and equipment for examination and treatment, but he refused. He just wanted to live peacefully in the countryside, enjoying the countryside with his gentle wife and small children.

"At that time, I was afraid to follow them abroad and know when I could return. It was strange that way, if there was something wrong, I would know who to call. Besides, if because of sleep loss, an illness in the country that cannot be cured is born. I can't sleep but I'm still healthy, what do I do when I work twice as productive?", Mr. Ngoc said with a smile and boasted that he could carry a bag of rice weighing more than 50 kg every day. 3 km long distance from the field to the house.

Saying that, but actually staying awake a lot while his wife and children and everyone go to sleep Mr. Ngoc also craves a lot of sleep every night. So many times he tried to find ways to sleep, but from alcohol to sleeping pills of all kinds, he also lost his eyes.

Mr. Ngoc confided: "Sometimes staying up at night alone is too sad. I also crave sleep, so I use alcohol to hope to take a nap, but drinking a lot and getting drunk can't sleep. There are times when I buy a few doses of sleeping pills. I'm strong and then I can't drink it all but I still can't. Maybe God won't let me sleep. Let's wait until I have a good night's sleep. I hope that then my children can do well, and my family will let me sleep peacefully."

According to medical experts, normally, the human nervous system works according to the wake-sleep cycle, in which the sleep cycle will help regenerate and restore strength, neurons, etc. As for Mr. Ngoc, even though he has lost his life. Sleep cycle for decades, but his body has a self-protection mechanism and regenerates nerve cells, regenerates vitality. This is the case with "unique" because if normal, insomnia will lead to nervous exhaustion, depression... But the strange thing is that Mr. Ngoc still eats normally and never gets sick.

In fact, there are many people who can't sleep but the time of insomnia is not as long as Mr. Ngoc. Currently, no one has been able to find out the reason why Mr. Ngoc is "sleepless at night" for more than half of his life. But for him that is not so important now as he has been used to this life for more than half of his life.

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