May, with its days of festivities and holidays, is the fifth month of the year. The Calendar indicates that there will be 22 working days in May 2024. On May 8, it features the new moon. The full moon can be seen on May 23rd, the first quarter begins on May 15th, and the third quarter can be seen on May 30th.

The fascinating May 2024 holidays will all be covered in this article, along with some unique occasions like May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Word Press Freedom Day, World No Tobacco Day, and World Laughter Day.

May 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events
May 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events

May 2024: Special Days in the UK

May 1 - International Workers Day

International Workers' Day is a global celebration and advocacy for workers' rights that is often observed on May Day or Labour Day. This day honors the struggles and triumphs of the labor movement and highlights the importance of fair compensation, decent working conditions, and social protection. It's also an opportunity to support legislation that advances social and economic progress and benefits workers.

The history of International Workers' Day dates back to 1889, when labor and socialist groups declared May 1st a memorial day to commemorate the violent breakdown of a peaceful workers' rally in Chicago known as the Haymarket Incident. The United Kingdom has celebrated May Day since the late 1800s. Originally celebrated as a customary spring festival, it has evolved to symbolize the fight for labor rights. While the UK has made great strides in implementing laws safeguarding workers' rights and setting a minimum wage, compliance with these laws is still crucial due to the problem of zero-hours contracts and other employment-related issues.

May 1 - May Day

May 1st is celebrated globally as May Day. It is closely related to International Worker's Day and Labor Day in the US and many other countries.

Certain European nations, such as the UK, associate May Day more closely with archaic festivities such as Beltane, a Gaelic holiday.

May 1st is designated as the annual strike day by unions and other organizations. About 150,000 people went on strike on May Day between 1881 and 1884. The number of people supporting an eight-hour workday increased along with the movement, reaching 250,000 in 1885 and roughly 600,000 in 1886.

Violence broke out in Chicago during a significant strike, leaving multiple people dead. This tragedy did not put an end to the movement; rather, it gave it more impetus and raised awareness of May Day strikes throughout the world.

May Day was firmly established in the calendar when it was declared an international day for workers in 1890.

May 2 - World Tuna Day

World Tuna Day is an effort to raise awareness of the significance of tuna, a highly valuable fish species that is vital to diverse habitats, ecological balance, and global economies. This Observance emphasizes the necessity of careful management and conservation of tuna in order to prevent overfishing and guarantee the resource's sustainability for upcoming generations. It emphasizes how important tuna is to maintaining livelihoods, ensuring food security, and promoting socioeconomic development worldwide.

World Tuna Day is a way for the UK to raise awareness among the general public about the value of tuna and the necessity of preserving it. A platform for public discussion and awareness is created by the talks and presentations given by environmentalists and experts on this observance. Campaigns for sustainable seafood and exhibitions are also very important components of the celebration. Annually, May 2nd is designated as World Tuna Day.

May 3 - World Press Freedom Day

We commemorate World Press Freedom Day, a United Nations holiday honoring and advancing press freedom, on May 3rd each year.

On this day, people become more conscious of the value of press freedom and are reminded by their governments of their duty to protect the right of individuals to free speech.

In the pursuit of their stories, media professionals and journalists frequently put their lives and freedom in danger. Certain nations jail journalists in order to stop them from disclosing specific information. The goal of World Press Freedom Day is to put an end to these kinds of incidents and pay tribute to those who have died while performing their duties.

The United Nations observes World Press Freedom Day with a new theme every year. "Journalism without Fear or Favor," "Information as a Public Good," "Journalism under Digital Siege," and "Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of expression as a driver for all other human rights" are some of the themes that have recently gained attention.

It's also a chance to honor those who put their lives in danger or lost them while informing the public.

May 4 - Free Comic Book Day

On the first Saturday in May, Free Comic Book Day is observed annually.

Every year, comic book stores from all over the world get together to give away free comic books to their patrons.

The purpose of the day was to raise awareness of the comic book industry and to entice more and more people to visit their neighborhood comic book stores.

Despite having started in North America, comic book stores now take part in the event from Australia to the United Kingdom. The day has grown to such an international renown that comic book retailers participate from over 60 nations.

May 4 - Star Wars Day

On May 4, all fans of Star Wars get ready for Star Wars Day! The day honors George Lucas' Star Wars films, which are set in a distant galaxy.

Because 'May the Fourth be with you' is a pun on the well-known catchphrase from the franchise, fans chose May 4th to celebrate their favorite movies. "May the Force be with you," is a catchphrase that Obi-Wan Kenobi said to a young Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars Day is not a national holiday; rather, it is just a fun celebration.

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo

Every year on May 5, people celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a holiday honoring the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in the 1862 Franco-Mexican War.

Cinco de Mayo literally translates to "the fifth of May." It's a way to celebrate Mexican culture in America and is more popular here than it is in Mexico.

Since Cinco de Mayo is not a public holiday, businesses and schools are open as usual.

Mexican miners who wanted to celebrate the victory began the celebrations in the United States in California in 1863.

During the Chicano movement in the 1940s, Cinco de Mayo attracted widespread attention before becoming well-known in the 1980s.

The festivities, which include mariachi performances and Baile Folklorico, center on Mexican food, music, and culture.

These days, Cinco de Mayo is observed everywhere there is a Mexican community or people who appreciate Mexican food and culture, such as Australia, the UK, and other places.

You can find banners and decorations, and schools frequently host events and programs to teach children about Cinco de Mayo's cultural significance and historical background.

May 5 - World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day is observed on the first Sunday in May. This unique day emphasizes the advantages of laughter and uses it to advance world peace.

Laughing is a potent tool that fosters a sense of shared happiness and rapidly lowers stress in relationships. In the hopes of changing the world for the better, participants in World Laughter Day contribute to the spread of happiness and positivity.

Laughing is good for your wellbeing and mental health; it's not just for fun. The purpose of World Laughter Day is to promote laughter and highlight its health benefits. Here are a few advantages:

Laughing causes the body to release endorphins, which are organic analgesics that improve mood and reduce chronic pain.

Stress Reduction: Laughing reduces stress and anxiety by lowering stress hormone levels, which promotes relaxation.

Relationship Building: Laughing together fortifies relationships and facilitates friendships, amicable resolution of conflicts, and increased intimacy in partnerships.

Heart Health Improvement: Laughing raises heart rate and serves as a mild aerobic exercise. It also lowers blood pressure, which lowers the risk of heart attacks.

In honor of World Laughter Day, people are urged to embrace laughter's beneficial effects on their physical and emotional health.

May 5 - Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah in 2024 will be observed from Sunday, May 5, at dusk until Monday, May 6.

For the Jewish community, Yom HaShoah is a day of Holocaust Remembrance, commemorating the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

This is the 27th day of the month of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar.

Yom HaShoah is not a public holiday in the US, Canada, or the UK, so businesses and educational institutions are open as usual.

May 5 - Dawn Chorus Day

The beauty and wonder of bird song are celebrated on Dawn Chorus Day. The event invites nature lovers and interested parties to pause and consider the sounds of our feathered friends. It provides a chance to enjoy the melodious voices of birds as they greet the dawn. Raising awareness of the variety of bird species found in different habitats and their importance to our planet is one of the goals of Dawn Chorus Day.

Given the abundance of bird species in the UK, the celebration is especially meaningful there. The skylark, whose characteristic song is a beloved symbol of the British countryside, is one of the most recognizable participants. The chorus is joined by other native songbirds, such as wrens, blackbirds, and robins, which delights both casual listeners and seasoned birdwatchers.

Dawn Chorus Day is usually celebrated in the UK with planned activities that highlight the avian talents of the local birds. Local wildlife and conservation organizations frequently host guided dawn walks and listening sessions that let people experience the morning chorus and foster a connection with the natural world. Typically, Dawn Chorus Day falls on the first Sunday in May, when early morning hours see the highest amount of songbird activity.

May 6 - Early May Bank Holiday

Early May Bank Holiday
Early May Bank Holiday

The purpose of the Early May Bank Holiday, is to commemorate the arrival of spring. The chance for people to take a vacation from work and enjoy a long weekend, usually spent with friends and family, is a crucial component of this celebration. May Day has its roots in old traditions and customs that honor the rebirth of life and the blossoming of nature, despite the fact that it is neither religious nor commemorative.

The Early May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom is typically marked by customs and activities. One such custom is traditional maypole dancing, which uses colorful ribbons to symbolize the community's unity and interconnectedness. Another well-liked event during this celebration is the crowning of the May Queen, who symbolizes the arrival of the warmer weather and longer days. A lot of people make the most of this long weekend by going on trips or spending time outside with loved ones, taking in the beauty of the British countryside and the arrival of warmer weather. The first Monday in May is the Early May Bank Holiday.

May 7 - World Asthma Day

May 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events
World Asthma Day

The purpose of World Asthma Day is to increase public awareness of the illness and enhance the care provided to those who suffer from it. An estimated 339 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, which is characterized by recurrent episodes of dyspnea and wheezing. Additionally, this day raises awareness of the common health issue, supports those who deal with it on a daily basis, and promotes developments in care, research, and possible preventative measures.

In the UK, there are usually a number of physical and virtual events held to commemorate World Asthma Day. These events range from community-led virtual webinars to professional conferences and workshops aimed at increasing public empathy and awareness. These gatherings aim to raise awareness of the illness, encourage comprehension of its causes, and provide useful guidance on day-to-day living. In addition to other regional health associations and nonprofits, the British Lung Foundation, Asthma UK, and the National Health Service (NHS) generally provide funding for these initiatives. While participation in more significant international events occurs virtually, smaller-scale events held throughout the UK foster a national network of understanding and support. Every year on the first Tuesday in May, people observe World Asthma Day.

May 8 - Victory Day

Victory Day, which commemorates the Allied forces' victory over Nazi Germany, serves as a somber reminder of the end of World War II in Europe. The purpose of the observance is to celebrate freedom and peace, pay tribute to the fallen heroes who gave their lives in the terrible conflict, and consider the enormous human cost of war. Victory Day has an unsettling undercurrent as well because it serves as a sobering reminder of the carnage and inhumanity that the war brought about.

The United Kingdom has a strong connection to Victory Day because of its significant contribution to the Allied triumph. During the Blitz, the UK was bombarded nonstop and was among the major nations that fought against Nazi Germany and its allies. The British public's tenacity and the British Armed Forces' sacrifices were key factors in the eventual triumph.

May 9 - Ascension

The Christian holiday known as Ascension Day, or the Feast of the Ascension, falls on a Thursday, the forty-first day of Easter. It commemorates the entry of Jesus into heaven. Not being a public holiday, Ascension Day is observed with businesses and schools open as usual.

Ascension Day is one of the six Holy Days of Obligation observed by the Catholic Church, on which mass attendance is expected of the faithful. As some people find it difficult to go to church on a Thursday, some American churches have asked the Pope for permission to celebrate Ascension Day mass the following Sunday. This modification makes it possible for more believers to take part in services.

May 12 - Int'l. Nurses Day

On May 12, people everywhere celebrate International Nurses Day. The International Council of Nurses established Nurses Day, also known as Nurses Day, in 1974 to recognize the excellent work that nurses do.

International Nurses Day seeks to increase public awareness and press policymakers to enact improvements that will benefit nurses and patients alike.

This incident has gained particular significance in recent years because it brings to light the difficulties and demands that nurses face, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Additionally, it has resulted in an extraordinary demand for nurse recruitment and training.

May 14 - Yom HaAtzmaut

The original date of Yom Haatzmaut was the fifth day of Iyar, which is the second month in the Jewish calendar. On the other hand, the celebration is moved to the third or fourth day of the month if this date falls on a Friday or Saturday; if it falls on a Monday, it is observed on the sixth day of Iyar.

On Yom Haatzmaut, Jewish communities in the UK host a diverse range of events. Concerts, parades, dances, matinee shows, and speeches are a few of them.

There are also club nights and dance parties, especially for young adults. They frequently have a blue and white motif in homage to the colors of the Israeli flag and play contemporary pop music from both Israel and other nations. These could involve charity raffles with the proceeds going to environmental or humanitarian organizations in Israel.

May 19 - Pentecost

Fifty days after Easter is when Christians celebrate Pentecost, also called Whitsunday.

Its roots are in the Jewish tradition of the Festival of Weeks, but it also honors the moment Jesus ascended into heaven and the Holy Spirit descended upon his Apostles.

Red is the primary color associated with Pentecost. This color is used to decorate altars, and priests wear matching vestments. The color red represents joy as well as the Holy Spirit's fiery tongues.

Numerous people get baptized during Pentecost, a custom that originated from the fact that many people became Christians following the first Pentecost.

May 20 - Whit Monday

Whit Monday and Whit Sunday, also known as Pentecost or Pentecost Sunday, are observed by many Christians in the United Kingdom as a way to recall the events that followed the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus' disciples, as recorded in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

Whit Monday is observed by the church through evening services and bible study sessions. In the UK, Whit Monday was formerly observed as a bank holiday; however, it is now observed as part of the spring bank holiday on the final Monday in May.

In the UK, Whit Monday is not a bank holiday. It is advisable to confirm with these institutions regarding their closed days as some educational institutions might close on Whit Monday.

May 26 - Trinity Sunday

May 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events
Trinity Sunday

In the UK, a lot of Christian churches celebrate Trinity Sunday in a variety of ways, such as special services that center around the trinity. The trinity—the idea that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God—offers the congregation an opportunity to study or review this idea. Because it firmly affirms God's triune nature, the Athanasian Creed—named for St. Athanasius, the Archbishop of Alexandria—is frequently recited during church services on Trinity Sunday.

A lot of churches or Christian organizations that host Sunday schools might also offer age-appropriate lessons that cover the trinity. Activities for Sunday school might include coloring pages, poetry, and group discussions.

May 26 - Lag B'Omer

The 33rd day of the 49-day mourning period known as the Counting of the Omer, which falls between Passover and Shavuot, is celebrated as Lag BaOmer. Jewish communities in the UK host a wide range of events on this day. These include customary Lag BaOmer parades, cookouts, bonfires, and kid-friendly art projects.

Jewish law expert and scholar Rabbi Akiva, who lived roughly from 50 to 135 CE, is remembered on Lag BaOmer for a historic event that took place during his lifetime. Numerous historical records state that thousands of his students had perished in a "plague," but that the death toll abruptly stopped on the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer.

With just under 300,000 Jews practicing their religion there, the United Kingdom is thought to have the fifth-largest Jewish population in the world.

London has by far the biggest Jewish population in the United Kingdom, with communities in Manchester and Leeds following.

May 27 - Spring Bank Holiday

May 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events
Spring Bank Holiday

In the UK, the Spring Bank Holiday is a public holiday. Families and individuals can take advantage of the day to take an extended weekend break from work or school. The holiday is one of several May Bank Holidays that are celebrated to mark the official beginning of summer and to encourage leisure time, outdoor activities, and relaxation.

The Spring Bank Holiday has its roots in the ancient Roman and Celtic celebrations marking the start of the warmer season. Under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act, the UK government decided to institute the current Spring Bank Holiday in 1971. The goal of this law was to give everyone in the UK an extra public holiday in May, which would be a great chance for them to get together, unwind, and take advantage of the region's offerings.

The final Monday in May is now recognized as the Spring Bank Holiday in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. If it falls on an English bank holiday, Scotland observes it on the final Monday of May; if not, it is observed on the first Monday of June. Across the nation, there are differences in the traditions and events surrounding the Spring Bank Holiday. A lot of people use the long weekend for family get-togethers, outdoor activities, and mini-vacations. During this time, going to local parks, going to fairs or music festivals, and participating in a variety of sports and outdoor activities are all popular pastimes. The unofficial start of summer is the Spring Bank Holiday, which provides a much-needed break from the grind and encourages Britons to take time for leisurely relaxation before the season's hustle and bustle begins.

May 30 - Corpus Christi

While some Anglican churches in the UK also observe Corpus Christi, the Roman Catholic Church is the primary host of celebrations for this holiday. On this day, a lot of Christians—especially those who practice Catholicism—take Communion.

During Corpus Christi, some people—children in particular—receive their first Communion. Accepting consecrated bread and wine (or grape juice), which are regarded by Christians as the body and blood of Jesus Christ, is a custom known as the Eucharist. While some churches may celebrate Corpus Christi on the Sunday following Trinity Sunday, it usually occurs on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday.

For over a century, the southeast English town of Arundel has commemorated Corpus Christi. A festival of flowers is one of the festivities, and the central aisle of the cathedral is covered in a carpet of flowers. The public is typically able to view the flowers. A mass and a procession of the Blessed Sacrament from the cathedral to the town's castle are also part of the celebration.

May 31 - World No Tobacco Day

Every year on May 31st, the World Health Organization (WHO), governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) observe World No Tobacco Day. Promoting a tobacco-free world and educating the public about the risks associated with tobacco use are the objectives.

A global initiative is launched to increase public awareness of the dangers of smoking, strategies for quitting, and the advantages of living a tobacco-free, healthy lifestyle.

WHO promotes a 24-hour tobacco-free day on this day, with the aim of making every day a tobacco-free day.

Smoking has an effect on the environment and people around the smoker in addition to the smoker.

NGOs, health organizations, and local communities take an active role in promoting tobacco-free living by organizing anti-smoking campaigns and events.

Every year, World No Tobacco Day is observed with a different theme that emphasizes the risks associated with smoking. Themes from the past include "Protect the Environment," "Tobacco and Lung Health," "Tobacco-Grow Food Not Tobacco," and "Tobacco Exposed: The Secret's Out."

Every year, tobacco use claims the lives of over 6 million people, making smoking a preventable cause of illness and mortality. In addition, it is estimated that secondhand smoke claims 600,000 lives annually, with low- and middle-class households accounting for 80% of these deaths.

Tobacco use has a substantial financial cost; an average smoker spends about $4,000 a year on tobacco, which adds to the persistence of poverty.

May 2024 Holidays and Celebrations - Full List

  • 01WED

    May Day

  • 02THU

    World Tuna Day

  • 02THU

    World Password Day

  • 02THU

    International Harry Potter Day

  • 03FRI

    World Press Freedom Day

  • 04SAT

    Free Comic Book Day

  • 04SAT

    Star Wars Day

  • 05SUN

    Hedgehog Awareness Week

  • 05SUN

    African World Heritage Day

  • 05SUN

    International Day of the Midwife

  • 05SUN

    World Portuguese Language Day

  • 05SUN

    Cinco de Mayo

  • 05SUN

    World Laughter Day

  • 05SUN

    Yom HaShoah

  • 08WED

    International Thalassaemia Day

  • 08WED

    National Receptionists Day

  • 08WED

    World Red Cross Day

  • 09THU

    Ascension Day

  • 10FRI

    World Lupus Day

  • 11SAT

    Fair Trade Day

  • 12SUN

    National Limerick Day

  • 12SUN

    International Nurses Day

  • 13MON

    world cocktail day

  • 13MON

    Yom Ha'atzmaut

  • 15WED

    International Day of Families

  • 16THU

    International Day of Light

  • 17FRI

    Endangered Species Day

  • 17FRI

    World Hypertension Day

  • 18SAT

    World Whisky (Whiskey) Day

  • 18SAT

    International Museum Day

  • 19SUN

    World Baking Day

  • 19SUN


  • 20MON

    World Bee Day

  • 20MON

    Whit Monday

  • 20MON

    National Rescue Dog Day

  • 21TUE

    World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

  • 21TUE

    International Tea Day

  • 22WED

    International Day for Biological Diversity

  • 23THU

    World Turtle Day

  • 24FRI

    World Schizophrenia Day

  • 25SAT

    International Missing Children’s Day

  • 26SUN

    Trinity Sunday

  • 27MON

    Spring bank holiday HOLIDAY

  • 28TUE

    World Blood Cancer Day

  • 29WED

    International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

  • 30THU

    National Creativity Day

  • 30THU

    World Multiple Sclerosis Day

  • 30THU

    Corpus Christi

  • 31FRI

    World No Tobacco Day

FAQs on Calendar for May 2024 (UK)

What is the calendar match for 2024?

There will be an exact match between the 1996 calendar and the 2024 calendar. Within the current 200-year period, the following seven years have the same calendar: 1940, 1968, 1996, 2024, 2052, 2080, and 2120.

What are some notable events in May 2024?

World No Tobacco Day, World Laughter Day, Word Press Freedom Day, May Day, and Cinco de Mayo are just a few of the notable occasions that serve as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage that makes May unique.

When will the New moon and Full moon be observed in May 2024?

The full moon occurs on May 23 and the new moon occurs on May 15.

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