Mark Zuckerberg: Horoscope, Zodiac Sign Personality and Astrological Predictions
Mark Zuckerberg: Horoscope, Zodiac Sign Personality and Astrological Predictions

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is a global personality known for his epic creation, Facebook which he co-founded and led as a CEO and chairman. Launching of his most-ever successful creation Facebook happened when he was attending Harvard University on February 4, 2004, with his college roommates. By the time Facebook became a globally famous social media giant, its net worth of Mark went up to approximately US$55.0 billion in 2018, making him the world’s one of the youngest billionaire. Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman, and CEO of Facebook were featured by Time magazine as one of the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world in 2010 while Forbes declared him the world’s most powerful person placing him on its 10th rank.

We explore Mark Zuckerberg’s personality type, best personality matches, zodiac sign, and Chinese animal sign under Feng Shui.

Mark Zuckerberg Biography

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American media magnate, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is known for co-founding the social media website Facebook and its parent company Meta (formerly, Facebook, Inc.), of which he is the chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder.

Zuckerberg attended Harvard University, where he launched Facebook from his dormitory room in February 2004 with his roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Originally launched to select college campuses, the site expanded rapidly and eventually beyond colleges, reaching one billion users by 2012. Zuckerberg took the company public in May 2012 with majority shares. In 2007, at age 23, he became the world's youngest self-made billionaire. As of 4 February 2022, Zuckerberg's net worth was $84.8 billion according to the Forbes Real Time Billionaires Index down by $29.7 billion post a decline in Meta Platforms shares leading to the social media giant losing about a fourth of it's market value.

Since 2008, Time magazine has named Zuckerberg among the 100 most influential people in the world as a part of its Person of the Year award, which he was recognized with in 2010. In December 2016, Zuckerberg was ranked 10th on Forbes list of The World's Most Powerful People.

Which zodiac sign is Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg is a Taurus zodiac sign, which belongs to the Earth element of astrology, along with Virgo and Capricorn. The symbol of Taurus is the bull, which represents a bull-headed nature.

As a Taurus zodiac sign, Mark is patient in all areas of his life. When working on a long-term project, Mark is happy to put in the hard work to see the gains even if they are far out into the future. When Mark sets his mind to something, you can be sure that it will get done.

Mark Taurus Zodiac Sign: Astrological Highlights and Horoscope Analysis

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is born with Sagittarius Ascendant. His Moon sign is Libra in the 3rd division of the Swati constellation.

Ruler of the Ascendant Jupiter is retrograde and gets placed in the first house. According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius and positioned in the Ascendant (First House) is to work well for Mark to climb greater heights in his pursuit. Moon rules the eighth house and is stationed in the eleventh house along with retrograde Mars and Retrograde Saturn. Ruler of the eleventh house Venus is in Aries Zodiac Sign along with crafty Mercury and exalted Sun and moves through the fifth house. In this way, Exalted Sun along with Venus and Mercury are in direct opposition to retrograde Mars and exalted retrograde Saturn and Moon. Shadow planets Ketu –Rahu are in Scorpio and Taurus Zodiac Sign respectively and positioned in the 12th and the sixth house.

In Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Google birth chart Sun and Saturn are exalted. Jupiter is in its own sign and gathers strength. Venus is combustible.

Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are retrograde.

In the Navmansha D9 chart, Venus is in its own sign Libra and becomes strong.

Mark Taurus Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits

Photo: newrepublic
Photo: newrepublic

Taureans are the human equivalent of moss. A handmade wooden chair. They are normally satisfied with the way things are. They embody stability. Sitting in a patch of grass admiring the breeze. When everything else seems to be falling apart, Taureans are an oasis of calm, a rock of dependability. Practical knowledge and experience are their modus operandi.

Taureans are oriented around the physical world. They tend to be grounded and logical. They love routine and they’re committed to their own comfort. They like to be in control. They’re patient and steady, and their materialism is an extension of their pursuit of stability.

Once they get into a groove, it’s difficult for them to get out of it. Object in motion stays in motion. Object at rest stays at rest. Appreciative of beauty. Attuned to physical pleasure. They like things to be predictable. They are perfectly happy eating the same meal over and over or wearing the same outfit for a week straight. They would prefer things be consistent than chaotically good. They like to discover what they have the most fun doing, and then do it to the extreme.

Tauruses have a regal quality about them. They are graceful and diligent laborers. They can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in their ways, but they are also great listeners and very dependable.

Taurus can absolutely go on forever. They never feel fatigued. They are like machines. And no matter what they throw at them, they will inevitably overcome their obstacles because they’ve already prepared for every contingency. They are hand-built trucks that will never break down. They are bulletproof vest that never rips.

Mark Zuckerberg's Career Horoscope

Since Mark Zuckerberg like to unite both sides of an argument, law and justice would be good fields for him. he could also do well as a labor mediator and any other positions in the industry where Mark Zuckerberg is called upon to create and maintain peace and harmony. Try to stay clear of profession which requires an instant and constant decision, because Mark Zuckerberg find difficulty in making them quickly.

Mark Zuckerberg's Occupation Horoscope

Being methodical and careful about details, he is well-fitted for such work as is afforded by the Civil Service. He would do well in a bank and, in many respects, he has the painstaking qualities required for the scholastic profession. In businesses, where success depends on rigid routine, he ought to be happy, and all the posts which fall to people who can plod their way through examinations should be within his grasp. Mark Zuckerberg can be an excellent film director. But, Mark Zuckerberg should not go for the actor because it does not fit to Mark Zuckerberg's temperament.

Love Matters Horoscope

Mark Zuckerberg is not a person who ought to go through life in single blessedness and, as a matter of fact, the older he grows, the more he will need a partner to listen to his joys and sorrows. Mark Zuckerberg set many scores on a home of his own, and marriage brings this into being in a manner that he considers more perfect than any other. Mark Zuckerberg's home will be his God. If he is a woman, he will say, when there will be his children because he was never so completely happy until they came. Mark Zuckerberg will marry for love, naturally, but as the years roll on, he will think more and more of his partner, until a time will come when Mark Zuckerberg cannot bear to be separated even for a day or two.

Mark Zuckerberg's Health Horoscope

The length of Mark Zuckerberg's life depends more on himself than on the fates. Mark Zuckerberg has the power to attain a ripe old age. But, if he wishes to do so, he must take particular care of his lungs. Seek all the fresh air Mark Zuckerberg can obtain and, without making himself a faddist, dwell as much as possible under the sky of heaven. Make a practice of regular walking and see that Mark Zuckerberg's head is up and Mark Zuckerberg's chest open. Colds and coughs should never be neglected, and damp air is highly injurious. As a secondary caution, look to his digestion. Never overload it with foods that are rich and hard to digest. Plain food will serve Mark Zuckerberg best.

Mark Zuckerberg's Hobbies Horoscope

Reading, painting, drama, and such pastimes as require artistic and literary feeling will occupy Mark Zuckerberg's mind. It would not be surprising to find that Mark Zuckerberg suddenly developed an interest in Spiritualism or things relating to the supernatural. Anything to do with travel will also attract Mark Zuckerberg, whether it is on land, at sea or in the air. For such games as cricket and football, Mark Zuckerberg will have very little time. However, Mark Zuckerberg will be interested in indoor games like table tennis, carom, badminton, etc.

Effects of transiting planets in the life of Mark

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984. This makes him a hardworking Taurus Sun with a passionate Scorpio Moon. His birth time has not been listed anywhere online (he probably made sure of that, TBH), so without it, we cannot calculate his Ascendant. Yet, don’t you worry, we can still learn a ton about the man underneath it all. The first thing I noticed is that Zuckerberg was born on a full moon. This is immensely telling, as it shows that in this lifetime he’s a “go big or go home” kind of guy. He thrives in the spotlight and pushes himself to experience intensities.

There’s no middle ground with him, he’s all or nothing. His energy propels him to persevere and stand in the limelight, refusing to let others stand before him. When it comes to elemental energy, he is significantly composed of Earth and Water, which reveals he’s deeply concerned with creating results and being led by his emotions. He’s certainly intuitive, but there’s a cunning side to how he utilizes his emotions, seeing beyond what people say or do and making instinctive assessments 24/7. And the thing is—most of the time he’s right.

When looking at key themes in his birth chart, not that this is a shocker but he is outrageously ambitious (duh). However, while he does have some aspects that show he was destined for fortune and success with luck and opportunities showering down upon him—most notably with his Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, linked perfectly to his Saturn, the planet of permanence—there’s so much of his chart that reveals he’s cunning, calculated and eternally seeking dominance.

Growing up wasn’t easy for him, as he likely felt rejected and struggled with acceptance from peers and at least one of his parents. This is seen with his Moon, ruling his soul and inner life, united with Saturn, which also relates to hardship. He has tremendously deep feelings, but has been forced to be rigid, demanding and extreme in his assertion in order to protect himself from being hurt or experiencing feelings of inferiority. Like I said, these wounds are deep and it propelled him to demand security and protection in a world where he is in control.

His Sun is opposite Mars, which brings him tremendous firepower to channel toward his goals and plans—but it also makes him immensely opinionated, quick tempered and impatient. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants when he sets his mind upon something—especially when he feels almighty because it was his idea. His Mercury, ruling his mind, clashes with Pluto, the planet of domination, which brings him a penetrating and sharp mind, with powers of insight and comprehension that are transformative. His communication abilities and desire to assert his vision are even further amplified because of this.

What are predictions for Mark Zuckerberg?

So what does astrology see for Mr. Zuckerberg? Lots of very significant changes, TBH. First and foremost, since the end of 2021 until the end of 2023, he is experiencing powerful eclipses in his Sun and Moon signs—which will rock his personal world. He is experiencing a very significant cycle around reinvention and rebirth, as he wants to show the world a new version of him—and his legacy. On one hand, he’s set to continue to grow—but because the eclipses also happen across the sky from him—he’s going to face some important learning curves around relationships.

His positive connections should grow, taking steps to the next level, but his competitors—and public adversaries—will also be quite fierce, especially in the second half of 2022. Another significant theme in 2022 and the first half of 2023 is around development of big, long-term projects. These will likely be announced once Jupiter enters Taurus after May 2023 into 2024. He will enjoy a rather successful launch, even if it takes him a few years—even as long as a decade—to see it reach its full potential.

Mark Zuckerberg Animal Sign Under Chinese Astrology (Feng Shui)

Mark Zuckerberg was born in the year of the Wood Rat in 1984. According to Feng Shui Web, Wood Rats are often friendly and outgoing personalities.

As well as being sociable, Wood Rats are ambitious with their work and are intellectually curious yet independent people.

However, they are also said to be insecure and need reassurance from loved ones.

In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus, and, because of their reproduction rate, married couples also prayed to them for children

Rat Man 1984 - Prediction for Lifetime

Mark Zuckerburg has too much Earth. He needs more Metal and Water to balance his birth chart. We can choose Metal and Water as his Lucky Elements. Metal is the child element of Earth. Anything out of Earth is connected to Metal. Therefore Metal is related to Mark's outlook, expression, talent, performance or reputation.

Fire is the mother element of Day Master Male Earth. Fire is connected to his parents, teachers, protection, education, or people supporting him. But Mark's birth chart doesn't need extra Fire anymore. This is because additional Fire will make Earth even stronger.

Wood (tree) can break through the Earth (ground). Wood gives Earth the pressure. Wood stands for his pressure, discipline, career and power. Mark has Male Wood in the Year Column. But Male Wood and Female Earth have attraction relationship into Earth. So the career never give Mark any pressure.

Earth is same kind of element to Day Master Male Earth. Therefore Earth represents Mark's siblings or same generation friends. There is Female Earth on the stem of Month Column. One Earth hides inside the Snake and another Earth hides inside the Monkey. This implies Mark has more siblings than regular families or he has many friends around him.

Male Wood of Year Column and Female Earth Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Monkey of Day Column and Snake of Month column have attractive relationship into Water. That means Mark's people relationship is good. The Earth relationship helps him to find more friends. The Water relationship has the potential to generate money.

Water is afraid of Earth. Earth can conquer Water easily. So Water represents money to Mark. Rat of Year Column is in the Water group. Year of Column is connected to his early age or family. Mark should grow up in the nice family. There is a Male Water inside Monkey of the Day Column. Male Water is the Windfall Money Star. The Branch of Day Column is connected to his spouse. Monkey contains two lucky elements - Metal and Water. That implies he should have a good marriage life and his spouse helps him to build reputation and wealth.

The next step is to look at Mark Zuckerberg's 10-Year Major Cycles. We can roughly see his rise and fall of the entire life from the 10-Year Major Cycles using the Lucky Element. To determine the Lucky Element must to know the birth time. Although we don't have Mark's birth hour, we think Mark should have Strong Earth in his birth chart according to above-analysis. Therefore we have the following conclusion.

Metal brings him fame. Metal is connected to west. The western side of birth place makes him famous. Water brings him wealth. Water is connected to north. The northern side of a continent makes him rich. Wood is related to his career or power. Earth helps him spending money. Fire brings him negative reputation.


The Rat is said to be most compatible with the Ox, the Dragon and the Monkey.

According to the Chinese New Year site, the Rat and the Ox "complement and help one another in both work and life".

Meanwhile, couples that include a Rat and a Dragon are thought to enjoy success together, largely due to them understanding each other well.

Rats are said to be least compatible with the horse, the Goat and the Rabbit.

Which personality type is Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg is an INTJ personality type. Mark is strategic and is naturally able to predict how the future might play out. INTJs are often running mental simulations of many different scenarios.

Mark is able to stay focused for long periods of time which is how he has achieved so much in his career. Somehow, Mark is both an idealist and realist at the same time.

Mark questions the world around him with intellectual rigor. He isn’t one to follow traditions for the sake of it and instead he will make sure that it makes logical sense to him before doing something.

Naturally curious, Mark enjoys delving deep into topics and he is particularly draw to abstract theories. As an INTJ, Mark enjoys spending a significant amount of time by himself and he is highly independent.

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