April. Photo: Freepik
April. Photo: Freepik

April Holidays in India

Apr 1 Odisha Day

Apr 1 – 2 Bank Holiday

Apr 1 Maundy Thursday

Apr 2 Good Friday

Apr 2 Ram Navami

Apr 5 Babu Jagjivan Ram Birthday

Apr 6 Mahavir Jayanti

Apr 8 Shab e-Barat

Apr 13 Biju Festival

Apr 13 Bohag Bihu Holiday

Apr 13 Vaisakhi

Apr 14 Dr Ambedkar Jayanti

Apr 14 Maha Vishuba Sankranti

Apr 14 Tamil New Year

Apr 14 Vishu

Apr 14 Ashoka’s Birth Anniversary

Apr 15 Bengali New Year

Apr 15 Himachal Day

Apr 15 Bohag Bihu

Apr 21 Garia Puja

Apr 23 Tithi of Damodar Deva

Apr 23 Veer Kunvar Singh Jayanti

Apr 25 Basava Jayanthi

Apr 25 – 26 Parashurama Jayanti

Photo: Manningham Interfaith Network
Vaisakhi. Photo: Manningham Interfaith Network

Vaisakhi Holiday

Vaisakhi is also called Baisakhi. This harvest celebration takes place annually and harvesters celebrate and rejoice about the New Year and the harvested crops in India. However, there was added meaning to the celebration in 1699 when the Khalsa Panth (type of religious warrior) organization was established during the Vaisakhi Festival.

The 10th Guru Gobind Singh asked who in a crowd of thousands was prepared to die for the cause of religion. Eventually, five men volunteered to give their lives but the Guru Gobind Singh did not kill the men. Instead, he baptized them and the men became the first five members of a group called Khalsa. The tradition of Sikh baptism during the Vaisakhi festival originated from this historic event, as reported by Timeanddate.

April Holidays in the Philippines

Thu Apr 01 Maundy Thursday National Holiday Regular holiday

Fri Apr 02 Good Friday National Holiday Regular holiday

Sat Apr 03 Black Saturday National Holiday Special Non-working day

Fri Apr 09 The Day of Valor National Holiday Regular holiday

Black Saturday in Philippines

In the Philippines, this day is a special non-working day and is legally known in English as Black Saturday, marks the colour's role in mourning. Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday and may also be known as Black Saturday, White Saturday, Easter Eve, Vigil of Easter. Note that it may also be called Easter Sunday, though from a religious perspective Easter Saturday is the Saturday after Easter Sunday.

Holy Saturday is the last day of Holy Week and in the Western church, it can fall between March 21st and April 24th. This day, sometimes known as the Eve of Easter, marks the full day when Jesus' body lay in the tomb after his crucifixion on Good Friday and before his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Dating back to the early days of the Christian Church, this day was a popular day for baptisms. Because of the solemnity of the day, few services are held on this day. However, rituals that can help with salvation for the dying such as baptism were allowed. Some parts of the church such as the Anglicans still hold baptismal services on Holy Saturday.

A less common name for this day is the Descent into Hell, as in some Christian traditions it commemorates Jesus' descent into and victory over hell.

An Easter Vigil often takes place in the evening of Holy Saturday recalling the vigil that Jesus' followers observed after his crucifixion on Good Friday. Sometimes known as Paschal Vigil, this service is held as a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Vigil often begins with the church into darkness; all candles are put out on Maundy Thursday.

The minister enters the church, bearing a Paschal candle (a special candle that symbolizes the body of Jesus), accompanied by the chant "The light of Christ" to which the assembly responds "Thanks be to God". After blessing the Paschal candle, the rest of the candles in the church are then lit from the Paschal candle, and the church is illuminated by light, as reported by Officeholidays.

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