Maharashtra Day. Photo: GMS Genie
Maharashtra Day. Photo: GMS Genie

History of Maharashtra Day

Every year, Maharashtra day is observed on May 1, it is because, on May 1, 1960, the Government of India divided the Bombay State into two states under the 'Bombay Reorganization Act 1960' namely Maharashtra and Gujarat.

There was a dispute over Bombay in both the states. The Marathi people were of the opinion that Bombay should join them because most people there used to speak Marathi.

Significance of Maharashtra- Major cities

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is a hub of the manufacturing, finance, and service sector.

Pune has emerged as an automobile and IT hub of the country.

Cities like Nagpur, Kolhapur, Solapur are other progressive centres of growth and development.

The main stock exchanges of India & the capital market and commodity exchanges are located in Mumbai city.

Navi Mumbai has a population of almost 1 million people. It is one of the world's largest planned new cities that was devised as a satellite city to relieve the strain on Mumbai.

Mumbai is also known as the trade and commerce capital of India.

The Hindi-language sector of the Indian moviemaking industry that began in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the 1930s has developed into an enormous film empire.

From 'Bombay Talkies' in 1934 to the 'Angrezi medium' in 2020, Bollywood has produced thousands of movies.

Celebration of Maharashtra Day

Photo: NRI News Today
Photo: NRI News Today

From speeches to colourful parades, Maharashtra celebrates this day with a lot of enthusiasm. Most schools, colleges, offices remain closed on this day under the jurisdiction of the State and Central Government. Maharashtra Din is commemorated with a parade at Shivaji Park, Dadar, where the Governor of Maharashtra makes a speech. On this day, the state government and private sector launch new projects and schemes. Liquor sales to Indians are prohibited on Maharashtra Diwas across the state.

Due to the COVID-10 outbreak, nationwide lockdown is being implemented and so, no festivities have organised this year for Maharashtra Day, according to dnaindia.

Quotes of Maharashtra Day

Shivaji was the greatest Hindu king that India had produced within the last thousand years; one who was the very incarnation of Lord Siva, about whom prophecies were given out long before he was born; and his advent was eagerly expected by all the great souls and saints of Maharashtra as the deliverer of the Hindus from the hands of the Mlecchas, and as one who succeeded in the reestablishment of Dharma which had been trampled underfoot by the depredations of the devastating hordes of the Mughals--Swami Vivekananda

I think the country needs to have a sporting culture. I think if sports were taken as curriculum in school and are encouraged in the right ways like the government of Maharashtra and Haryana have done given Marks for Sports and encouraging them with good jobs—Gagan Narang

Today, the Indian government is trying to present privatization as the alternative to the state, to public enterprise. But privatization is only a further evolution of the centralized state, where the state says that they have the right to give the entire power production in Maharashtra to Enron--Arundhati Roy

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