LIBRA Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly Predictions for Dec 28 - Jan 3
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Weekly Horoscope Overview for Libra

It's all about compromise as the week begins, so be careful and cautious in your one-on-one relationships on Monday. Whatever you bring to the table (positive or negative) will be multiplied and returned.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, your natural diplomacy will shine. Others will look to you to give advice and settle disputes -- and don't be surprised if they're impressed (and even attracted to you) in the process.

From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, expect to be filled with earnest and expansive intellectual energy -- you'll be eager to talk about new things with new people. This Sunday, stick to the program and stay patient.


According to Astrology, on December 30, Libra, you might find yourself reading too much into a text or overanalyzing a conversation you had with a lover. This week begins with romantic Venus in your chatty third house as it forms a square with hazy Neptune in your detail-oriented sixth house. Remember, words are just words and anybody can say anything. What really matters are actions, so focus on what your lover is doing to prove their devotion to you and let that reveal their intentions.

If you’ve been a workaholic lately, the thirty-first is when it might start negatively impacting your relationship. With the moon in your tenth house of career squaring off with combative Mars in your seventh house of partnerships, there’s a chance your lover feels like you’re neglecting the relationship for the sake of work obligations. It might be time to look at how you find a balance between your relationship and your duties.

However, by January 2, the energy is just perfect for meeting your lover’s friends and family and becoming part of the crowd. The moon is in your extraverted eleventh house as it forms a trine with Venus in your talkative third house, helping you charm the whole room.


Something major is culminating in your career and it all begins on December 29. A full moon will galvanize your tenth house of reputation, giving you an idea of what people think of when they hear your name. Are you the talk of the town? Are clients recommending you faster than shooting stars? These career revelations will point you in the right direction, inspiring you to fix what needs fixing and compete harder than before.

LIBRA Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly Predictions for Dec 28 - Jan 3
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However, on December 30, you might feel like you’re totally off schedule when Venus in your third house of communication squares Neptune in your productive sixth house. Prepare for a daydreamy haziness to overcome carefully laid plans. And on December 31, the moon in your career sector will square off with Mars in your seventh house of relationships. This leads to disagreements with a client or business partner. Remember: Being right is less important than maintaining mutual respect—so don’t give up.

Luckily, on January 2, your ability to work with others will receive a significant boost. The moon will transit your eleventh house of community, inspiring you to gather a team together, and the results of working through your differences will come through when the moon forms a trine with Mars.


You could bump up against some limitations imposed on your trip at the beginning of the week or even a little self-imposed homesickness. Enjoy each moment for what it is rather than wish for what it could be.

By Wednesday and Thursday, this realistic rather than idealistic approach means you're entirely enjoying your travels and those who meet you are eager to help. Get insider tips for interesting spots. If a major plan gets derailed this weekend, don't rush to fill in the time. The stars say meandering about and smelling the proverbial roses could be even more fun.


You might be a little down early this week, especially if you've just bumped into something that feels like a hard limit. Give yourself a day or two to feel bad about it before looking for a solution or moving in another direction.

By Wednesday, you'll be back on your feet and chatting up a storm, and your eye for the cute is keener than ever. You might end up with too many social commitments to handle, but you can turn that into a positive if you show off how good you are at balancing people and feelings.

Weekly Tarot Reading Overview for Libra

Your card for the week: 4 of Wands

LIBRA Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly Predictions for Dec 28 - Jan 3
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It's time to celebrate! The 4 of Wands recognizes you've been putting forth great effort toward your goals. While it's tempting to keep charging forward, it's nice to pause and simply appreciate all that you've achieved so far, Tarot cites.

Allow others to share in this commemoration of your success. Don't be afraid to tell friends and family about what you've accomplished. Remember, you can still strive toward your goals while stopping every once in a while to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

As a bell, or a telephone, rings you feel your future fall into place - and this time, you will be in charge. A moon of high ambition fires up your chart, and Neptune adds a quiet level of creative expression to keep you grounded, The Sun cites. You find love words at last and can connect to a talented writer. When faces sing together on a screen, it’s a personal luck signal.

NEW YEAR, YOUR YEAR: Mercury takes you back in time to complete unfinished tests or tasks, Jupiter adds a creative, celebrity new level to career plans, and Venus brings security in love, that starts from deep in your own heart.

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