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Weekly Overview for Leo from February 15 - 21

Making a good impression is a key concern of yours on Monday, but so is not coming across as arrogant. It's a delicate balance. One way to strike that balance is to avail yourself to someone else. Help a friend out. Force your ego to the sidelines for as long as you can, because by Wednesday it may explode to the fore. Ego clashes aren't pretty, so do what you can to avoid them. Be patient. And on Thursday and Friday, be in listening mode; pretend you're sick of your own voice. This weekend, everything goes your way, even as someone challenges your opinion. But it feels good to be challenged sometimes!

As much as you'd like to be spending the day in the park, Monday is all about work: your career, your standing -- stuff like that. Your reputation is on the up-and-up, in fact, and on Tuesday you feel like something of a celebrity. The circle of people around you is constantly lavishing you with praise, so put that circle of people to good use. Creative brainstorming figures into your day on Wednesday, and there's plenty of time for socializing on Thursday and Friday. This weekend has you feeling sensitive and being particularly honest. A bubble bath on Sunday would end the week beautifully.

It may not be sweltering outside, but you're burning up. With excitement. About everything. Share this incredible warmth of yours with your friends and hug them tight. How you ever got to feeling this goofy is beyond you, but you're happy to enjoy it. Wednesday is a creative day, but by Thursday everything changes -- your mood is still up, but your focus has changed. You're introverted and thinking financial thoughts. You'll stay this way for about a day or two -- until the weekend, that is, which returns you to hugging your friends, jumping up and down and kissing people enthusiastically, according to sunsigns.

Weekday Horoscope for Leo from February 15 - 21

Love Weekly Horoscope

This week is one of the most tension-filled periods of the year when it comes to your partner and marriage. The atmosphere will be so tense that any detail will make you jump. You and your partner will have to look deep into your hearts and remember that you still love each other. It's during the toughest times when you can actually strengthen your bond.

In addition, from the 18th of February, certain secrets concerning your relationship that you've been trying to hide will come to light, or you may decide to reveal them yourself. You'll have to muster all your sensitivity, kindness, romanticism, creativity and resort to apologies when necessary to keep the flame of love alive.

Single Leos won't be as daring as they used to be. You won't jump into the pool unless you're sure your crush feels the same way about you.

Finance Weekly Horoscope

Photo: askAstrology
Photo: askAstrology

Whether you work on your own or for others, the number of tasks will vary a lot. Some days you'll feel overwhelmed and others you'll be bored. When there's nothing to do, you'll reflect on your work and career path and whether you're comfortable and happy in your current position.

Luck will be on the side of those Leos who work with children or elderly people, as the stars predict an increase in their earnings (it may be a new employment contract, an increase in clients, a new project, etc.).

You'll keep your money in your wallet and avoid compulsive purchases, such as clothes or new technologies. No unforeseen economic events will help you increase your savings, as reported by Themagichoroscope.

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Career Weekly Horoscope

Your work routine is making you tired and bored. Repeating the same situations over and over is draining your patience, as nothing seems to be changing so far. All these negative things are about to end. Unexpected surprises boost some stagnant situations, while new discoveries will give you satisfaction regarding your attitude so far. Positive changes are ahead in your finances. Make the most of them without hesitation.

Health Weekly Horoscope

On Monday and Tuesday with the Moon in Aries, you'll have a lot of energy and vitality. However, if you don't burn off your excess energy by doing exercise, you're likely to redirect it to those around you in the form of aggressiveness.

However, in the middle of the week, you'll feel more relaxed and even a little lazy.

Detailed Horoscope for Leo from February 15 - 21

Monday to Wednesday your emotions, imagination, and creativity are heightened. Friends may come to you for comfort or a shoulder to cry on. A new romance is possible and would have a soul mate feel to it. Creative and artistic work such as music, composition, and video is favored. You may receive inspiration to make a breakthrough in a project which has caused frustration.

Thursday to Sunday a surge of goal-directed energy makes you very ambitious. You can be assertive and direct in achieving your desires while still maintaining harmony. This non-threatening approach will win you cooperation and impress people in power. This is a great time to stand up and be counted, or eliminate any obstacles that have hindered success. Sexual relations will benefit from your increased passions, according to Astrology King.

Leo Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

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The Eight of Swords suggests that you may be holding yourself back because you fear to move into the future, or because you are wary of getting hurt by a new situation, or maybe for no reason at all. Think through what it is that you’re afraid of. The truth of the situations are probably much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.

Leo Weekly HoroscopeIn general, the Eight of Swords tells you to be open to defeat in order to ever possibly win. Do not fear the unknown; many blessings reside for you there. Examine your thoughts, speech, and behavior for negativity and know that what you say and do and the choices that you make affect the outcomes in your life. If you need help managing and dealing with your fears, ask for it.

The Eight of Swords Meaning

The Eight of Swords illustrates the kind of fear that blinds us, causing us to not see the present. It paralyzes us as we wait for "bad things" to come to pass. The Eight of Swords symbolizes fear that relies on past evidence to validate it. Something traumatic happened to the woman in the card. She was blindfolded, bound up, and abandoned. The people who brought her to this place are gone. Her fear that she is worthless has convinced her that all that remains is to wait for the tide to come, and swallow her whole. She has been "shunned."

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