Leo Weekly Horoscope July
Leo Weekly Horoscope July

Leo Weekly Horoscope July: OverView and Special Notes

Leo, July will be a big month with lots of opportunities to be productive and also to have fun.

*Take the lead, Leo. Powerhouse Mars continues to ignite your zodiac sign until July 29. During this time, your energy level should be at an all-time high as you radiate magnetism, sex appeal, and dominance. Use this to fuel all of your personal and professional goals. Nothing can stop you if you fight toward it now!

*As soon as the sun soars into your zodiac sign on July 22, you’ll light up like fireworks with your birthday season here. Roar and show the world what you’ve got! On July 22, the Sun (which just so happens to be your celestial ruler) cruises into your own sign—it’s Leo season, bitches! It’s officially your time to shine, and you’re all about that glow.

*You will enjoy the entire month, dear Leo, for after Venus rolls into Virgo on July 21, you will still have Mars at your side until July 29, and that’s a big advantage.

Leo Weekly Horoscope July: Love and Relationship

The July 23 full moon, Your romantic relationship seems lovely, with Mars and Venus in Leo.

Leo, You will have a longer period for fun and love—Venus will be in Leo until July 21, and Mars will be in Leo until July 29. While you have both planets shining in Leo, select a new wardrobe item, ask your hairstylist for an updated, chic cut, or choose a fragrance for the coming season that expresses the true “you.”

You'll have to make a decision about your partnership this month. Ignore your troubles since they will not go away if you do. You could also receive an invitation to a blind getaway. At the end of this month, your romantic life takes a turn for the better.

This month, husbands and wives will work on developing trust and commitment. You have a million things you want to say to each other, and now is the moment to say them. This month, you'll have a lot of fun together.

Easy energy flows around discussing your wishes and feelings as communication planet Mercury makes a helpful connection with dreamy Neptune on July 24. However, an intense atmosphere descends upon communication as Mercury opposes the planet of the underworld, Pluto, on July 25—watch out for ultimatums! Power struggles or control issues may arise. Reclaiming your time and energy is a major theme.

Leo Weekly Horoscope July: Career and Money

Leo, The week of July 19 - 25, some of the unexpected events will be related to your education, job or business.

Unexpected news arrives on July 20 as Mercury mingles with Uranus, and Venus enters Virgo on July 21, activating the financial sector of your chart, potentially bringing blessings of wealth and abundance your way! It’s a wonderful moment to exchange gifts.

Events there can provoke unexpected decisions that you will be forced to make.

During the week, you will have expenses related to a person in your family that will be related to things beyond your daily needs.

The week will be favorable for receiving money or for financial relations with people outside your home.

In general, the week ahead of you is an interesting week, with experiences that will leave a mark in your life, will have a special meaning.

During the week, a news or suggestion can help you realize your old wish.

Use some of the days this week to clean your home of unnecessary clothes, belongings or furniture.

You will have a good time to change your home, to take care of a property that is owned by your family.

Do not allow a misunderstanding related to money or a document to involve you in a dispute that may escalate into a conflict of unclear development.

Leo boys and girls will have an important week in which the chances they will receive will be unique without the possibility of recurrence.

Men will have interesting and emotional relationships with friends or colleagues.

Women will have engagements with people born under the fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, which will concern the job or business with which you are engaged.

The July 23 full moon seems to point a little more to a business relationship—you and your collaborator may not see eye-to-eye, and you might have to talk to get on the same page.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope July: Health

Leo, You may be able to increase your immunity thanks to your healthy dietary habits, which can help you maintain good physical fitness. You may not encounter any major health concerns at this time, and even in case of illnesses, those should get cured quickly. Still, please be careful about your intake. You may also do physical exercises and meditation daily to improve and maintain your health.

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