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For the fact, New Year is considered to be the one of the most prominent and widely celebrated festivals of Brazilian people. New Year, which is also called as ‘Ano Nove’ and more popularly as ‘Revillion’ in Brazil, is celebrated vastly around the Brazilian customs and traditions.

Even after holding a strict adherence to its customs and traditions in the New Year celebrations, the famous Brazilian party culture still finds a major acceptance as a mode of celebration. Pubs, party halls, discotheques, clubs, and beaches saw both local people as well as foreign tourists grooving to the local Brazilian party tunes, according to 123newyear.

1. Toast with sparkling wine

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No, we don’t make a toast with cachaca the national liquor, on New Year’s Eve. Although, that wouldn’t be a bad idea! In fact, we toast with sparkling wine, just like in many countries around the world.

This drink became popular for this holiday in Brazil because it is made of grapes, which is believed to bring luck since the fruit symbolizes prosperity and life. For the same reason, it is very common to serve grapes in some areas of Brazil.

2. The offerings for the sea

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Iemanja is a popular goddess in the Brazilian myths and she is the deity that has control over the waters. It is important to appease her with gifts such as flowers on New Year's day or the day before. If you are in the beach, light some candles and throw flowers toward the sea.

There are some that make a small flotation device to put in bouquets of flowers as well as material goods. They say that if the goods were sent back, they were not accepted. It is fine. You can try it out again next time! It is a very spiritual thing based on the past and this tradition has been in existence even before the country had transformed Christianity in the predominant religion, as noted in newyears-brazil.

3. Wear white on new year’s eve

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It is quite a sight to see two million people dressed all in white side by side on Copacabana beach. It is impossible to miss the memo! The all-white clothing tradition also comes from African religions as an homage to the god Oxalá. It was then adopted by Roman Catholics and Evangelists alike. Make sure to pack a white outfit if you’re heading to Brazil, Blog Pimsleur commented.

4. Wear multi-colored underwear for a new year’s wish

In Brazil, you must wear colored underwear on New Year’s (yes, under your white clothing, and yes, you will be jumping in the water!). Make sure to choose the color carefully, because they all have different meanings. Key to Underwear Colors and their Meaning in Brazil:

Branco (white) = paz e harmonia (peace and harmony)

Aazul (blue) = tranquilidade e amizade (tranquility and friendship)

Amarelo (yellow) = dinheiroesorte (money and luck)

Rosa (pink) = amor (love)

Vermelho (red) = paixão (passion)

Laranja (orange) = sucessoprofissional (professional success)

Verde (green) = saúde (health)

Roxo (purple) = inspiração (inspiration)

5. Spiritual offerings to Iemanjá

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One of the biggest new year’s rituals in Brazil is to offer white flowers, soaps, combs, necklaces, and more to Iemanjá, the deity that protects the oceans according to the Afro-Brazilian religions Candomblé and Umbanda. Both religions arose from the Afro-Brazilian communities among the slave trade that happened from the 16th to the 19th-century.

Because Iemanjá is the mother of the waters, people in coastal cities ask her for protection and peace for the upcoming year in return for a few humble gifts. The gifts are placed in little boats in the Atlantic Ocean and pushed toward the open sea so that their deity may receive it. Nowadays, even non-adepts of Candomblé and Umbanda make their offerings to Iemanjá, Iheartbrazil said.

6. The food you eat determines your New Year

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The menu on New Year’s even depends on the family in Brazil. However, most families eat lentilhas (lentils) on New Year’s Eve in Brazil to bring good luck and romãs (pomegranates) to bring wealth. Some really superstitious people might tell you not to eat aves (poultry) because these animals walk backward, representing a regression in life.

7. Get lucky with a Bay Leaf

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The folha de louro (bay leaf), also known as the Priest’s leaf, is a very spiritual token and is said to sharpen one’s intuition. During New Year’s celebrations, many Brazilians keep one in their pockets for extra good luck.

8. Start the New Year on an elevated surface

To start the New Year off on a good note, make sure to countdown to midnight from an elevated surface. Stand on a sturdy chair, climb up on a table, or get on your husband’s shoulders until midnight, and step down on the right foot- literally!

9. Jump through 7 waves when the clock strikes midnight

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If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve at the beach along with millions of other Brazilians, jump into the ocean at midnight and jump into 7 ondas (waves) for good luck, but only if you’re facing the waves head-on! For every wave, you can make one wish.

The legend supposedly comes from Umbanda, an Afro-Brazilian religion that is a mix of African, Roman Catholic, Spiritist, and indigenous beliefs. The number 7 is extremely sacred in Umbanda and linked to the Water Goddess Lemanjá who will give you the strength to overcome difficulties in the upcoming year. Don’t worry, jump on in, the water’s warm!

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