How to Watch FREE Super Bowl 2022 on Roku
How to Watch FREE Super Bowl 2023 on Roku

The Rams (12-5) are back in the Super Bowl for the second time in just four seasons. Following their 13-3 loss to the Patriots in 2018, the Rams won just one playoff game over the next three seasons. So they started a make-over, trading quarterback Jared Goff to Detroit for 12-year veteran Matthew Stafford. The 33-year-old Stafford rewarded the Rams with his best season in nearly a decade throwing for 41 touchdown passes, matching his career-high and posting a 100-plus passer rating for just the second time in his career.

Helping the cause in a huge way was wide receiver Cooper Kupp who became the first receiver since Steve Smith Jr. to lead the NFL in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. As if Kupp wasn’t enough, the Rams also added Odell Beckham Jr. during the regular season. Then at the trade deadline, Los Angeles thought to add again. Putting long-time Bronco, Von Miller on the same defensive line as four-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald. This Rams’ defensive line sacked the opposing quarterbacks 50 times this season, third-most in the NFL, and they could very well be the difference in this game.

The Bengals (10-7) are back in the Super Bowl for the third time in franchise history and the first time since the 1988 season. You would never know it’s been that long by watching this young Bengals team ooze confidence. Led by quarterback Joe Burrow, this Cinci team was one of the hottest offenses in football and was tied with the Rams for seventh in the league averaging 27.1 points per game.

Burrow seems to think of his National Championship three years ago at LSU as the same stage he’s on now. That way of thinking could get others in trouble, but not Burrow. He has already won more playoff games than any other Bengals quarterback over the last 30 years with three wins heading into this Sunday.

With Burrow at the helm, this Bengals offense has put together the greatest turnaround in NFL history since winning just two games and finishing dead-last in the 2019 season. Per ESPN, Cincinnati is the fastest team to go from worst NFL team to the Super Bowl in just two seasons. Young players like Burrow, his LSU teammate who helped him win that National Title in college, Ja’Marr Chase as well as Tee Higgins, and Joe Mixon have all had a huge hand in this team’s record turnaround. The Rams are currently 4-point favorites against the Bengals. The over/under is 48.5.

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Here's everything you need to know for how to watch Super Bowl 2022 live streams online around the world on Roku and other channels.

When is Super Bowl 2023?

Super Bowl will be televised on NBC. And that’s what opens up a number of options for actually watching the biggest professional football game the United States has to offer. And this year’s game is going to be a special one, with the Cincinnati Bengals facing the L.A. Rams. It’s the first return to the Super Bowl for the Bengals since 1989 when they lost to the San Francisco 49ers. (They also lost to the Niners in 1982.) The Rams are making their second appearance in the past four seasons, having lost to the New England Patriots in 2019. They last won the Super Bowl in 2000, when the team was in St. Louis, beating the Tennessee Totals 23-16.

Where is the Super Bowl 2023?

Just in case you're planning on heading down there to grab yourself a seat at the big event, you might need to know where the Super Bowl is this year. Venues are decided a few years in advance.

The 2023 showdown between the Bengals and Rams takes place at the So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. It'll be the first Los Angeles-area Super Bowl in 30 years.

The 2023 Super Bowl will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The 2024 Super Bowl will go ahead atAllegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. In 2025, the Super Bowl will be hosted at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What channel is the Super Bowl 2023 on?

Super Bowl LVI will air on NBC. The Super Bowl changes network every year. This year's game was originally scheduled to air on CBS, but NBC and CBS swapped spots so that NBC could have both the Super Bowl and the 2022 Beijing Olympics on their network. Super Bowl LV aired on CBS. The next Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, will air on FOX.

Can I watch free the Super Bowl 2023 on Roku?

Photo: techrark
Photo: techrark

The Locast Roku Channel also streamed the Super Bowl on Roku. However, recently, the app has shut down its services. So, you can no longer download or install the Locast Roku Channel on your Roku device.

If you’re using any Roku device, there’s a pretty good chance you’re looking to stream Super Bowl 2023. That’s because at its heart, Roku is a streaming platform. And if you’re already streaming live TV on Roku via one of the half-dozen or so options, you’re good to go, since NBC is on all the major streaming services.

A Roku TV is mostly the same as a Roku stick or player for all intents and purposes. It’s the same user interface — just built into a television itself. But there’s one other differentiator, and that’s a broadcast tuner.

That’s the little bit of tech you’ll need to attach an over-the-air antenna via coax cable. And that’s what lets you watch your local broadcast channels. If you already have an OTA antenna, you’re likely good to go.

But if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way not just to watch Super Bowl 2022, but whatever else is on your local channels, here are the broad strokes:

1. Acquire an over-the-air antenna. Mount it. Outdoors is better than indoors, and higher is better than lower. And the direction the antenna is facing matters.

2. Plug the antenna into the (likely) included amplifier, and then the amp in to the coax connection on your TV.

3. Using your TV’s menu, scan for channels until you get your local NBC affiliate. If for some reason it doesn’t pick it up, adjust your antenna and try again.

It’s (mostly) that simple. Enjoy the game.

How to Watch the Super Bowl 2023 on Roku From Outside the US With a VPN

As you see, there are several options to watch Super Bowl on Roku. But they are only valid for Roku TV users within the US.

What about those residing outside the US?

Well, there is a solution for that as well! If you live abroad and can’t find an excellent app to stream Super Bowl, you can use a VPN service like NordVPN

With NordVPN, you can access content not available in your region by hiding your current location. It also keeps your browsing activity safe. So, you won’t have to worry about privacy issues while using the internet.

However, keep in mind to use a reliable and renowned VPN service like Nord VPN. Otherwise, you may end up risking your personal information.

Do I need a live TV subscription service to stream the Super Bowl 2023?

To get the big game if you don't have cable, satellite, or over-the-air (OTA), you'll need a live TV streaming service that offers NBC.

Your choices are DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. You'll also be able to watch the game on Peacock, NBC's broadcast and streaming network, and via the NBC or NBC Sports app.

Regardless of how you watch the game, you'll need at least an 8Mbps or better internet connection. Faster is always better, but the game won't be in 4K, so you don't need a really speedy connection.

What Other Free Options to Watch Super Bowl 2023?

Photo: newscaststudio
Photo: newscaststudio

Free first! If you don’t want to pay a single penny yet can’t resist watching Super Bowl, the following free options on Roku will get you sorted.

1. CBS Sports

The best shots of the season can be seen uninterrupted thanks to CBS Sports on Roku. On Roku devices, the app provides unrestricted access to the entire Super Bowl LV season for nothing. To stream the Super Bowl and other games on your Roku, download the app from the Roku channel store.

Additionally, you can choose the CBS All-Access Pack if you want access to more programming. You can watch all CBS Access Originals with this pack, which costs about $5 per month and gives you access to channels like CBS Sports, CBS Sports HQ, etc.

2. NFL App

The NFL app is another free streaming service that offers Super Bowl coverage on Roku devices. On Roku, there is a specific channel for NFL. It broadcasts a number of high-profile games, including the Super Bowl and NFL. As well as watching Super Bowl LV, national news, behind-the-scenes videos, highlights, and much more, you can download the channel.

What Other Paid Options to Watch Super Bowl 2023?

In addition to the above streaming services, paid Roku channels to stream Super Bowl on Roku. If you have a subscription to any of these channels, you can enjoy streaming Super Bowl seasons using these apps.

1. FuboTV

FuboTV continues to be the top choice for streaming sports. The Super Bowl on Roku TV is the same. For those who enjoy sports, fuboTV offers a special bundle that includes several sports apps like ESPN, CBS Sports, NFL, FOX Sports, and others.

Any of these channels will let you watch Super Bowl LV if you already have a fubo TV subscription. Otherwise, you can sign up for a free trial of seven days and then pay for a subscription.

2. Hulu With Live TV

Hulu Live TV on Roku offers a selection of sports streaming channels, just like fuboTV. The CBS channels have recently been removed from Hulu's platform, though. Therefore, Hulu is unable to display the CBS Sports app.

You can still watch the Super Bowl game on NBC, ESPN, or FOX Sports, among other options. Therefore, you can use your Hulu subscription to watch the Super Bowl.

How to watch Super Bowl 2023 in the UK free

Super Bowl LVI streams are free in the U.K. as well, just tune in to BBC One, as is the case with the U.S. On Sunday, February 13, at 11.30 p.m. GMT, the game will begin. Because it will continue into the following day, we predict that many people will watch it on BBC iPlayer from a more comfortable location.

There are other ways to watch Super Bowl 2023 live streams in the UK as well, including on Sky Sports, which has carried NFL action all season. If you hadn't been watching all along, Now TV allows you to purchase a short-term Sky Sports plan.

Americans traveling abroad could simply sign in to the service of their choice using a VPN like ExpressVPN.

How to watch Super Bowl 2023 in Canada

If you don't have either national broadcaster TSN or CTV (which have previously offered the big game), get ready to get in Da Zone.

Canadian fans of American football are familiar with DAZN, which is the other big way to stream Super Bowl 2022 to watch Rams vs Bengals in Canada. DAZN provides a ton of content, including every NFL game, for CAD$20 per month or CAD$150 per year.

DAZN is also the home of live Champions League soccer games.

How to watch Free Super Bowl 2023 in Australia, Mexico, and Germany

As you might have noticed above, we're all about not paying money for Super Bowl 2022. And while Americans and Brits have their own ways to stream the game for free, we're not the only ones.

Australia: Free Super Bowl live streams on 7Plus via Channel Seven. Also, those in Australia can watch Kayo Sports.

Germany: Free Super Bowl live streams on ProSieben.

Mexico: Free Super Bowl live streams on Azteca 7.

Where can I stream the Super Bowl 2023 in 4K?

Oddly enough, unlike 2020, you cannot watch the Super Bowl in 4K regardless of how you watch it. Seriously. This is because NBC, which is airing the game this year, lacks the necessary technology.

You see, NBC lacks the high-end cameras required to broadcast the game in 4K, such as the $50,000 Sony HDC-4300 camcorder with a $25,000 broadcast zoom lens. Those will probably be in Beijing for the Winter Olympics in 2022. Additionally, none of NBC's streaming services, including Peacock, NBC Sports, and NBC App, can display 4K or even High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) TV.

Fox Sports has been your only option if you want to watch professional football in 4K, and even then, 4K NFL football was only available for Fox's Thursday night games. Maybe when Fox airs Super Bowl LVII, we'll be able to watch the game in all its glorious 4K resolution. However, this year, any HDTV will suffice for your viewing pleasure.

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