What is Unbuttoned Pants Trend and How to Style Unbuttoned Pants As Newest Trend?
What is Unbuttoned Pants Trend and How to Style Unbuttoned Pants As Newest Trend?

The return of Y2K fashion likely does have a bit to do with a generational difference — if you were too young to remember the 2000s, it’s a much easier decade to romanticize — but it isn’t as though every single person born after 1996 is suddenly thrilled about low-rise jeans. Nicole Nuñez, a 22-year-old student at Manhattan College who made a TikTok explaining the vitriol against the style, says that instead, the line is more related to body shape. “It’s interesting to see that most of my friends that are fully embracing it are thinner friends, and then my curvier friends are the ones that are very against it. I think this is a trend that I will let come and go,” she laughs.

No one, obviously, should wear any item of clothing they hate just because other people consider it cool. Arguably the most fashionable thing you can do as a person finds a style that fits your own body and life and stick to it, and if you live long enough, you’ll find yourself on-trend several different times. Or, just wear what you want because nobody actually cares.

This is an undeniable fact: Low-rise jeans are cool again. And women are freaking the fuck out.

Is wearing your jeans unbuttoned the newest trend?

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Zoe Kravitz are no strangers to low-rise pants and have been spotted embracing this early 2000s look since at least last fall. As the low rise jeans trend has kept on, I’ve noticed a new way to wear jeans low rise: unbuttoned and the waist of the jeans folded down the sides. Hadid has been spotted in this trend alongside her friend, Kendall Jenner, whose outfit photos are extremely famous on Pinterest as outfit inspiration.

When I first saw this trend on Instagram a few months back, I thought there was no way people would want to make their jeans flipped inside out at the top, exposing their lower stomachs after so many years of high-waisted jeans being there for us creating a flattering look. The disappearance of the waistband has even gone beyond just a DIY trend as Revice Denim has made a pair of jeans where the waistband is essentially non-existent with a distressed look.

As we’ve seen year after year, fashion trends give people the opportunity to express themselves through recreating different outfits and seeing what pieces can come back to life even when they’ve been stored away in a box for decades. 90s and 2000s fashion is giving new life to old clothes and gives anyone the opportunity to get experimental with different types of clothes in new and exciting ways.

As low rise pants have become embraced once again by trendy fashionistas and celebrities, it seems as though many of the pants are actual pants from the original era they were popularized in. With buying and selling clothing sites like Depop and Poshmark, there are hundreds of listings of low rise pants from the 90s and early 2000s to be bought that hold onto that nostalgic feel from these times. Instagram influencers who follow these fashion trends (and even start them back up again a lot of the time) are popularizing these looks and their influence on their followers keep these trends alive.

How do you wear pants that don't button?

Let me pause for a moment and point out the irony that the jeans we are using today happen to be J.Crew Toothpick jeans! Well, for times when you are feeling anything-but-a-toothpick in your J.Crew Toothpick jeans, grab a hair elastic and try this fashion hack.

Step 1. Use a hair elastic that closely matches the color of your pants and loop it around your button.

Step 2. Thread the hair elastic through the buttonhole.

Step 3. Loop the elastic back over the button and secure. This will ensure that your pants stay closed but will give you the extra inch you might need when pregnant/bloated/between sizes.

That’s all there is to it! This is what your jeans will look like with a tucked-in shirt.

Wear an untucked shirt to cover up your “pants hack” and no one will be the wiser.

Wow! What a difference a little hair tie and some ingenuity make!

How to Style Unbuttoned Pants

Photo: getty
Photo: getty

1. With a Corset

Ready for a revamped going-out look? Style a corset top with black pants and accessorize with a chunky chain bracelet and strappy heels. The combination is equal parts sexy and simple.

2. With croptank and sneakers

We’re noticing that the most fashionable movers and shakers on Instagram have been implementing a simple trick to put a unique spin on their trousers. By merely leaving the bottoms unbuttoned and the corners turned down, you are left with a new, laidback way to wear your wide-leg pants. Be sure to show off this look by pairing it with a cropped tank and completing it with sneakers.

3. With tank top with detached sleeves like Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid attended a photo call for the Vogue Fashion Festival in Paris, France, on Friday.

She wore a brown tank top with detached sleeves for the event, as well as a pair of unbuttoned Alexander Wang pants.

To complete her look, Hadid wore one of the year's biggest shoe trends: square-toed heels. Her shoes were seemingly made from leather, though they were almost entirely covered by her oversized jeans.

The model previously stepped out in another standout ensemble that included a leather jacket with no shirt underneath.

4. Wore a Bikini and Unbuttoned Jeans

Yes, you can totally wear a turtleneck bodysuit and unbuttoned pants this fall because I mean, why not?

On Instagram stories, Kendall Jenner shared a video of herself rocking a pair of baggy white jeans with the button undone and rolled down. Underneath, she pulled her bikini bottom up over her hips to rock that exposed skin trend that was all over the runways last season thanks to the likes of Fenty, Tom Ford, and more. She finished her look with a choker and a straw hat.

5. With the classic jackets waistcoats and micro top

These models feature a low, drop crotch for a casual aesthetic. The garment contrasts strongly with the classic jacket's waistcoats and micro tops.

6. Worn a Bit Grungy

For pared-back effortlessness, team your pants with a cropped white tee. Add a hint of grunge with lug-sole boots and finish off the outfit with your favorite sunglasses.

7. With a Bralette

Photo: pinterest
Photo: pinterest

The unbuttoned pants trend is best worn with a cropped top so you can see the waist strap detailing, which is why we'd wear this pair with a bralette and an unbuttoned blazer layered on top.

8. Modern Minimalism

Tube tops and pants, an early-aughts dream team. Wear these two together with a sleek bag and strappy sandals for a look you can return to over and over again.

9. Springtime Palette

Spring's arrival is quickly arriving and with it a refreshed color palette. Try a pair of unbuttoned pants with a crop top and woven bag.

10. The Everyday Look

Unbuttoned pants tend to be an after-hours look, but if you want to test-drive the trend during daylight, style it with sneakers and a printed halter or tank top.

11. With a Off Shoulder Top

The combo of a cold shoulder top and unbuttoned jeans not will not only go well together but is as well-pleasing to the eyes. You can opt for some solid tops to go with your jeans and add a pair of pointed heels to complete the look.

12. With a Cropped Top

Photo: indiatimes
Photo: indiatimes

The combo of a crop top and unbuttoned jeans go hand-in-hand. It’ll accentuate your toned figure and as well give you the chic street look. Add a pair of comfortable sneakers to make the look more casual and relaxed.

13. With a Lace Cami

A satin lace cami top paired with unbuttoned jeans makes the look instantly classy. It’s a simple yet elegant look that is, in fact, perfect to even hit the clubs. If you wish you can as well add a faux fur jacket or a coat of your choice, to add more drama to the look.

14. With a Printed Tee

Want an extremely casual and relaxed look but won’t mind if heads turn? Well, just go for your regular printed tees with these unbuttoned jeans. Add a pair of sneakers or heels, whatever may be your choice, to complete the look.

15. Wears Skimpy Bra Top, Unbuttoned Jean Shorts

You can show some skin in a strapless top and short, unbuttoned and rolled-down denim cut-offs.

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