Why much attention must be paid to your position?

It is suggested that sitting for most of your day in front of the computer increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Unfortunately, that’s almost all of us.

As technology keeps us strapped to computers and electronic devices, more of us are sitting for long periods of time than ever before. And our health is suffering the consequences.

While you may not be able to swap your desk job for one that requires you to walk or stay active all day, there is one thing you can do to improve your health right now: Sit in front of the computer correctly.

To avoid the effects of a lifetime of sitting, it is recommended by the healthline.com that you should read on to learn how to find and maintain good posture. Plus, find out which gadgets really are worth the money if you’re trying to protect your bones for the future.

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A recommended position while sitting in front of the computer. Photo: Workfit.

What’s the correct position while sitting in front of the computer?

Finding the correct position for sitting requires you to follow a few simple steps. Each time you sit down, quickly repeat these steps to help your body settle into its best position. These following steps are collected from studenthealth.gov.hk to help you form your correct position while sitting in front of the computer:

Eyes should be slightly above the top of the screen and no less than 50cm from the screen.

Sit upright and close to the desk.

Forearms should be approximately horizontal and supported by the desk. A space in front of the keyboard to allow hands and wrists to rest when not typing.

Keep wrists straight when keying.

Position a mouse within easy reach so it can be used with a straight wrist.

Legs should have rooms to move under the desk.

Choosing a chair with a round edge or curved cushion seat can avoid excess pressure from the edge of the seat on the backs of legs and knees. A footrest may be helpful.

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