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These ways of saying I love you in Russian may benefit you somehow, so let's cut the chase and get started!

How to Say "I love you" in the Russian with Easy Tips

Я тебя люблю

Pronunciation: Ya tyeBYA lyuBLYU

Definition: I love you

This phrase is the most common way to say "I love you" in the Russian language, and it's used in the same way as the English expression.

You can swap the words around in different ways without losing the meaning, such as Я люблю тебя (I love you), Люблю тебя (love you), and Тебя люблю (love you). When declaring your love to someone you have recently met or to a group of people, say Я вас люблю, which is a more formal version of "I love you" and can also mean "I love you all."

Душа моя

Pronunciation: dooSHAH maYA

Literal definition: my soul

Meaning: my love

This way of addressing your partner or child is loving and intense. It comes up more frequently in classic Russian literature than in everyday conversation.

Любимая / любимый

Pronunciation: luyBEEmaya / lyuBEEmy

Literal definition: beloved

Meaning: darling, my love

This term comes from the word любовь, which means "love." It is a passionate term used exclusively in romantic relationships.


Pronunciation: OOMneetsa

Literal definition: clever one / smart one

Meaning: good boy / good girl; you’re so brilliant/smart

This word is used to compliment someone who is particularly smart or has done something especially well. It applies both to men and women, despite the word’s feminine form. The masculine form, Умник (OOMnik), refers to someone who is too smart for their own good —a smarty-pants or a smart aleck — so be careful not to confuse the terms.


Pronunciation: LApachka

Literal definition: little paw

Meaning: cutie pie, sweetheart

This word is used to address or refer to someone sweet or cute, typically a romantic partner or a young child, as in these examples:

  • Он такой лапочка (on taKOY LApachka): He's such a sweetie.
  • Привет, лапушечка (preeVYET, laPOOshechka): Hi, cutie pie.

Я хочу быть с тобой

Pronunciation: ya haCHOO byt’ s taBOY

Definition: I want to be with you

This phrase is used only in romantic relationships. It demonstrates a very strong desire to be together.

У меня к тебе чувства

Pronunciation: oo myeNYA k tyeBYE CHUstva

Literal definition: I have feelings towards you

Meaning: I have feelings for you

This phrase is fairly formal and is commonly used when a friendship has potential to turn into a romantic relationship.

How to Respond to I Love You in Russian

I love you too

Я тоже тебя люблю

Ya tozhe tebya lyublyu

I adore you too

Я тоже обожаю тебя

Ya obozhayu tebya tozhe

I can’t live without you too

Я тоже не могу жить без тебя

Ya tozhe ne mogu zhit bez tebya

I have feelings for you too

У меня тоже к тебе чувства

U menya tozhe k tebe chuvstva

“Love ya too!” in Russian

Люблю тебя тоже!

Lyublyu tebya tozhe!

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