Before delving deeper into a certain topic, It is first worth considering why we need to put more concentration on that issue. So the first thing is to know about the effects which video game addiction brings about and also figure out how children can limit their addiction.

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The effect of video games on children's brain. Photo: Game K.

How does Video Game Addiction Affect Children’s Brain?

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in our brain that regulates our experience of pleasure. Video games are designed to make our brain release a constant stream of dopamine, with random bursts. However, over time, our brain gets used to this continuous supply, and it requires more and more to feel equally stimulated. When a gamer needs to play more and more to have fun, they are probably addicted to dopamine.

Our minds have a built-in psychological pattern that makes us feel good when we overcome a challenge. It is called the Triumph circuit. Video games hack this circuit — they present our brain with an obstacle, followed by a reward for clearing that obstacle. However, it can become easy to tap into this circuit with video games. That is one of the reasons a gaming addict may not be motivated to achieve their goals in real life — they get their sense of triumph from video games.

When a child gets bullied at school, they can turn to video games. According to the, one of the reasons for that is that video games are very good at suppressing negative emotions. If a child feels ashamed because they got bullied, or guilty because they did not get good grades, they can turn on a video game and make those negative emotions go away. When a child does not have the right tools to deal with those negative emotions, video games become the coping mechanism to suppress them, which is not healthy.

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Photo: New York Post.

How to limit video game addiction?

Give yourself a strict time limit for daily play.

If you’re struggling with too much gaming, try setting specific limits for yourself on how long you play each day. Don’t give up or get too upset with yourself if you slip up and end up playing longer than you meant to from time to time—it’s totally normal to have setbacks!

Keep gaming devices out of your bedroom.

If you have a game console, computer, or another gaming device in your room, you may be tempted to stay up all night playing instead of getting the sleep you need. Make your room a screen-free zone so you don’t get caught up in late-night gaming.

If you play games on your phone, It is advisable by howwiki that you should switch it off at night or put it somewhere you can’t easily reach it at bedtime.

Try apps or extensions to block your access to games.

If you play games on your phone or on your computer, you can install apps or browser extensions that limit your playtime. Some apps can limit your access to specific games, while others will lock you out of your device altogether during a set time.

Ask friends and family to help stay on top of your gaming limits.

Let your family and friends know that you’re trying to cut back on how much time you spend gaming. Ask them to check in with you from time to time to make sure you’re not playing games when you’re supposed to be doing other things.

That ending video game addiction is quite hard as it takes much time and courage to overcome it. However, these listed ways are aimed to help you release your addiction step by step. Whenever you want to achieve something, you need to be patient!
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