Amber Heard for ‘fake crying’
How to Cry like Amber Heard - Depp’s fans have been flooding social media, accusing Heard of being a “bad actress” and “fake crying” following her testimony at their blockbuster defamation trial.

Hollywood 'Secret Weapon' to Fake Cry

One of the hardest scenes for actors and actresses to film is the crying scene - crying represents a real challenge. In order to shed tears in front of the camera, many actors have to use special abilities, empathize and transform into characters, or practice hard to be able to shed tears whenever needed.

However, there is still an extremely interesting and simple trick used by many Hollywood stars that ensures fake crying.

Video - How to Fake Cry with Hollywood actress Anna Faris:

During a talk show with MC James Corden, famous Hollywood actress Anna Faris revealed the secret to crying for a few seconds in front of the camera. This method is safe for the actor's psychology and spirit, but it is also incredibly uncomfortable.

The "secret weapon" used is an item called "tear stick". This is actually just a container containing menthol inside. Because of mint's spicy, cool properties, it will stimulate watery eyes on contact. To use this item is also extremely simple.

Hollywood 'Trick' Help Actors Fake Cry Immediately - Facts About Amber Heard
Hollywood 'Tear Stick' - What is being held in hand is a "secret weapon" in Hollywood that helps actors cry in a few of seconds

In a conversation with MC James Corden, actress Anna Faris practiced by blowing into the opponent's eyes through this tear stick. Soon, the eyes of the "victim" filled with tears!

Not only making tears flow, this "secret technique" also makes the actor's eyes red and looks too emotional. If combined with good acting, it is sure to be able to overcome all fastidious audiences.

Amber Heard is Suspected of Using A 'Menthol Stick' to Cry?

Hollywood 'Tear Stick' Help Actors Fake Cry Immediately - Facts About Amber Heard
Amber Heard for 'fake crying' during testimony?

Amber Heard appears to be sniffing something in the trial, what is it?

Johnny Depp fans have accused Amber Heard of “fake crying” on the stand in her defamation trial against her ex-husband because she failed to produce a single tear.

Heard’s representative told Media he was unable to comment directly on the social media smears.

Many social media users even believe Amber Hears is sniffing cocaine during the trial.

From videos, we find out Heard with tissue on her hands. She didn't take the tissue from the box. Amber Heard sniffs something from the tissue. The zoom image makes it obvious. Nevertheless, it is not probable that she was sniffing cocaine. There are harsh penalties for consuming or carrying drugs in a courthouse. And the security teams make sure you don't carry any illegal substances.

It seemsAmber Heard takes the tissue from her sleeve. She rolls her left sleeve with so much caution compared to the right one.

There's an interesting chance that Amber Heard was sniffing menthol during the trial. In such a dramatic episode, tears always help convince the jury.

The secret to crying easily for new actors and actresses

To be able to cry realistically and requires actors to have many skills, and one of those skills is impersonating the character.

Actors must feel the situation in which the character they are incarnating falls into, and then apply the next elements to be able to cry in an emotional way.

That's the theory, but when it comes to experimentation, there are many things that can affect this scene. Even for those with seniority in the acting profession, sometimes crying is also a big obstacle that makes them short of breath because they have to act over and over again because the director doesn't agree.

Just imagine that standing in front of a whole filming crew, pointing countless lenses at you to capture every gesture or moment, will distract you and distract you. how much. This is also one of the reasons why crying has never been easy for those who follow the acting career.

Emotional regulation is also an extremely important factor in acting. If you can do this well, it will sometimes not be too difficult to immerse yourself in the roles and not let external influences affect your role.

The proof is that you look at the famous actors in the entertainment industry, they always know how to regulate emotions excellently. This not only brings benefits in terms of work, but sometimes also helps a lot in daily life. Unforeseen unexpected situations. If you are a person who can control emotions, it will be handled in a very simple and quick way. However, for those who do not have this ability, it is very likely that things will turn out in a different direction and even mess up.

Based on my own painful memories

This is one of the effective ways that can help an actor shed tears as quickly as possible. Everyone experiences at least a few times of emotions from happy to sad, and certainly not without tears.

The job of the actors now is to put themselves in the same situation at that time to shed genuine tears from their own feelings. This is really not too difficult for an actor with proper training.

To cry "memory-driven tears," actors must be able to access past emotions. During the rehearsal process, recall an intense emotional experience and then say your lines. Choose the right memory for the right part. Find ways to connect the script's lines with personal moments.

Hitting your own fear

Many actors do not often choose to act as actors by thinking about real life events, not only their own but also those around them. These Memories may not be enough on their own to have a truly successful crying scene. Instead, it is before and during the shoot that the actor will have to imagine in his head one or more tragic stories that are not real.

Know that there are a few actors these days that both show their scenes and have to imagine themselves having lost a child, a beloved pet, or even a member of their own family. . Or others will choose to imagine what it would be like if they themselves were suffering from an incurable disease and did not have much time to live.

Live in the moment or being in the moment

This method is considered unique in many cases. “Living in the moment” it means that the actor will have to really focus on what the character is facing, just like what was mentioned above. However, this time you will have to do it really fast.

Tears from your own emotions are born from empathy with the character you are playing. In the experience of many actors, this is quite effective, but only if the actor can completely memorize the script.

This typically works best when an actor is completely engrossed in the script. Playwrights such as Shakespeare, Miller, and a few others who crafted eloquent and powerful scenes make this crying method easier for actors to achieve.​

Some actors perform their scenes while imagining the loss of a beloved pet or family member. Others imagine what it would be like to find out that they have a terminal illness.
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