How to change TikTok Username. Photo: KnowInsiders
How to change TikTok Username. Photo: KnowInsiders

TikTok doesn't make changing your username super obvious, though. Honestly, we find it strange that creating a username isn't part of the sign-up process. Why TikTok feels the need to assign usernames without a clear way to customize them is beyond us. Just don't bother diving into your TikTok settings. You won't find the option there.

What Is a TikTok Username?

Profile images and names are an important part of any social network, and TikTok is no exception. TikTok profile photos and videos provide a visual marker for who uploaded a clip, while the usernames and display names on TikTok help users distinguish creators from one another.

Knowing how to change TikTok usernames and other profile details is incredibly important for keeping your account up to date. Fortunately, the process for changing your name, username, profile picture, and profile video on TikTok is surprisingly easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

Why is Your Username Important?

Of course, one of the real purposes of having a username is as part of your online security. Therefore, TikTok and, indeed, most online sites, don't make it too easy to change your username. They need to make sure that it is really you and not some imposter trying to gain access to your account.

Site administrators typically use usernames to help keep their site in order, helping to keep appropriate conversations and other posts in and spam out. While you may find it annoying having to log into TikTok and your other accounts often, particularly with a new or updated device, it at least ensures that everything runs smoothly and keeps those trying to commit online mischief away from your account.

Of course, there is another reason why usernames are essential. They are an insight into you as a person. They represent your online persona.

Some people put much time and energy into coming up with the ideal username for their personality. This can be particularly challenging when you consider that everybody has to have a unique username.

Other people don’t care less, and are happy to accept TikTok’s suggestions – Mike789 or Miley567 are typical examples of this.

Of course, some people deliberately go for enigmatic usernames, perhaps even a random jumble of letters and numbers to confuse those people who prefer a neater, tidier approach to name their accounts.

The most followed TikTok accounts, however, tend to demonstrate familiar naming patterns. The most popular TikTok account at the time of writing belongs to Loren Gray, whose username is @lorengray. Similarly, most top TikTok influencers either incorporate their name in their TikTok username, or a nickname that they regularly use (such as @babyariel). Arishfa Khan (who has 21.9 million followers added some originality to her username by adding underscores both before and after her name: @_arishfakhan_.

How to Change Your TikTok Username in 2022/2023

1. Go to your profile

Photo: sea.mashable
Photo: sea.mashable

After you open the app, navigate to your profile by clicking the "Me" button on the bottom right of the screen. Here, you'll see the videos you've uploaded and liked, and can check out your drafts.

2. Edit profile

Photo: sea.mashable
Photo: sea.mashable

On your profile page, below your followers and following but above your bio, there's an edit profile button next to an Instagram button. Click "edit profile."

3. Change your username

Photo: sea.mashable
Photo: sea.mashable

Click your username and you'll be taken to a page that lets you try out other usernames. Each username must include only letters, numbers, underscores, and periods, but periods can't be put at the end of the username.

4. Save it

Photo: sea.mashable
Photo: sea.mashable

Once your username both fits all of that criteria and isn't used by someone else, you'll get a green check mark next to your username. When you're all set with your new username, click save on the top right. You'll be prompted with a popup that asks if you're sure, since you can only change it every 30 days. Click Set username.

Can You Change Your Username Before 30 Days?

To prevent spammers and bullying, TikTok allows you to only change your username 30 days after changing it. This raises the question of “how to change the TikTok username before 30 days,” or how to change your profile name if there is still a restriction within 30 days.

Usually, there is no way to overcome this rule of waiting that has been set by TikTok developers, but you can easily bypass this restriction by doing some tricks. So, if you recently changed your Tik Tok username, you will be able to change it again.

Photo: techzac.
Photo: techzac.

1. Unlock your mobile device and open “Settings.”

2. Then, tap “General” and then open “Date and Time.”

3. After that, be sure to disable the “Automatically adjust” feature. Now set a date in the future or at least one month ahead.

4. You can then open TikTok and notice that the trick works, and now you can change your username once more.

You can write to us in the comments section regarding what you want to know more about TikTok. Do you remember your first username on TikTok? If you do, share it with us down below. We would love to hear. Thank you for choosing InstaFollowers!

Can a User Change the TikTok username Frequently?

No, a TikTok user cannot change his/her Username frequently. Once done, he/she neds to wait for the next 30 days before making any kind of changes.

Tips for a Good Username

As we referred to above, people take very different approaches to setting their TikTok (or indeed any other online) usernames. Some put considerable thought into having the perfect username for them. Others take the first one that comes to mind, or where relevant, simply take a suggested username.

One thing you should consider is the usernames you use in your social accounts. You often run accounts across multiple platforms, and it makes it much easier for them if you use a consistent naming approach across all of your social accounts. This is just as relevant for businesses that have a TikTok presence as well as on other social platforms.

Interestingly, the previously mentioned Arishfa Khan breaks that pattern. She is @_arishfakhan_ on TikTok and Twitter, arishfakhan138 on Instagram, Arishfa Khan on YouTube, Arishfakhan on Snapchat, and @Iarishfakhan on Facebook.

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: Somag News

If you see yourself as potentially becoming an influencer (or you are trying to brand yourself, perhaps for business reasons), you will need to consider that when coming up with a username. You are going to want a name consistent with your branding across all of your online properties.

This is particularly so if you feel tempted to come up with a joke name that may not fit in with the image you are trying to portray. Some people who may be rebellious in their youth pick names that they feel emphasize that, e.g., Stoner123 or even Smackhead456. Remember that many potential employers now look at job candidates’ social postings. They are unlikely to be impressed with rebel or joke-type usernames.

If you wish to completely ignore your actual or business name when creating a TikTok username, you could focus on another area of your life. Perhaps you could create a name relating to one of your hobbies, interests, or even pets. You could make a name that highlights a key facet of your personality or even appearance (but don't be self-deprecating).

Just make sure that whatever username you select stays true to your personal values and the image you want to reveal online, as long as you avoid those names that could embarrass you later in life.

Basic Rules for Any Username

In addition to our suggestions, we made above there are a few rules you should consider having for any username you make. Most of these are for account security, not just for TikTok, but for everywhere you use a username.

* Don’t use your email address as a username. Sure you use it to log into some platforms (not TikTok), but usernames and email addresses are intentionally different

* Don't give too much away about yourself by using your full name, phone number, or address as a username. You could include your country or city, but don't go more granular than that

* While you want some consistency between usernames for branding purposes, don’t reuse a clearly unique username everywhere. Sure it’s fine where you need branding, but don’t use it on accounts you don’t intend to use publicly

* Don’t use a username that gives a clue to your password, e.g., the first part of a two-part statement

* Don't use an inappropriate username for the situation – TikTok is public, with a young audience, and anybody can see your username

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