15 Mins to Bake Mug Chocolate Cake
How to Bake Mug Chocolate Cake

3 Things You Should Know Before Making Chocolate Cake in a Mug

How does mug cake compare to real cake?

Here’s the honest truth, bestie: Mug cakes (chocolate, or otherwise) are not the same as real cakes. However, they are beautiful and delicious in their own way. They exist to satisfy a very special craving.

You know the one I’m talking about, that sudden need for chocolate cake; the feeling that if you don’t get a slice of cake in the next 5 minutes your soul will remove itself from your body to forever haunt the corridors of your apartment building while looking for an unattended slice of cake to make itself whole once more.

Trust me, bestie. Nobody wants a hungry ghostie looming their corridors. Have you ever heard your stomach rumble? Imagine how scary that would sound if that rumbling was coming from a hollow-bellied apparition in your corridor.

Exactly. And if you happen to be looking for a real honest-to-goodness chocolate cake recipe, check out this Two-Layer Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cocoa Buttercream Frosting.

Don’t overfill, otherwise it will spill.

We all want a lot of cake. And seeing cake burst out of the top of a cup can be quite a sight too. But please refrain from overfilling your mug (your cup should be halfway filled, two-thirds full at the most!). You’ll save yourself from cleaning up a sticky mess in your microwave!

Enjoy immediately

We’ve established that a chocolate mug cake is not exactly the same as chocolate cake. And to that effect, your mug cake does not need to be cooled. It won’t take long for a mug cake to lose its flavour and texture. So, once its ready, grab your spoon and any toppings you’d like and dig in, according to Chocolatesandchai.

The cake

I’ll be the first to agree that microwave cakes usually aren’t that tasty, so it was a challenge for me to come up with a recipe that actually works. I use melted chocolate and butter which, in my opinion, yield better results than most other recipes that call for cocoa powder.This spongy cake has a perfect chocolate flavor, and its secret lies in slightly under-cooking it, which yields a lava cake with gooey molten spots all around. Not only is it delicious, but it’s incredibly quick and easy to make. It takes minimal preparation, and no oven preheating is needed; instead, it’s cooked in the microwave.

What’s really gonna make or break this cake for you is the cooking duration and heat level. Microwave heat is strong and uneven, so it’s not always easy to know when the cake is done and not overbaked. If your microwave is one of those that gets really hot or uneven, start with microwaving the cake for less than the one minute suggested in the recipe.


40 g/1.4 oz dark chocolate , coarsely chopped (or 1/4 cup chocolate chunks)

1/3 stick (40 g/1.4 oz) unsalted butter

3 tablespoons (40 g/1.4 oz) granulated sugar

1 large egg

2 tablespoons (18 g/0.6 oz) all-purpose flour


Place chocolate and butter in a small heatproof bowl, then set in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Take it out and stir, then continue to microwave in 20-second intervals, stirring between each interval until melted and smooth.

Add sugar to the bowl and mix until combined. Add egg and whisk vigorously until completely smooth. Lastly, add flour and mix just until combined and lump-free, but don’t over mix.

Scrape batter into your favorite mug (the mug should be bigger in capacity than the batter to avoid overflowing). Microwave for 1 minute at 700-750 W. If it’s undercooked, heat for a few seconds longer. I like it when it’s not fully cooked and there are still molten parts. Let stand for 2 minutes, then dig in, as reported by Prettysimplesweet.

Notes: If you don’t have whole wheat pastry flour, you can use all-purpose. I would not recommend using regular whole wheat. Additionally, I have made this by substituting coconut butter for the full amount of butter. It was just as delicious, albeit slightly drier. You cannot taste coconut at all. Finally, take into account the power of your microwave. Mine has a mind of it’s own and is insanely powerful, so I cooked this on 80% power. Judge accordingly and add/subtract a few minutes of cooking if you know your’s is wonky too. Unfortunately it may take 1-2 trial runs to get the right consistency because all microwaves are different, but I promise it’s worth it!
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