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The Full List of Countries in the world 2022
The Full List of Countries in the world 2023

The issue is that various organizations take different positions on what exactly constitutes a country. There is no universal agreement on the total number of countries, which can vary significantly depending on the source.

Full List of World's Countries 2023 by United Nations

Nevertheless, the de facto authority on nationhood is generally regarded as the United Nations. The United Nations currently counts 193 nations as member states. Additionally, it recognizes the Holy See/Vatican City and Palestine as "observers states"—self-governing territories rather than independent nations.

Even the U.N. list, though, is not without controversy. The self-governing territory of Taiwan (Republic of China), which was a member of the U.N. from 1945 to 1971 but is now regarded as a territory of mainland China, is not currently recognized by the organization. In a similar vein, as of 2020, about half of U.N. members continued to view Kosovo as an extension of Serbia rather than a separate country.

Full List of World's Countries 2023 by FIFA

Simply put, the FIFA list was incorrect. The fact that football has more national teams than any other sport is also a great place to start.Although the United Kingdom only has one country, FIFA treated Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales as four separate "countries." Therefore, the FIFA list isn't exactly accurate without getting political (and coming from Northern Ireland, that's quite difficult).

Full List of World's Countries 2023 byWorldometer

Elaboration of data by United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division etc. This list includes both countries and dependent territories for a total of 235.

Full List of World's Countries 2023 by Britannica, Wikipedia

In contrast, the list of nations published by Britannica includes 196 nations, giving Kosovo, Taiwan, and Vatican City full nation-hood rights. Then there is Wikipedia's list of sovereign states, which adds an additional eleven sovereign states for a total of 206, mirroring the U.N.'s list of 193 countries and two observer states. These additional states include Taiwan, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, the Cook Islands, and others.

The largest island between the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans, Greenland certainly appears to be a separate country, just like its tiny neighbor, Iceland, and is perhaps the most perplexing non-country. Although it has many domestic affairs under its control, Greenland is not a member of the United Nations and is ultimately governed by Denmark, a European nation even smaller than Iceland that is thousands of miles away.

Full List of World's Countries 2023 by CIA Factbook

Other sources use a less rigid definition of country and give dependent and disputed territories such as Greenland and the Gaza Strip their own separate listings. This is the reason the United States' CIA Factbook lists 237 countries.

All of this demonstrates that it is not so simple to determine the exact number of countries there are in the world. Moreover, and the constantly changing nature of politics means that issues around sovereignty are unlikely to ever be fully resolved.

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*For the ultimate list of not just countries, but also territories and regions that have some degree of self-governance but are not universally considered fully-fledged countries, check the table below:

Country 2023 Population Area Region Subregion
Vatican City 799 1 km² Europe Southern Europe
Tokelau 1,378 12 km² Oceania Polynesia
Niue 1,622 260 km² Oceania Polynesia
Falkland Islands 3,539 12,173 km² Americas South America
Montserrat 4,965 102 km² Americas Caribbean
Saint Pierre And Miquelon 5,759 242 km² Americas Northern America
Saint Barthelemy 9,945 21 km² Americas Caribbean
Nauru 10,903 21 km² Oceania Micronesia
Wallis And Futuna 10,982 142 km² Oceania Polynesia
Tuvalu 12,066 26 km² Oceania Polynesia
Anguilla 15,230 91 km² Americas Caribbean
Cook Islands 17,571 236 km² Oceania Polynesia
Palau 18,233 459 km² Oceania Micronesia
British Virgin Islands 30,596 151 km² Americas Caribbean
Gibraltar 33,704 6 km² Europe Southern Europe
San Marino 34,085 61 km² Europe Southern Europe
Liechtenstein 38,387 160 km² Europe Western Europe
Saint Martin 39,730 53 km² Americas Caribbean
Turks And Caicos Islands 39,741 948 km² Americas Caribbean
Monaco 39,783 2 km² Europe Western Europe
Sint Maarten 43,966 34 km² Americas Caribbean
Faroe Islands 49,233 1,393 km² Europe Northern Europe
Saint Kitts And Nevis 53,871 261 km² Americas Caribbean
American Samoa 55,030 199 km² Oceania Polynesia
Greenland 56,973 2,166,086 km² Americas Northern America
Northern Mariana Islands 58,269 464 km² Oceania Micronesia
Marshall Islands 60,057 181 km² Oceania Micronesia
Bermuda 61,939 54 km² Americas Northern America
Cayman Islands 67,277 264 km² Americas Caribbean
Dominica 72,344 751 km² Americas Caribbean
Andorra 77,463 468 km² Europe Southern Europe
Isle of Man 85,732 572 km² Europe Northern Europe
Seychelles 99,426 452 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Antigua And Barbuda 99,509 442 km² Americas Caribbean
United States Virgin Islands 103,971 347 km² Americas Caribbean
Aruba 107,609 180 km² Americas Caribbean
Tonga 107,749 747 km² Oceania Polynesia
Saint Vincent And the Grenadines 111,551 389 km² Americas Caribbean
Grenada 113,475 344 km² Americas Caribbean
Micronesia 117,489 702 km² Oceania Micronesia
Kiribati 123,419 811 km² Oceania Micronesia
Curacao 165,529 444 km² Americas Caribbean
Guam 171,519 549 km² Oceania Micronesia
Saint Lucia 185,113 616 km² Americas Caribbean
Samoa 202,239 2,842 km² Oceania Polynesia
Sao Tome And Principe 227,679 964 km² Africa Middle Africa
French Polynesia 284,164 4,167 km² Oceania Polynesia
Mayotte 286,259 374 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Barbados 288,023 430 km² Americas Caribbean
New Caledonia 290,915 18,575 km² Oceania Melanesia
French Guiana 314,169 83,534 km² Americas South America
Vanuatu 321,832 12,189 km² Oceania Melanesia
Iceland 345,393 103,000 km² Europe Northern Europe
Martinique 374,087 1,128 km² Americas Caribbean
Guadeloupe 399,794 1,628 km² Americas Caribbean
Bahamas 400,516 13,943 km² Americas Caribbean
Belize 412,190 22,966 km² Americas Central America
Malta 444,033 316 km² Europe Southern Europe
Brunei 445,431 5,765 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Maldives 540,985 300 km² Asia Southern Asia
Cape Verde 567,678 4,033 km² Africa Western Africa
Suriname 596,831 163,820 km² Americas South America
Western Sahara 626,161 266,000 km² Africa Northern Africa
Montenegro 627,950 13,812 km² Europe Southern Europe
Luxembourg 642,371 2,586 km² Europe Western Europe
Macau 667,490 30 km² Asia Eastern Asia
Solomon Islands 721,159 28,896 km² Oceania Melanesia
Bhutan 787,941 38,394 km² Asia Southern Asia
Guyana 794,045 214,969 km² Americas South America
Comoros 907,419 1,862 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Reunion 908,061 2,511 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Fiji 909,466 18,272 km² Oceania Melanesia
Djibouti 1,016,097 23,200 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Eswatini 1,184,817 17,364 km² Africa Southern Africa
Cyprus 1,223,387 9,251 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Mauritius 1,274,727 2,040 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Estonia 1,321,910 45,227 km² Europe Northern Europe
Timor Leste 1,369,429 14,874 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Trinidad And Tobago 1,406,585 5,130 km² Americas Caribbean
Equatorial Guinea 1,496,662 28,051 km² Africa Middle Africa
Bahrain 1,783,983 765 km² Asia Western Asia
Latvia 1,848,837 64,559 km² Europe Northern Europe
Guinea Bissau 2,063,367 36,125 km² Africa Western Africa
Slovenia 2,078,034 20,273 km² Europe Southern Europe
North Macedonia 2,081,304 25,713 km² Europe Southern Europe
Lesotho 2,175,699 30,355 km² Africa Southern Africa
Gabon 2,331,533 267,668 km² Africa Middle Africa
Botswana 2,441,162 582,000 km² Africa Southern Africa
Gambia 2,558,482 10,689 km² Africa Western Africa
Namibia 2,633,874 825,615 km² Africa Southern Africa
Lithuania 2,661,708 65,300 km² Europe Northern Europe
Puerto Rico 2,829,812 8,870 km² Americas Caribbean
Albania 2,866,374 28,748 km² Europe Southern Europe
Armenia 2,971,966 29,743 km² Asia Western Asia
Qatar 2,979,915 11,586 km² Asia Western Asia
Jamaica 2,985,094 10,991 km² Americas Caribbean
Bosnia And Herzegovina 3,249,317 51,209 km² Europe Southern Europe
Mongolia 3,378,078 1,564,110 km² Asia Eastern Asia
Uruguay 3,496,016 181,034 km² Americas South America
Eritrea 3,662,244 117,600 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Georgia 3,968,738 69,700 km² Asia Western Asia
Moldova 4,013,171 33,846 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Croatia 4,059,286 56,594 km² Europe Southern Europe
Kuwait 4,380,326 17,818 km² Asia Western Asia
Panama 4,446,964 75,417 km² Americas Central America
New Zealand 4,898,203 270,467 km² Oceania Australia and New Zealand
Mauritania 4,901,981 1,030,700 km² Africa Western Africa
Central African Republic 5,016,678 622,984 km² Africa Middle Africa
Ireland 5,020,199 70,273 km² Europe Northern Europe
Costa Rica 5,182,354 51,100 km² Americas Central America
Liberia 5,305,117 111,369 km² Africa Western Africa
Oman 5,323,993 309,500 km² Asia Western Asia
Palestine 5,345,541 6,220 km² Asia Western Asia
Slovakia 5,460,193 49,037 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Norway 5,511,370 323,802 km² Europe Northern Europe
Finland 5,554,960 338,424 km² Europe Northern Europe
Republic of the Congo 5,797,805 342,000 km² Africa Middle Africa
Denmark 5,834,950 43,094 km² Europe Northern Europe
Singapore 5,943,546 710 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Turkmenistan 6,201,943 488,100 km² Asia Central Asia
El Salvador 6,550,389 21,041 km² Americas Central America
Lebanon 6,684,849 10,452 km² Asia Western Asia
Kyrgyzstan 6,728,271 199,951 km² Asia Central Asia
Nicaragua 6,779,100 130,373 km² Americas Central America
Bulgaria 6,844,597 110,879 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Libya 7,040,745 1,759,540 km² Africa Northern Africa
Paraguay 7,305,843 406,752 km² Americas South America
Laos 7,481,023 236,800 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Hong Kong 7,604,299 1,104 km² Asia Eastern Asia
Sierra Leone 8,306,436 71,740 km² Africa Western Africa
Serbia 8,653,016 88,361 km² Europe Southern Europe
Togo 8,680,837 56,785 km² Africa Western Africa
Switzerland 8,773,637 41,284 km² Europe Western Europe
Israel 8,922,892 20,770 km² Asia Western Asia
Austria 9,066,710 83,871 km² Europe Western Europe
Papua New Guinea 9,292,169 462,840 km² Oceania Melanesia
Belarus 9,432,800 207,600 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Hungary 9,606,259 93,028 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Tajikistan 9,957,464 143,100 km² Asia Central Asia
United Arab Emirates 10,081,785 83,600 km² Asia Western Asia
Portugal 10,140,570 92,090 km² Europe Southern Europe
Sweden 10,218,971 450,295 km² Europe Northern Europe
Honduras 10,221,247 112,492 km² Americas Central America
Azerbaijan 10,300,205 86,600 km² Asia Western Asia
Jordan 10,300,869 89,342 km² Asia Western Asia
Greece 10,316,637 131,990 km² Europe Southern Europe
Czech Republic 10,736,784 78,865 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Dominican Republic 11,056,370 48,671 km² Americas Caribbean
Cuba 11,305,652 109,884 km² Americas Caribbean
South Sudan 11,618,511 619,745 km² Africa Middle Africa
Belgium 11,668,278 30,528 km² Europe Western Europe
Haiti 11,680,283 27,750 km² Americas Caribbean
Bolivia 11,992,656 1,098,581 km² Americas South America
Tunisia 12,046,656 163,610 km² Africa Northern Africa
Burundi 12,624,840 27,834 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Benin 12,784,726 112,622 km² Africa Western Africa
Rwanda 13,600,464 26,338 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Guinea 13,865,691 245,857 km² Africa Western Africa
Zimbabwe 15,331,428 390,757 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Somalia 16,841,795 637,657 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Cambodia 17,168,639 181,035 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Netherlands 17,211,447 41,850 km² Europe Western Europe
Chad 17,413,580 1,284,000 km² Africa Middle Africa
Senegal 17,653,671 196,722 km² Africa Western Africa
Ecuador 18,113,361 276,841 km² Americas South America
Guatemala 18,584,039 108,889 km² Americas Central America
Romania 19,031,335 238,391 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Kazakhstan 19,205,043 2,724,900 km² Asia Central Asia
Chile 19,250,195 756,102 km² Americas South America
Syria 19,364,809 185,180 km² Asia Western Asia
Zambia 19,470,234 752,612 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Malawi 20,180,839 118,484 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Mali 21,473,764 1,240,192 km² Africa Western Africa
Sri Lanka 21,575,842 65,610 km² Asia Southern Asia
Burkina Faso 22,102,838 272,967 km² Africa Western Africa
Taiwan 23,888,595 36,193 km² Asia Eastern Asia
North Korea 25,990,679 120,538 km² Asia Eastern Asia
Australia 26,068,792 7,692,024 km² Oceania Australia and New Zealand
Niger 26,083,660 1,267,000 km² Africa Western Africa
Ivory Coast 27,742,298 322,463 km² Africa Western Africa
Cameroon 27,911,548 475,442 km² Africa Middle Africa
Madagascar 29,178,077 587,041 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Venezuela 29,266,991 916,445 km² Americas South America
Nepal 30,225,582 147,181 km² Asia Southern Asia
Yemen 31,154,867 527,968 km² Asia Western Asia
Ghana 32,395,450 238,533 km² Africa Western Africa
Mozambique 33,089,461 801,590 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Malaysia 33,181,072 330,803 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Peru 33,684,208 1,285,216 km² Americas South America
Uzbekistan 34,382,084 447,400 km² Asia Central Asia
Angola 35,027,343 1,246,700 km² Africa Middle Africa
Saudi Arabia 35,844,909 2,149,690 km² Asia Western Asia
Poland 37,739,785 312,679 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Morocco 37,772,756 446,550 km² Africa Northern Africa
Canada 38,388,419 9,984,670 km² Americas Northern America
Afghanistan 40,754,388 652,230 km² Asia Southern Asia
Iraq 42,164,965 438,317 km² Asia Western Asia
Ukraine 43,192,122 603,500 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Algeria 45,350,148 2,381,741 km² Africa Northern Africa
Sudan 45,992,020 1,886,068 km² Africa Northern Africa
Argentina 46,010,234 2,780,400 km² Americas South America
Spain 46,719,142 505,992 km² Europe Southern Europe
Uganda 48,432,863 241,550 km² Africa Eastern Africa
South Korea 51,329,899 100,210 km² Asia Eastern Asia
Colombia 51,512,762 1,141,748 km² Americas South America
Myanmar 55,227,143 676,578 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Kenya 56,215,221 580,367 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Italy 60,262,770 301,336 km² Europe Southern Europe
South Africa 60,756,135 1,221,037 km² Africa Southern Africa
Tanzania 63,298,550 945,087 km² Africa Eastern Africa
France 65,584,518 551,695 km² Europe Western Europe
United Kingdom 68,497,907 242,900 km² Europe Northern Europe
Thailand 70,078,203 513,120 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Germany 83,883,596 357,114 km² Europe Western Europe
Turkey 85,561,976 783,562 km² Asia Western Asia
Iran 86,022,837 1,648,195 km² Asia Southern Asia
DR Congo 95,240,792 2,344,858 km² Africa Middle Africa
Vietnam 98,953,541 331,212 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Egypt 106,156,692 1,002,450 km² Africa Northern Africa
Philippines 112,508,994 342,353 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
Ethiopia 120,812,698 1,104,300 km² Africa Eastern Africa
Japan 125,584,838 377,930 km² Asia Eastern Asia
Mexico 131,562,772 1,964,375 km² Americas Central America
Russia 145,805,947 17,098,242 km² Europe Eastern Europe
Bangladesh 167,885,689 147,570 km² Asia Southern Asia
Brazil 215,353,593 8,515,767 km² Americas South America
Nigeria 216,746,934 923,768 km² Africa Western Africa
Pakistan 229,488,994 881,912 km² Asia Southern Asia
Indonesia 279,134,505 1,904,569 km² Asia South-Eastern Asia
United States 334,805,269 9,372,610 km² Americas Northern America
India 1,406,631,776 3,287,590 km² Asia Southern Asia
China 1,448,471,400 9,706,961 km² Asia Eastern Asia
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