With the year coming to an end, Google has taken out its list of topics that trended in 2020 in India. As per the search engine giant, when people turned to search this year, the company realized they were counting on it to provide them with a sense of knowledge, certainty, and trust.

7. Naya Rivera

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Also ranking in Google’s top 10 overall trending U.S. searches was the shocking death of actor Naya Rivera ("Glee") who died in July at 33. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed over the drowning of Glee actor Naya Rivera, who died in July while boating with her four-year-old son on a lake in California.

The suit was filed on Tuesday against Ventura County and managers of Lake Piru over her accidental death on 8 July at the lake north-west of Los Angeles. It was filed on behalf of her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, by Ryan Dorsey — Rivera’s ex-husband and the boy’s father and guardian — and also on behalf of her estate.

6. Zoom

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(NASDAQ: ZM) saw “Zoom” become a trending search term in 2020 due to the surge in businesses and schools using the platform for remote work and learning. Shares of Zoom are up over 500% this year.

Other items related to the pandemic became trending searches in 2020 as well, including “stimulus checks” and “unemployment."

5. Coronavirus symptoms

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Last week, Google made public its data on search trends related to Covid-19 symptoms. The dataset, collected from users’ search habits and anonymized to protect their privacy, is primarily made up of the volume of searches of “more than 400 symptoms, signs, and health conditions, such as cough, fever, and difficulty breathing,” according to the company’s blog post. It also includes the searchers’ country and region.

4. Coronavirus update

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Clicks on healthcare companies’ Google My Business (GMB) profiles rebounded more rapidly, now up 32% from February click volume. Meanwhile, clicks to phone calls have increased nearly 90% from pre-outbreak levels, which should continue motivating healthcare marketers to ensure their local listings have updated websites, phone numbers, and other contact information.

For a full picture of July’s coronavirus search trends, Google Trends has daily updates for the top 100 places searching for coronavirus and the top related queries – what people type when searching for the virus.

On July 24, the top coronavirus queries on Google were "coronavirus update” and “coronavirus news,” followed by searches for other general updates and state-specific information.

3. Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bean Bryant was an American professional basketball player. A shooting guard, he spent his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Bryant won five NBA championships, and was an 18-time All-Star, a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, ...

For many people, the past several months have felt more like a decade, beginning with the devastating wildfires in Australia and the sudden deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter in January.

2. Coronavirus

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MarketWatch has tackled these topics and more throughout the twists and turns of 2020 to keep readers informed and to help them make financial decisions during the economic downturn.

For example, this Coronavirus Recovery Tracker draws from a half-dozen weekly indicators, such as unemployment and consumer confidence, to show how much progress the economy is making — which can help give some idea as to how close we are to going back to “normal.”

1. Election results

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Ahead of ElectionDay, millions of Americans turned to Google for information about the candidates, issues, and voting, and on Tuesday, Google's search trends offered a glimpse into the country's mood and top priorities.

While the top search globally was unsurprising "election," and the top trending search was "live election results," Americans also looked for ways to cope with uncertainty around the election, as a winner likely won't be declared for at least several days as states tally mail-in ballots.

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