GEMINI December 2021 Horoscope - Monthly Predictions for Love, Career, Health and Finance

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Overview

December of Gemini starts with a Venus and Pluto conjunction making a strong statement of what this month is all about. This transit intensifies our need for love in all shapes and forms. Since this is happening in your 8th house, attraction towards other people's possession may be a theme. This is a dangerous mentality to fall under because it focuses on the things we lack in life. Gratitude exercises will be extremely beneficial through this transit period since they will help alleviate the pressure to find a sense of self-worth through external means.

This month, the New Moon happens in Sagittarius forming a Solar eclipse, and it will be closely conjunct with Mercury. This brings a sense of wonder and excitement to the month ahead. Since this is happening in your 7th house, you can expect some of your intimate relationships to flourish and advance to the next level. Mercury's influence provides a sense of mutual understanding. Sagittarius is an excellent sign for the start of new adventures and the exploration of more profound and more intimate facets of the relationships. It's a time to focus on what you care about and what makes life exciting for both you and your partners.

Further along the month, Mars will be making quite an appearance as he squares Jupiter and then goes on to conjunct the South Node of the Moon. The Mars and Jupiter square happens between your 6th and 9th house. This transit cultivates a laser-sharp focus on your plans for the future and your self-mastery. The combination of these two planets makes for big moves and vigorous approaches to achieving long-term goals. However, this transit is a bit of a double-edged sword as it can obfuscate problems in the other areas of your life, especially when it comes to self-care.

Moving Mars moves away from Scorpio and goes into Sagittarius. This significant shift is especially significant since it means that it will also be conjunct with Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. Ketu tends to calm down whatever planet comes within its grasp. This transit will make the warrior planet much less angry and vengeful, channelling his stamina towards much more productive endeavours. This is happening in your 7th house, and it makes for another favourable transit in that area of your life.

This month is also the host of the last Saturn-Uranus square of the year. Without Mar's involvement, this time around, the rebellions and heated discussions gifted from Uranus may have a slightly calmer and more definite outcome. This series of squares have been happening in your 9th and 12th house, two places dedicated to deep introspection and complex learning. It's time to bring an end to your internal arguments and self-deprecating behaviour.

GEMINI Horoscope 2021: Predictions for Love, Health, Career, Finance and Family GEMINI Horoscope 2021: Predictions for Love, Health, Career, Finance and Family

The Full Moon this month happens in your 1st house in Gemini. This lunation brings about a need to be seen and share ideas with your peers. This sets a good mood for the holiday season as you're unafraid to hear what others have to say and give your own spin on it. Take advantage of this lunar cycle to reflect on the year and set goals for what you want to learn in the year ahead. Anything involving attention to detail and mastery of a subject has significant support from the stars, so don't be afraid to get specific with your goal setting.

Ending a rough year on a good note, Jupiter will finally ingress into his own sign on the last few days of the month, Pisces. This brings prosperous opportunities to whatever house it shows up in your chart. The exciting thing about this transit is that it will last for most of last year. This is happening in your 10th house, so be ready for stirring developments in your career and your overall public life.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Love

GEMINI December 2021 Horoscope - Monthly Predictions for Love, Career, Health and Finance

Gemini compatibility will be sedate and it depends on you to light up the situation. You will get opportunities to form love relationships around the 18th with your charisma. You have to take the lead in forming the partnership.

Marital life will face minor irritations during the month. You have to make a few concessions and give into your partner’s demands. Marital harmony becomes stronger with a pleasure trip with your partner with pregnancy in mind.

Singles will have very good opportunities to find love during the third week of the month. Your instincts will help you to find the right partner, and nothing else will be needed.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Education

So far as your educational pursuits are concerned, you might find the going rough during the coming month. A fairly good percentage of you people may be influenced in a manner that would make you self-assertive and somewhat headstrong in your behaviour, making learning difficult. Such attitudes should be controlled.

Your progress would be impeded by hurdles of various sorts. Further, those sitting for some competitive examination would do well to go in for extra coaching, since under the circumstances, this might make all the difference. Those pursuing languages, journalism and the arts in general, would have to make a great deal of extra effort to get to their objectives.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Career

GEMINI December 2021 Horoscope - Monthly Predictions for Love, Career, Health and Finance

2021 Gemini horoscope for career predicts marvelous prospects for professional growth. Planetary configuration is very much favorable and there will be excellent coordination with associates and superiors. This will facilitate easy execution of projects on time. You can expect good financial rewards.

You will have enough time to improve your social skills with the help of experts. Engaging yourself in philanthropic activities will enhance your mental well-being.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Travel

During the coming month, you would do well to carefully scrutinize your travel plans and scale them down to the minimum, since few, if any, gains can be expected from travel. Yet, some travel you would have to undertake because the circumstances would be such. Most of it would be by land i.e. by rail or by road with a little possibly by air.

The most favourable direction, i.e. North, would also be anything but favourable. This should forewarn you into accepting suggestions mentioned, at the beginning of this prediction. Further, some of you would take a holiday with your family which, too, would be wasteful.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Health

GEMINI December 2021 Horoscope - Monthly Predictions for Love, Career, Health and Finance

December 2021 Gemini horoscope is not favorable for health prospects. Star configuration is not propitious and this will make you susceptible to major health problems. Chronic diseases tend to show up and will require constant medical care.

You can minimize the damage by following strict fitness and healthy diet regimes. There may be problems due to anxiety-related disorders. You can schedule your activities correctly and resort to relaxation techniques such as meditation to reduce stress levels.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Family and children

This month, your family affairs are unlikely to have smooth sailing, since the configuration of stars facing you is none too favourable. You must pay extra attention to your children, since it is likely that they would be influenced in a negative manner which would make them undisciplined.

Their performance might also remain quite poor at studies and other activities. Supervise their affairs very closely, giving more time and energy to this. The family atmosphere may also be vitiated with strife and is a possibility of your relations with your maternal relatives deteriorating very fast. Do not be hasty or careless in your attitude towards your relatives.

A month during which the affairs of your children would get bogged down in difficulties posing many problems for you, since the stars are not very favourable disposed. The performance of most of the wards of you people would be below average.

Those studying any branch of accountancy may face a particularly difficult act of circumstances. Parents should encourage and help whenever necessary. Those sitting for competitive examinations should study hard and go in for extra coaching if they want to get through. Parents should closely monitor the progress of their wards.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2021 - Finance

GEMINI December 2021 Horoscope - Monthly Predictions for Love, Career, Health and Finance

2021 December forecast for the Gemini zodiac indicates bleak prospects on the financial front. Businessmen and traders will be working hard without any commensurate gains. Exporters and fine arts dealers will hardly make any gains. Many of them will have to take money out of their savings to meet the expenses.

Astral aspects are not auspicious and this makes new business investments not viable. Speculations and investments fail to give good profits. Financial agencies are not helpful in financing your activities.

Important numbers:

8, 9, 11

December important dates:

6, 11, 15, 19, 23

Horoscope December special note:

You will be susceptible to entering into many misunderstandings. Therefore, if you find yourself in a complicated situation, try to give all utterances in a clear and matter-of-fact manner.

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