mage Source: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO.
mage Source: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO.

Where does the news of “Game of Thrones” Finale Remake come from?

It comes in the wake of a cryptic tweet, issued from the show’s official Twitter account, which simply read: “Winter is coming.”, according to Irish post.

Earlier this week, a brand-new trailer for the final series was also released online.

The hit HBO medieval fantasy series is approaching its 10th birthday with some fans hopeful that the tweet is the first hint that the conclusion of the show will be remade.

Game of Thrones received rave reviews throughout much of its run, however that changed with the final series of the show.

Fans and critics were almost universal in their condemnation of the concluding chapter, with many pointing to plot inconsistencies, rushed storylines, unrealistic character developments and a dissatisfying ending.

Now some fans are hoping Benioff and Weiss will now revisit the series and improve on the ending that upset so many.

As many as two million people previously signed a petition calling for the final season to be remade with “competent writers”.

Several key filming locations from the world of Game of Thrones can be found in Northern Ireland while the show’s two creators, Weiss and Benioff, actually met while studying at Trinity College.

What Do People Expect from “Game of Thrones” Finale Remake?

One fan commented: "Winter has gone. You blew it." before sharing a video to an alternate fan-made ending.

Viewers responded to the tweet by suggesting things they would like to see happen in a remake.

One said: "Not unless you: Fix making Daenerys a mass murderer, Fix Jon's parentage not even MATTERING, Fix how Winter came and it was over in two seconds, Fix Cersei's lame, love-swoony death.

"JAMIE AND BRIENNE, my god, what were you thinking. Oh, and Tyrion should have ridden a dragon."

The creators of the series have not expanded on the tweet, so there has been no confirmation on the renewal of the finale.

The message could have been in relation to the fact the series is now available to watch on HBO Max.

Hopefully, more information will come to light soon, with one fan saying: "Unless you erase and re-do season 8 no s*** is coming."

Some viewers have suggested the tweet could be in relation to the release of House of the Dragon, which is set for 2022.

The series will be a prequel set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and it will follow the Targaryen civil war.

The show will be based on George RR Martin's book titled Fire & Blood, and it is being co-created by Martin and Ryan Condal.

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