Full List of Countries that You Can Get a ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa
Full List of Countries that You Can Get a ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa
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Working from home is no longer exclusive to digital nomads. The COVID-19 pandemic’s limited mobility has led to many more remote job positions in companies across Europe and the globe.

Nations all over the world have adapted to the change and are launching new visas specifically designed for remote workers. EU digital nomad visas are now available for several European countries.

Visas for digital nomads fill a legal vacuum for remote workers who wish to spend short or extended periods of time abroad working independently.

These professionals can take their job with them anywhere they go (usually, they only need a laptop and an internet connection.)

Below we have outlined some of the most important aspects of the Digital Nomad Visa category and highlighted the countries where it is being offered. We also provide timely insight into these visa categories and direct channels of communication with leading immigration practitioners in these respective countries.

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Digital nomad visas are authorizations to work in countries while the applicants are staying there. Like tourist visas, they are easy to obtain but in addition, they allow for longer stays. A digital nomad visa allows its holder to work during their stay in a country provided they do not enter the local labor market. They do not compete for jobs with local residents and work independently from local employers.

How Do Digital Nomad Visas Work?

Each country issuing digital nomad visas has its own policies and regulations in place. Some allow eligible citizens to conveniently apply online, while others require petitioners to submit their applications through an embassy or consulate.

Remote workers should check the digital nomad visa requirements and application process of their destination country. Diplomatic missions will be able to provide information on work and nomad visa opportunities and assistance.

A digital nomad visa applicant usually needs:

→ An eligible and valid passport

→ Proof of a steady remote income

Many countries with digital nomad visas may also require the payment of an application fee.

Travelers should always check whether they need additional documents such as medical insurance, vaccine certificates, or any other EU vaccine health requirements.

Who Needs the Digital Nomads?

Photo: traveloffpath
Photo: traveloffpath

Digital nomads tend to be younger people and can be found working in most industries in the knowledge economy: marketing, design, IT, writing, media, tutoring, and consulting. According to a 2020 study by MBO Partners, there are 10.9 million digital nomads in the U.S. alone, and 19 million more Americans reported they are considering a digital nomad lifestyle.

Digital nomads may either be remote employees or knowledge process outsourcing employees. Although most telecommuters and freelancers are technically digital nomads, the term is most often used to describe people living or traveling abroad or domestically while working. Some digital nomads have a wide range of clients and make a living through a combination of jobs, while others have formal or semi-formal agreements with clients guaranteeing a certain amount of work or billable hours.

Outsite is an online community of digital nomads that provides access to coliving/coworking, plus offers services to support remote workers. Outside reports the average age of their members is 35 years old, and 65% of members were either single or divorced.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad isn't a specific job that earns a salary, so what you earn as a digital nomad depends on the type of work you do, like working from home versus in an office.

According to a 2018 survey (the most recent figures as of April 2021) from FlexJobs, 18% of digital nomads report making six figures or more, and 22% make between $50,000 and $99,999. These figures show that 40% of digital nomads make $50,000 or more, but 60% make less than $50,000 a year. This indicates that a significant portion of digital nomads is making less than $50,000 a year.

Digital Nomad Visa Vs. Tourist Visa

The main difference between a tourist visa and a digital nomad visa is how long the holder can stay in the country.

Tourist visas are for short stays, typically up to 3 months, whilst digital nomad visas allow for longer stays, often 1 year or more.

Foreigners who wish to do some remote work whilst on holiday in Europe can do so with a tourist visa, or visa-free if from an exempt country. From 2023, the ETIAS authorization for Europe will be required for short, visa-free stays in the Schengen Area.

Remote workers only need to get a digital nomad visa if they will stay longer than the time permitted with a tourist visa. In this case, they have to meet the digital nomad visa requirements, which normally include proof of funds.

Neither visa allows the holders to be employed by a local company. To be employed by a company in Europe, non-EU citizens need a national work permit or EU Blue Card (if eligible).

Do You Need A Visa To Be A Digital Nomad?

You only need to get a digital nomad visa if you will be staying longer than the time permitted with a tourist visa. In that case, you have to meet the digital nomad visa requirements, which vary from country to country but normally include proof of funds. Neither the digital nomad nor the tourist visas allow the holders to be employed by a local company.

Visas For Digital Nomads: Eligibility

Digital nomad visa applicants usually have to prove that they are remote workers.

They may need to show they can support themselves financially for the entire stay. This can be done by providing financial documents such as bank statements and receipts.

However, not all individuals are eligible for a digital nomad visa, even though they can prove to be working remotely.

Eligibility depends on several other factors, such as:

→ The nationality of the applicant

→ The petitioner’s visa history

→ Whether the applicant is considered a threat to the security or health of the country of destination

Remote workers should inquire about their eligibility before applying.

Top Strongest and Weakest Passports In The World

Which Countries Offer Digital Nomad Visas?

Photo: internationalwealth
Photo: internationalwealth

List of the Countries that currently Offer a Digital Nomad Visa

  1. Anguilla
  2. Antigua & Barbuda
  3. Aruba
  4. Australia
  5. Barbados
  6. Belize
  7. Bermuda
  8. Brazil
  9. Cambodia
  10. Cape Verde
  11. Cayman Islands
  12. Colombia
  13. Costa Rica
  14. Croatia
  15. Curacao
  16. Cyprus
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Dominica
  19. Dubai, UAE
  20. Ecuador
  21. Estonia
  22. Georgia
  23. Germany
  24. Greece
  25. Grenada
  26. Iceland
  27. Indonesia
  28. Italy
  29. Jamaica
  30. Malta
  31. Mauritius
  32. Mexico
  33. Montenegro
  34. Montserrat
  35. Norway
  36. Panama
  37. Portugal
  38. Romania
  39. Serbia
  40. Seychelles
  41. Spain
  42. Sri Lanka
  43. St. Lucia
  44. Taiwan
  45. Thailand
  46. Vietnam

Best Countries to Get a Visa as a Digital Nomad

♦ Germany. Those wishing to work in Germany as digital nomads can apply for a German freelance visa. The freelance visa for Germany is very popular as it enables its holder to work with different startups, businesses or individuals on a need-basis and part-time contracts.

♦ Estonia. The Estonian authorities have established a special visa only for digital nomads. The visa is literally called Digital Nomad Visa, and was launched by the end of 2019.

♦ Costa Rica. The Rentista visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica, permits its holder to remain in the country up to two years, with the possibility to extend it. It is designed for small investors who want to offer their services in Costa Rica. Though you will need to prove you have an amount of $2,500 per month as a proof of steady income, the visa is not very difficult to obtain.

♦ . The Croatian authorities established the Digital Nomad Visa in 2021 to encourage freelance workers to reside in Croatia while working.

♦ Norway. Norway offers visas for digital nomads wishing to live and work in Svalbard, one of the most expensive places in the world. The validity of a visa is for a lifetime. You only need to prove you have enough money to support your stay there. Living in Svalbard could be quite challenging due to very low temperatures and 24 hours of darkness for three months a year, November to February, but after all the life of a nomad is all about the challenges.

♦ Mexico. If you wish to live in Mexico while working there as a digital nomad, the Mexico temporary resident visa is the way. You can stay in Mexico for a full year and then extend the visa for another up to three times. However, you cannot remain there longer than 4 years with this visa.

♦ Portugal. Those wishing to live in Portugal as digital nomads can apply for a D7 Passive Income visa, which resembles a lot to the Costa Rican Rentista visa. The main requirement is that you must show proof of sufficient income, and where that money comes from. You can stay in Portugal for a year with this visa, and then extend it two years at a time. After five years in Portugal with a D7 Passive Income visa, you can apply for a residence permit, under the condition of passing an exam on Portuguese language knowledge.

♦ The Czech Republic. Czech Republic offers a Freelance Visa for those wishing to work in the country as their own bosses. It is a perfect opportunity as this visa is valid for one year, and after that you can extend it for another two years. While the visa costs $217, you will need to prove you have an income of $5,600 in order to get the visa.

♦ Iceland. Iceland introduced its version of the digital nomad visa in October 2020 to better deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s called the Iceland Remote Worker visa, and also serves as a temporary residence permit.

♦ Argentina. Argentinian authorities launched a special visa for remote workers on May 21, 2022. The Argentinian digital nomad visa allows digital nomads work remotely for an international company or an Argentinian company.

Digital Nomad Visa Application Process

You can apply for a digital nomad visa by following the instructions below:

Fill out the application form.

Make an appointment with an embassy or consulate.

Prepare your documents.

Submit your application.

Fill Out The Application Form

You need to fill out the digital nomad visa application form as per the instructions. Some countries require you to fill out the application online and then print it out and sign it, while others require you to fill out the form at the embassy or consulate physically. Please note that you have to provide all accurate information with your up-to-date details.

Set an Appointment With an Embassy or Consulate

You also have to locate a visa office which can be either an embassy or consulate— keep in mind that an embassy and consulate are not the same institutions. Depending on your country of residence, you may be required to apply at a neighboring embassy. Nevertheless, once you locate your visa office, you have to schedule an appointment to submit your application and attend the visa interview.

Prepare Your Documents

After you fill out your application, you have to prepare the rest of your required documents. You may have to translate some of your documents or certify them with an apostille stamp.

Submit Your Application

When you get your documents ready, submit them with your filled-out visa application to the embassy. You also have to attend the visa interview and pay the visa fee— some countries require you to pay the fee beforehand and submit the receipt as a part of the application documents.

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