Top 10+ Best and Worst Hospitals In The UK - Full List of 100+ Top 10+ Best and Worst Hospitals In The UK - Full List of 100+

The United Kingdom has many famous hospitals, and here are a full list of the best and worst hospitals according to a new study.

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What Are The Best And The Worst Hospitals In The UK 2023? Photo KnowInsiders

The Top 10 and 100 Hospitals Ranking List is compiled using the Public View Hospital Combined Performance Score (HCPS).

Ten important performance indicators from the quality, operations, finances, and workforce domains are used to create the Public View Hospital Combined Performance Score (HCPS). Using a modified version of the formula developed for the decathlon in sports, we can translate each indicator's performance into a score. The total hospital rating is based on the sum of the individual indicator ratings (out of 10 possible).

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How many hospitals are there in the UK?

There are around 1,250 hospitals in the UK. It’s one of the top-ranked countries in the Commonwealth Fund’s index and is well served for medical care.

A stronger National Health Service and a transformation of NHS services for local communities are both possible thanks to the UK government's intentions to create 40 new hospitals across the country by 2030. In order to make the most of the limited amount of national public financing available, the new hospitals will all benefit from the government's nationally led initiative under the health infrastructure plan.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading health systems. All non-citizens in Britain are eligible for free emergency treatment at NHS UK hospitals, but some you will probably be responsible for some costs, determined by where your home country is. The UK has negotiated reciprocal health care arrangements among a variety of foreign nations, including New Zealand, Australia, and members of the EU, meaning their citizens are exempt from healthcare payments.

Top 10 Best Hospitals In The UK

Let’s take a look at details about 10 best hospitals in the UK and why they are assessed to be the best.

1. Hammersmith Hospital

Full List: Best and Worst Hospitals In The UK - HCPS and NHS Trust
Hammersmith Hospital is the best in the UK. Photo Hammersmith Hospital

You can find one of London's largest hospitals, Hammersmith Hospital, in the city's western borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is operated by Imperial College Healthcare and provides a broad variety of services, including 24-hour emergency treatment for those who have had heart attacks. A kidney transplant center and a section dedicated to treating patients with leukemia may also be found inside the hospital's walls.

The hospital has been treating injured troops since the start of the 20th century, when it was originally built. The hospital's groundbreaking studies are now well-known all around the world. The Hammersmith Hospital is not only a major medical facility, but also an established academic medical center that was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The hospital's research division is helped further by the presence of the Medical Research Council (MRC).

2. Charing Cross Hospital

Charing Cross Hospital provides a range of acute and specialist services, a 24/7 accident and emergency department and hosts the hyper acute stroke unit for the region. It is also a growing hub for integrated care in partnership with local GPs and community providers.

3. The Royal London Hospital

Photo My London
Royal London Hospital. Photo My London

Private patients are housed in the hospital's most peaceful wings, each with their own private rooms and bathrooms. Each room features a TV, a telephone, free WiFi, and a selection of newspapers and magazines. You may order drinks whenever you like, and our menu can be customized to fit your preferences and dietary restrictions. When it comes to private patients, we want to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible.

In order to reach Whitechapel station, which provides access to the London Underground and the city's many other rail lines, one only simply cross the street from the Royal London. You can stroll into the heart of the City in minutes, or spend your time exploring the lively markets and unwinding with a meal at one of the many surrounding restaurants or cafés.

Our museum is intriguing if you have any interest in medical history, since it has artifacts from many medical fields and practices, such as Victorian dentistry and surgery, and the hospital's role in the creation of modern medicine.

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4. St George’s Hospital

Tooting, South London is home to St. George's Hospital, a teaching facility run by the St. George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. St. George's Hospital is a world-class facility that excels in treating patients from all walks of life and offers specialized services for those in need, including those with more complicated conditions like those treated in the fields of trauma, neurology, kidney transplantation, cancer care, and cardiology. Saint George's Hospital is one of London's four main trauma centers and one of eight hyper-acute stroke units. The medical school of St. George's Hospital is well-known for its excellent reputation in the fields of both medical education and medical research.

The hospital moved from its initial Hyde Park Corner location to many others until settling on its current site in Tooting in 1973, after absorbing St. George's University.

5. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare and one of the the world's best-known and loved children's hospitals. Our mission is to provide world-class clinical care and training, pioneering new research and treatments in partnership with others for the benefit of children in the UK and worldwide.

6. Moorfields Private Eye Hospital

Photo amber group
Photo amber group

Moorfields Private, located in London, is the private branch of the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which is known worldwide as a leading provider of ophthalmic treatment for patients from the United Kingdom and throughout the world who cannot afford public healthcare.

Moorfields Private, an eye care facility renowned worldwide for its expertise, offers a whole spectrum of services, from routine vision correction to advanced surgical procedures, for patients with any type of eye problem.

7. St Mary’s Hospital

St. Mary's Hospital provides physician and midwife-led maternity care and is the primary acute hospital for north west London. The hospital operates one of London's four major trauma centers in addition to its round-the-clock emergency room service.

8. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Furthermore, it has one of the lowest death rates in the UK, earning it a place among the world's greatest hospitals. It may be found on Chelsea's Fulham Road. The hospital is heavily involved with Imperial College London. Among the finest medical facilities in the United Kingdom, 2023.

The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a major medical facility in the Chelsea neighborhood of London. It is administered by the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust and is closely associated with Imperial College London. The hospital plays a major role in the academic curriculum of Imperial College. The emergency room and operating room mortality rates at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, or Chelwest, are among the lowest in the country.

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9. Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals

This Westminster-based hospital trust is widely regarded as a forerunner in health research and medical education.

Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital are two of the most well-known and prominent teaching hospitals in London, among other institutions and services. Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospitals have been serving the community for decades, and its staff has earned a reputation for providing exceptional care by always putting the patient's wishes and needs first. When it comes to specialized medical attention in England, Guy's and St. Thomas' are among the most trusted names in the business, serving both the public health system and private individuals. They have been forerunners in the fields of medical education and scientific inquiry.

10. The Royal Free Hospital

Hampstead Hospital on Pond Lane offers state-of-the-art acute and advanced medical services like robotic-assisted surgery and organ transplants. A top UK hospital by 2023 standards.

William Marsden founded the Royal Free Hospital in 1828 to provide access to healthcare for the poor. It was the only London hospital to stay open during the 19th-century cholera outbreak on the premise that all patients need only be sick to be accepted. Since then, the Royal Free has expanded to become one of London's most prestigious medical facilities, and its staff of internationally renowned medical professionals has helped it earn this reputation.

Top 10 Worst Hospitals In The UK

Besides the list of the best, we have a list of the worst hospitals in the UK by NHS Trust performance.

1.Worcestershire Acute Hospitals

2. Northern Lincolnshire and Goole

3. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

4. Royal Cornwall Hospitals

5. Pennine Acute Hospitals

6. Southport and Ormskirk Hospital

7. North Middlesex University Hospital

8. Mid Yorkshire Hospitals

9. North Cumbria University Hospitals

10. Walsall Healthcare

Why is Worcestershire Acute Hospitals the worst?

Full List: Best and Worst Hospitals In The UK - HCPS and NHS Trust
Photo Worcestershire Acute Hospitals

As recent data shows, WORCESTERSHIRE Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has one of the lowest rates of discharge in the country.

The new NHS data shows that just 14% of patients who were medically suitable for discharge from Worcestershire Royal Hospital, the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, and Kidderminster Hospital were actually discharged.

Health officials have expressed concern about the "alarming levels of stress" being experienced by emergency services and the "desperate need" for extra beds.

What makes Northern Lincolnshire and Goole one of the worst?

It was blamed on the high infection rate of COVID-19 over the past few years.

North Lincolnshire has placed in the top 10 worst performing regions for Covid-19 infections in England.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals is named as the worst in England for numbers of patients waiting more than 12 hours to be admitted to A&E.

Meanwhile, ambulance delays at Royal Cornwall Hospitals are among the worst in England, with heart attack sufferers waiting an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes for help to arrive. A Freedom of Information Act request by the Liberal Democrats has shown which neighborhoods often have the longest durations before an ambulance arrives.

According to the data, there is a postcode lottery at play, with patients in certain regions waiting three times as long for life-threatening calls as those in other places. Category two calls, which include medical emergencies like as heart attacks and strokes, had the highest response times in Cornwall compared to the rest of England.

The typical waiting time there was 1 hour, 41 minutes. The National Health Service aims to have patients in and out in under 18 minutes.

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