The Syndicate series 4. Photo: bt
The Syndicate series 4. Photo: bt

1. The Syndicate

Series 4 - Episode 2

Tomorrow 9pm - 10pm BBC One

So, newsagent Frank (Neil Morrissey) has scarpered overseas with his customers’ lottery cash. The lousy swine is currently in a Monaco casino, acting like James Bond. If James Bond sold papers for a living and owned a big Irish wolfhound.

But he ought to be watching his back because Keeley (Katherine Rose Morley) isn’t admitting defeat. Despite having no luck with the police (they don’t believe her) or the lottery company (who are essentially incompetent), she’s rallying the rest of the syndicate to take action. And, as we saw in last week’s flashforward, they’re set to make it to Monte Carlo. Only they’ll need to find Frank quickly as, at the rate he’s spending, there won’t be enough money left to buy a packet of bonbons.

I suspect that, from here on in, this will become a bit of a caper, as Frank tries to keep one step ahead of his pursuers. And I’m feeling that his partner Cheryl (Gaynor Faye) may prove pivotal, as we’re not 100 percent sure where her allegiances really lie.


Keeley and the syndicate tell Mercury Millions they are the real lottery winners and that Frank has stolen their money. Without their ticket, however, they have no proof - so they realize their only option is to track him down in Monaco themselves. As they scrape together the money for their flights, Frank is living the high life - but his outrageous gambling is attracting attention all over the city. Meanwhile, a customer asks Colette out for a drink, leaving her worried that if she gets close to him, he might learn the truth about her past.

Casts and crew

Colette - Emily Head

Roxy - Taj Atwal

Gemma - Liberty Hobbs

Keeley - Katherine Rose Morley

Jake - Kieran Urquhart

2. The Day Will and Kate Got Married

Photo: c21media
Photo: c21media

Wednesday 9 pm - 10 pm ITV

This week ITV airs a thoroughly enjoyable look back at William and Kate's wedding day in time for their tenth anniversary. After all the overwhelming media coverage of the Harry and Meghan TV interview and its repercussions, it makes a nice change to see a positive and uplifting program about our royal family.

Those who were at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011 to see a commoner marry the future King, share their memories of the day, as do those who made the lace for the bride’s dress or sang in the choir, while royal commentators add their views on the pair’s lengthy courtship. Even more illuminating is hearing from wedding guests like Kate’s uncle Gary (who tells how Charles made a “great” and funny speech at the private celebration) and the butcher and publican from the village where Kate was brought up.

It’s not all pageantry and joy, though. Bob Broadhurst, who was Gold Commander at the Met, reveals the stresses of policing such a high-profile event at a time when terrorism and violent protests were a real threat.


Hurrah! It’s the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tenth wedding anniversary. Or rather, it will be in several weeks (on 29th April, to be precise). But in TV land, broadcasters are so eager not to be pipped to the post by a rival channel airing a rival program about the same subject, that anniversaries are celebrated earlier and earlier. The logical conclusion to this is that one day, we will have a royal wedding, and the following night we’ll have the tenth-anniversary retrospective showing on TV.

The point is, they’re approaching the ten-year mark. Well done them. I hope they are able to celebrate. Restaurants and pubs will be open with outdoor seating by then, so maybe a couple of pints down the Dog and Duck in Windsor, and a table outside the local Garfunkels. Whatever the plan, William had better splash out on the grub, the tenth anniversary is traditionally either tin or aluminum, so the gift is going to be a disappointment.

Anyway, this hour-long, one-off documentary revisits the great day, complete with recollections from many of those involved. As well as hearing from some of those in attendance, the program offers a quick retrospective of Will and Kate’s relationship. Kate had secured a place at Edinburgh University, but when it emerged that William was going to St Andrew's, she applied there and was accepted. I assume she did so just to meet the Prince – there is no other reason why one would leave the vastly superior Edinburgh University for St Andrews. And, naturally, my status as Edinburgh alumni has nothing whatsoever to do with this, according to Saga.

Casts and crew

Presenter: Golda Rosheuvel

Director: Janice Sutherland

Executive Producer: Lorraine McKechnie

Executive Producer: Sue Summers

Producer: Janice Sutherland

3. A League of Their Own: Loch Ness to London

Photo: comedy
Photo: comedy

Series 5

Thursday 2 am - 3 am NOW TV Sky One

If you like the idea of seeing Romesh Ranganathan drink water from Freddie Flintoff’s sock or Jack Whitehall crack jokes while dodging paintballs from a sniper, this is your show. It’s the one where the regulars from Sky’s sports panel game go on tour, but this time, travel restrictions mean it’s a staycation.

That doesn’t dent their fun: it’s a knockabout rush of horseplay, wisecracks, and dodgy survival tips as they begin at Loch Ness (Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp are turfed out of a seaplane into the water) and set off cross-country for the Highland Games under the supervision of two SAS types, losing dignity and the odd contact lens along the way.


Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff, and Romesh Ranganathan are joined by ALOTO OG Jack Whitehall as they begin their odyssey of comedy at the legendary Urqhart Castle at Loch Ness. While there are no monsters in sight, the boys are about to take on some monstrous challenges. Former marine commando Jason Fox and adventurer Aldo Kane put them through their paces in a SAS Highlands Survival challenge, and we see who the sharpshooter of the team is in a Sniper Shoot-off.

It's precisely the sort of jovial chatter we've grown to know and love from the 43-year-old, particularly when it comes to hitting Sky television series A League Of Their Own (or ALOTO as it's affectionately known by many).

With previous installments of the sport-meets-comedy road trip taking in the radiantly sunny climes of the US, along with the vibrant contours of Europe, the latest home-grown spin-off comes complete with the slightly less appealing addition of cloud and precipitation, Comedy wrote.

Casts and crew

Andrew Flintoff: Self - Team Captain

Jamie Redknapp: Self - Team Captain

4. MasterChef

Photo: telegraph
Photo: telegraph

Series 17 - Episode 18

Friday 8:30pm - 9:30pm BBC One

Although my taste in food is not the same as Gregg Wallace’s (I’m not really a pudding person), I do agree with him about the standard of cooking on MasterChef this year. It’s been higher than ever. One or two of the home cooks have been serving restaurant-quality food from the very start – and by that, I mean dishes you’d be happy to pay a lot of money for.

That’s not to say there haven’t been any disasters. This year’s “chocolate fondant” – as John Torode and Gregg describe the show’s famous culinary landmines – was a rack of lamb. They were served undercooked meat with lumps of unrendered fat so many times, they started to cringe whenever anyone said they were doing lamb.

However, it’s unlikely there’ll be any such issues for the three finalists as they prepare three superb dishes before we hear who is being crowned MasterChef champion 2021.


After an arduous six-week journey, the search for the country's best amateur cook reaches its climax. The finalists have to push themselves to the limit for one last time before judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace crown one of the three talented cooks MasterChef Champion 2021. Tonight, they must produce the best three dishes of their lives, push their culinary boundaries and produce jaw-droppingly impressive food for the judges. Last, in the series, Radio Times cited.

Casts and crew

Judge: John Torode

Judge: Gregg Wallace

Editor: Carl Smith

Executive Editor: David Ambler

Series Director: Dave Crerar

5. I Can See Your Voice

Photo: digitalspy
Photo: digitalspy

Series 1 - Episode 1

Saturday 7:20pm - 8:20pm BBC One

I Can Hear Your Voice – a new BBC One music gameshow – launches next weekend, and it's a return to Saturday night TV for Paddy McGuinness, who previously hosted the infamously cringey dating show Take Me Out.

The new show has an interesting format; multiple singers will perform before two players and a panel of celebrities, including comedian Jimmy Carr, This Morning's Alison Hammond and Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, but there are a few twists.

Some of them are good singers and some of them are terrible, with the players and panelists having to figure out who fits into what category.

The twist is that everyone will be lip-syncing along to vocals that may or may not be their own, while bad singers will be able to lie about their own singing experience.

If the players want to win £10,000, they'll have to whittle down all the singers and make sure their final pick, who gets to perform with a different pop star every week, is actually a good singer. If their final choice is a bad singer, that person gets to steal all the money, Digital Spy noted.


New series. Paddy McGuinness hosts the mystery singing game show, in which contestants aided by a celebrity panel must spot good singers without hearing them. Celebrity Investigators Jimmy Carr, Alison Hammond, Amanda Holden, and Danny Jones assist two contestants from Sheffield in picking out the best singers and winning up to £10,000.

Cast and crew

Host: Paddy McGuinness

Panellist: Jimmy Carr

Panellist: Alison Hammond

Panellist: Amanda Holden

Panellist: Danny Jones

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