Top 7 biggest swimming pools you must know in the world! Top 7 biggest swimming pools you must know in the world!

Do you love swimming? Do you often go to the swimming pool in your free time? It is undoubted that swimming pools are of necessity ...

San Alfonso del Mar   The largest swimming pool in the world
A group of guests boating on San Alfonso del Mar - world's largest swimming pool

San Alfonso del Mar: Why the Largest?

It is situated in Chile's tourist destination of Algarrobo. It extends for more than a kilometer and is 8 hectares, or 77 thousand square meters, in size. Imagine that it is the same length as 20 Olympic facilities lined up if these numbers don't mean anything.

Two and a half million liters of water, pumped, filtered, and purified directly from the Pacific Ocean, can be found in the world's largest swimming pool. In December 2006, it was formally recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest swimming pool by surface area.

A global patent covers the technology that makes this pool possible. In essence, it draws water from the ocean and filters it, keeping the temperature up to 9 degrees higher than ocean water (during the summer, of course). Fischmann, the company's founder and chairman, is a biochemist by training. He invented the technology that enables "lagoons of unlimited size" with crystal-clear water at a fraction of the cost of conventional swimming pools.

For a typical 5 hectare (12 acre) lagoon, the company projects construction costs to be around US$ 400,000 per hectare (US$ 160,000 per acre) and maintenance costs to be around US$ 4,000 per hectare per month (US$ 1,600 per acre per month), including energy, labor, and additives.

The world’s largest pool is perfect for a Hollywood style chase

The swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort. Photo: Twistedsifter

Why Build a Pool Beside the Ocean?

According to House Beautiful, in 1997, Fernando Fischmann, Chairman and Founder, made the decision to create San Alfonso del Mar, a real estate tourism project, in Algarrobo, a small town on Chile's central coast. It was challenging to envision how a project could be successful and different from ones that already existed because the waters off the Chilean coast are cold, uninviting, and dangerous (swimming is prohibited in the area).

In order to address this issue, Mr. Fischmann had the vision of building a sizable lagoon with pristine waters that would allow guests to swim and engage in water sports in a warm, welcoming environment. He traversed the globe in search of the technological means to realize his vision. But the technology was nonexistent. The only option left was to build a massive conventional swimming pool, but due to the high cost, neither technically nor financially feasible.

Perfect for a Hollywood-style chase

San Alfonso del Mar's swimming pool is so big that you can sail a canoe or sailboat through it. Given its size, this location might be ideal for a Hollywood drama or perhaps a fun action film featuring a thrilling water chase. After all, swimming pools make the ideal film location for iconic scenes.

There are a few very well-known ones as a result of the impact of cinema, who have emerged as protagonists and important figures in both history and the public's memory.

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