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Supermoons are considered more “powerful” than any other moon and the closer the moon is to Earth, the more intense its pull is. Photo Daily Pooper

The term Blood Moon has gained widespread in the recent years that refers to the total lunar eclipse of the lunar tetrad. What actually happens during a lunar eclipse which causes a blood moon is that: when the earth eclipses a full moon- the pathway of the sunlight to reach the moon is blocked by the earth. But somehow, the sun`s rays still light up the moon, however, this light travels through earth’s atmosphere first, it sometimes causes the totally eclipsed moon to appear reddish or brownish due to the refraction of the light.

What is the spiritual meaning of Blood Moon?

Supermoons are considered more “powerful” than any other moon and the closer the moon is to Earth, the more intense its pull is. This affects the tides, your instincts, feelings and even complications in life. So, when you combine this supermoon with a lunar eclipse, you get one powerful concoction of cosmic forces.

It's said that eclipses symbolize beginnings, endings and clean slates. So if you've been wrestling over a big decision, now could be the time to make it. This could come in various forms, whether it's ending a relationship, quitting a job or professing your feelings to someone new. So it’s a point in our lives when we're supposed to prepare for new chapters by tying up any loose ends.

This blood moon will also be in Sagittarius, which is the zodiac sign that longs for adventure, spontaneity and new stories to tell. Don't be surprised if this lunar eclipse causes you to desire new experiences that may go against your normal routine. As one of the more honest zodiac signs, this could also cause feelings to surface, so it could be that you confess something or find out something new.

The timing is generous

Photo Science Times
Photo Science Times

Unlike some of the sky’s swifter dramas, the eclipse will unfold at a more leisurely pace. The total lunar eclipse part will last for 1 hour and 2 minutes, while the whole shebang, from the start of the partial eclipse to the end, will last 3 hours and 17 minutes.

At 10:33 pm EST on Sunday, the edge of the moon will begin entering the umbra (Earth's shadow). The moment of greatest eclipse, when the moon is halfway through the umbra, will happen at 12:12 am EST on January 21st.

It will be of unusual color

The moon of a lunar eclipse is called a blood moon for the beautifully eerie reddish hue it takes on as sunlight is refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere, bending around the edges of the planet before reaching the moon, explains Walter Freeman, a physicist at Syracuse University. "Lunar eclipses ... reflect our world," astronomer and podcaster Pamela Gay tells "A blood colored moon is created [by] ash from fires and volcanoes, ... dust storms and pollution all filtering sunlight as it scatters around our world.”

What does Blood Moon symbolize?

Photo Science Times
Photo Science Times

Like other celestial phenomena—Mercury in retrograde, for example—it's thought that the occurrence of a blood moon can have astrological effects.

Astrologers suggest that emotions and tempers can run high, feelings of anxiety or restlessness in relationships may arise, and accidents or unexpected events could crop up—all as a result of the lunar event. Take approach of the blood moon as a chance to tap into your meditation and reflective practices, to center yourself and prepare for any irritations or obstacles the blood moon may bring.

Why Should We Be Careful about Obsessing Too Much about Blood Moons?

It’s far too easy to worship creation rather than Creator.

A teachers had talked about the blood moons that would take place in 2015, and how they clearly meant that the world would end that year.

Although she meant well, she forgot the verse about how none of us truly know when the Son of Man will return (Matthew 24:36). Only the Father does.

We can point to several signs that the End Days are approaching, but we don’t know the day, cited crosswalk.

Furthermore, although we may get excited about the prospect of Jesus returning and setting things right, we can’t forget that we have a job to do. We still have unreached nations and language groups to share the Gospel, coworkers who need to see love in action, and for many of us, members of our own family who don’t know the Lord. You could be the person who plants that seed, who opens someone’s eyes to the Gospel, who shows what loving your neighbor truly means.

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Total Lunar Eclipse: A Fireball Hit the Moon?

Craters abound on the Moon. Obviously, indeed. As a result, it's likely that a blinding light will periodically be visible as a meteorite collides with the lunar surface. On Jan. 20, 2019, as totality was turning our satellite a rich reddish-orange, photographers and videographers filmed a 0.28-second-long flash on the edge of the Moon.

Jose Maria Madiedo of the University of Huelva in Spain had hoped to see it, so he and colleagues set up eight telescopes specifically to gather data at different wavelengths.

They got it. Hence, scientists published a paper titled "Multiwavelength Observations of a Bright Impact Flash During the January 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse." It is the first time scientists registered an impact flash unambiguously during a lunar eclipse.

Photo The Scientist
Photo The Scientist

Furthermore, they discovered that a similar occurrence occurred on Jan. 21, 2000, during a total lunar eclipse. Some have hypothesized in a paper, titled "Lunar Impacts During Eclipses Separated by a Metonic Cycle on Jan. 21, 2000 and 2019: A Possible Origin From Daytime Sagittarids/Capriconids Meteor Shower" that both impacts were caused by the same minor Sagittarids/Capriconids meteor shower since near-identical lunar eclipses occur almost exactly every 19 years.

It will allow the sky to shine.

Usually during a full moon, and especially during a supermoon, the moonlight is so bright that we Earthlings can see our shadows and the illumination in the sky drowns out many of the other celestial bodies. But during the eclipse, the moon will become "10,000 or so times dimmer than usual," says Freeman, allowing for unusual stargazing. "A blood moon is one of the few opportunities we have to see both the moon and the stars in the sky at the same time,” says Freeman, “since the moon is usually too bright!"

Myths and Legends about the Blood Moon

Lunar eclipses are always fascinating and absorbing, in fact, the “blood moon” is a much rarer event. Instead of a total lunar eclipse, the moon is soaked in the red- brownish tone of refracted light coming from the earth. With the imminent of the lunar eclipse and Blood Moon, many people start debating about its cosmic significance. Some suggest that it’s a sign from God as a Portent of the apocalypse. For some, it signs a certain apprehension or anxiety that something is about to change. Even Pastor John Hagee of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas writes in his Famous book “Four Blood Moons” that “God uses the sun, stars and moon to send signals and indications to us on the earth.” Therefore the Blood Moon is clearly a signal of some command or warning from the God. There are several other myths and legends about the blood moon that are accepted by the believers of different communities.

The origin and the fact behind the occurrence of the blood moon have been defined by both scientific and religious point of views. One thing is for sure that no one can resist to appreciate and applaud the beautiful and interesting outlook of a Blood moon.

Total Lunar Eclipse: Is Earth an Exoplanet?

Another Forbes article claimed that astronomers at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam (AIP) used a complete lunar eclipse on Jan. 20, 2019, to look for the ingredients for life in Earth's atmosphere.

What is the reason for this? To learn what to look for in the atmospheres of exoplanets, scientists can use Earth as a model of a habitable planet.

They discovered oxygen, water, sodium, calcium, and potassium in the faded and distorted sunlight shining through the Earth's atmosphere and reflecting onto the Moon during the total lunar eclipse-using Arizona's Large Binocular Telescope (LBT).

The LBT was looking for "Earthshine," which is sunlight reflected from the Earth's surface and reflected onto the Moon.

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