Europe's Top 10 Google-Searched Travel Destinations
Top 10 Most-Searched Tourism Spots In Europe
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Europe, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse cultures, has long captivated travelers from all over the world. With the hashtag #EuropeanSummer currently garnering 769.8 million views on TikTok, it is safe to say that European vacations will remain a popular choice for travelers worldwide. There is so much on offer for tourists, from the stunning beaches of Spain to historical landmarks in Greece.

With so much variety on the continent, we were curious to discover the most popular travel destinations that are piqueing the interest of global travelers. To identify the top European hotspots, we examined Google search data from (nearly) every country in the world over the previous 12 months.

Fever of European destinations

The European destinations continue to have the highest travel interest this summer, while Asia Pacific has seen a surge in popularity, according to a recent Skift study, which shows Bangkok, Thailand is the top ten most searched destinations for travel in the summer of 2023.

According to the same source, Paris is the top European destination out of a total of seven, ranked second globally, while London is the second most visited destination in the European region, ranked fifth globally, according to

In 2023, Europe's accommodation sector thrived, with vacation rentals attracting the most interest and accounting for over 22% more than pre-pandemic levels. Car rentals have declined as have car rental bookings. By June of 2023, the sector was restored by 92 per cent of the pre-pandemic levels. Hotels have also been thriving, with bookings surpassing 2019 levels by seven per cent.

Top 10 Google Most-Searched Tourism Spots In Europe

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an extremely popular tourist destination for good reason. The island provides visitors with a fantastic selection of beaches, excellent cuisine, and, of course, breathtaking views.

After centuries of volcanic activity, the island now has beaches with red sand, black sand, and pebbles. Because of its geology, Santorini has the most unusual Greek beaches.

Red Beach is the most famous on the island, with red sand and a massive, imposing red hill in the background. Then there's Kamari Beach, with its pebbled sands and calm waters, and Perissa Beach, with its black sands and calm waters. However, due to the mountainous terrain, access to the Santorini beaches is not as easy as it is on Mykonos.

2. Ibiza, Spain

According to Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner's Travel Trends and Destination Expert, September is "a great 'off-peak' time to travel, with fewer crowds and great value."

Her best advice? Go to Ibiza. "The first destination I'd recommend is Ibiza," she explained. Even if you don't want to go clubbing, there are plenty of other activities on this lovely Balearic Island. Take a stroll through Dalt Vila's historical center, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is dotted with 16th-century and Renaissance bastions. Stroll through the old market and, of course, visit Ibiza's best beaches for some sand and sun."

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3. Tenerife, Spain

The Canary Islands are closer to Western Africa than to Spain's mainland. As a result, they have a distinct culture, cuisine, and accent. Tenerife is the largest of the islands, and it is centered on a dormant volcano with rugged landscapes and breathtaking scenery.

People come here to get away from it all while enjoying the beach and the warm weather all year.

4. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is right next to Italy's mainland, but it feels worlds away. As the largest island in the Mediterranean, you'll need to return time and again to truly understand it. The center is defined by quiet villages that are so charming that they draw people away from the coast.

Then there's the food, which many consider to be among the best in Italy. That alone is reason enough to purchase a plane ticket.

What is the best place to eat in Sicily?

The cuisine of the Italians is well-known throughout the world, and the Sicilians comfortably contribute to the country's culinary influence. Sicily, as an island, specializes in simple and fresh seafood dishes that highlight the excellent flavor of local ingredients. Sarde a beccafico is a popular and tasty starter that you should try.

Baked or grilled butterflied sardines are stuffed with toasted breadcrumbs, parsley, anchovies, pine nuts, and raisins and served on skewers drizzled with lemon. If you're in Catania, go to Trattoria La Canonica for authentic sarde a beccafico served in a traditional Sicilian setting.

Location: Trattoria La Canonica, Via Raddusa 7, 95131 Catania, Sicily, Italy

Open: Thursday–Tuesday from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm and from 7 pm to midnight (closed on Wednesdays)

Phone: +39 334 878 7190

5. Corfu, Greece

Corfu is dotted with whitewashed houses, Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, and Greek temples. Explore the ancient streets of Kassiopi, a Roman village, or the central Esplanade of Corfu Town. Lather yourself in mineral mud on the Canal D'Amour's shore for a DIY spa experience. According to legend, the Nymphes waterfalls used to attract the mythological beauties of the same name, who would flock to the village to bathe in the pristine waters.

6. Kos, Greece

After Rhodes, Kos is Greece's second most popular Dodecanese island. It is well developed as a tourist destination, and its facilities are very popular during the summer season. The island is well-known for its beaches, but it also has many historic landmarks that are the result of various cultures that have influenced it over the years. Kos is also a fantastic destination for cyclists!

What is the best season to visit Kos?

The summer season, which lasts from around May to October, is the best time to visit Kos. Flights do occasionally begin a little earlier (mid/end April), but the sea and evenings are still quite cold at this time.

If you want mild temperatures, low prices, fewer crowds, and to see the wildflowers in bloom, the spring months are ideal, while the later months of September and October are ideal for enjoying the luscious warm water.

July and August are peak months in Kos, with temperatures in the 30s (sometimes 40s), higher prices, and busier hotels. This is still an excellent choice if

7. Antalya, Turkey

Want a Mediterranean vacation that won't break the bank? Skip the usual spots and look for this hidden gem that most visitors still overlook.

You'll get the same breathtaking views of cliffside villages next to enticing blue water, but you can change the background to include minarets. Oh, and the price will be nearly half that of neighboring countries.

8. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia appears to rise unexpectedly from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its medieval villages are perched on cliffs that tower over the glistening turquoise sea — a sight that you won't tire of even after weeks (or months!) here.

Because of its remoteness, it does not receive as much tourism as mainland Italy, so you can enjoy all of the country's beauty without the overwhelming crowds.

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9. Mykonos, Greece

You've been living under a rock if the mention of Mykonos doesn't immediately conjure up images of bright white buildings, turquoise skies, and tanned bodies lining golden sandy beaches. The most popular Greek island in the Aegean Sea is all about energy, and it attracts a diverse and upscale crowd that thrives on its fashionable nightlife. During the day, the more secluded north beaches offer some privacy, but the south beaches are all about partying. Ski, jet ski, windsurf, horseback ride, parasail, or simply conserve your energy for the evening ahead, as most of your fellow Mykonos visitors do.

Where should you go shopping in Mykonos?

Matogianni is Mykonos' busiest alley, but braving the crowds is well worth it for the variety of shops, restaurants, and even the odd late-night bar. While all of the shops maintain the island's traditional Cycladic architecture, they sell everything from luxury clothing to inexpensive souvenirs.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, we recommend taking a quick stroll down the alley for some window shopping. In between shops, you can rest your feet by enjoying local cuisine and a coffee or beer at a café or tavern.

Address: Matogianni, Mykonos (846 00), Greece

10. Crete, Greece

The Minoans, one of the Mediterranean's most important ancient civilizations, lived on Greece's largest island. Minoan ruins can still be found on Crete, including Knossos Palace, which is linked to the mythical Minotaur.

Aside from fascinating history, you'll find pink sand beaches, beautiful seaside towns with colorful houses, and delicious food.

Do you know…?

Portugal is the most popular European summer destination in 2023.

Portugal is the most booked European country, with its capital Lisbon ranking first for leisure travel this summer.

Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, also made the list.

Flights to Portugal from the Americas are less expensive than any other European destination, according to RateGain.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, we can see that spots from Greece accounts most of Top 10 Most-Searched Tourism Spots In Europe. There are many untouched places in Greece that tourists have not discovered.

Which place impresses you the most? We believe every of tourism spots in Top 10 has its own special features attracting tourists so that visitors look for their names the most on Google.

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