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On New Year's Eve, take some time to think back on the previous year and celebrate all of your incredible aspirations for the one to come. We always spend New Year's Eve as a family, enjoying sparkling cider, party poppers, and a ton of entertaining crafts and games to keep us occupied all evening!

It's one of my favorite holidays to spend with my family, and I enjoy getting to share our best moments and make plans for the upcoming year around this time.

Knowinsider has compiled a list of 6 enjoyable New Year's Eve activities to keep the youngsters occupied and happy as the clock approaches midnight.

1. Party hats

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Are you looking for a fantastic party hat idea? You only need to look at this adorable pipe cleaner tiara. Your young princess would look adorable wearing this to celebrate the new year.

Do you like a more conventional hat? I may have to manufacture them to wear myself. Or another easy do-it-yourself party hat in a classic style. These seem like simple projects that might be completed with items from around the house.

2. Fireworks

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Fireworks are a customary component of global new year celebrations. This downloadable activity allows children to color the fireworks at each hour of the night, creating a creative countdown experience. During the coloring activity, the children may be interested in creating their own delectable edible fireworks.

This fireworks craft is possibly my most preferred one to date. I am confident that my daughters and their cousins would thoroughly enjoy creating these vibrant fireworks rings during the upcoming year.

Why not incorporate some scientific activities into your New Year's Eve celebration? Illustrate the concept of liquid density using the fireworks in a jar experiment. The children will greatly enjoy the fascinating process of color blending.

3. Countdown goodie bag

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Obtain simple goodie bags and inscribe the time on them. Every hour (the number of which depends on when you begin) should have an enjoyable surprise within the bag. Suggested additions comprise glow sticks, silly string, confetti wands, party poppers, noisemakers, pop rocks, or rock candy crystal sticks.

4. Home movies: dinner and a show

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The majority of us possess extensive collections of personal movies, although how frequently do we actually engage with them? Reflect on your family's significant moments as you spend the final evening of the year. Although it may require some preparation to locate the recordings, it will be enjoyable to revisit the memories of initial milestones, school performances, and family trips. Elevate your movie-watching experience by preparing freshly popped popcorn and acquiring candy that replicates the offerings found in a traditional theater.

5. Play dress-up

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Retrieve that classic little black dress from the rear of your wardrobe. Retrieve your most impeccably tailored attire. Adorn your children. Enhance the ambiance of your evening by adorning yourself elegantly, which will not only provide a delightful experience but also result in remarkable photographs for your family album.

You are encouraged to be extravagant: White gloves, pearls, bow ties, and tiaras can be readily obtained from a nearby party store, your children's dress-up collection, or, if fortunate, from your grandmother's wardrobe. Apply nail polish to the nails of every individual. Put on caps. Retrieve the glitter and prepare to dress up in an elegant manner! If you are going out to celebrate, allow the children to choose their own outfits. This will minimize any unnecessary commotion and increase their anticipation for the significant occasion.

6. Midnight in another country

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It might be challenging to keep young children up for midnight celebrations. Therefore, you can commemorate midnight in a different country, taking advantage of the fact that it is still early in your own region. Immerse yourself in the cultural ambiance by playing traditional music and offering authentic cuisine from the respective country. You have the option to commemorate the New Year in Paris, Greenland, or even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with an underwater theme.


It is never too early to start learning about goal planning. Encouraging our children to have ambitious aspirations and actively pursue them is highly beneficial. Assist your children in contemplating the subjects they wish to acquire knowledge in, places they desire to explore, destinations they aspire to visit, achievements they aim to attain, and activities they intend to engage in throughout the upcoming year.

Ensure that they are encouraged to have ambitious aspirations and thereafter strategize on how to achieve their objectives. You would be astonished by the collective capabilities that can be achieved.

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