Year of Dog. Photo: PNGEgg
Year of Dog. Photo: PNGEgg

The year of the water tiger does not predict any drastic financial changes in 2022, suggests the Dog Chinese predictions 2022. The finances will flow smoothly with no major issues. This year is favorable for investments in large purchases and long-term projects. If you have been waiting to own a house or apartment, the stars give you a thumbs-up for your plan this year. The dogs don’t believe in overspending but in the summer, however, they will contradict their belief. It may include an expensive trip to your favorite destination or a self-pampering session at the salon. Don’t refrain from these pleasures as they shall not affect your financial condition.

When is the Year of the Dog?

The Chinese Calendar is luni-solar and based on a 12-year cycle in which each new year is associated with one of 12 Chinese zodiac animals, which always appear in the same order. These 12 animals are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. With each passing lunar year, the 12-year zodiac cycle rotates to the next animal in line.

Because the lunar calendar isn’t standardized the way that the Western calendar is, the dates of the Chinese New Year holiday — and thus, the date of the switch from one zodiac animal to the next — vary from year to year. For example, in 2021, Chinese New Year fell on February 12, ushering in the Year of the Ox. In 2022, Spring Festival is set to take place on February 2, which will mark the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit.

According to ancient Chinese tradition, every person is represented by the zodiac animal of their birth year. Individuals born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030 belong to the Year of the Dog (狗年 gǒunián).

For all dogs and dog-lovers out there, note that the next Year of the Dog will begin on February 3, 2030 and end on January 22, 2031.

Dogs in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

Photo: Chinahighlights
Photo: Chinahighlights

In the year of 2022, Dogs will turn their luck around from the previous year’s hardships and begin to get rid of the obstacles that have been standing in their way. This will be a special year for Dog natives, with gifts of fortune from Tai Sui, and many opportunities across each area of their lives.

Their career development will be more inspired than previous years, with a marked increase in efficiency, which add up to Dogs being excellently placed for promotions and raises at work. Love will be less stellar, although Dogs may find themselves having too much fun to pursue a committed relationship in 2022. It’s alright to enjoy the single lifestyle for a while—especially after the 2020 and 2021 the whole world has experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

Dog Finance Horoscope 2022: Overview

Dogs and Tigers have similar financial views and work ethic, which bodes well for Dogs in the year of the Water-Tiger. You are not afraid to get your paws dirty and put in the hours needed to do a job properly, and Tiger admires that about you. For men in the creative field, summer will bring a long-awaited contract or offer. It may take a couple of months to hammer out the details and get the ball rolling, but roll it will. For women, a surprising offer in the spring may seem too good to be true. You may worry that you are under-qualified for such a position, but trust in yourself and have faith that Tiger would not hand you a bigger bite than you can chew.

Frivolous spending is not a habit of folks born under the Dog. Steady and responsible, you always have a budget and have no problem forgoing indulgences. 2022 is a good year for long-term investments, buying a new house, or starting a retirement fund. However, it is also a safe year to loosen the reins a little bit and treat yourself to something luxurious that you usually would not.

Dog Finance Horoscope 2022: A Year of Financial Stability

Money issues will be a thing of the past for you in 2022. Your finances will be in order this year. You need to maintain the flow of income coming into your life because you will achieve financial stability.

Always be sure to save for rainy days. Money is good but only when used in the right manner. Please do not waste your finances because you know that you will eventually get them from somewhere. Do not be in the business of spending more on your finances on wants rather than needs.

Dog Finance Horoscope 2022: Growth in Investment

The surprising thing in your life is the growth of your investments. Actually, everyone has been dreaming of a better future but for you is luck. In everything you do with your hands, it becomes successful. That means your hands are blessed, and that is the advantage you have in life. Also, every business you open will always grow. Equally, you should take that luck and make your life great.

Also, the Dog zodiac people are known for their kindness. Actually, it is not something that they force themselves to do, but they just love sharing. These are the kind of people who will never lack anything in their life because whatever they ask, they will get. Therefore, you should not allow anyone to discourage you from giving out because they cannot understand the power of giving. Equally, whatever you give all-heartedly, you will get back in abundance.

Dog Finance Horoscope 2022: Self-control is important

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

With the help of Tai Sui, Dog’s wealth in 2022 will be particularly blessed. As Dog’s career progresses rapidly this year, so too will their earning power and accumulated wealth. Aside from their regular income, Dogs will have opportunities to generate side incomes and investment earnings, money that the prudent zodiac sign will certainly put aside or at least spend or invest wisely on something that will pay even more dividends in the future.

Their overall financial luck will be stable and they will get ideal returns from their hard work. However, as the Dogs have very poor self-control ability and have plenty of expenses, in addition to the daily expenses, they may also have the thought and plan of buying a house, car or luxury goods this year. Those who have a marriage plan will face a huge expense. If they don’t restrain their spending, they may fall into financial distress. Therefore, they should learn to plan carefully for the future and develop a good habit of saving.

Dog Horoscope 2022 Predictions: Lucky Elements

* Flowers- Rose, Cymbidium Orchids, Oncidium

* Numbers- 3, 4, 9

* Directions- East, South, Southeast

* Gemstone- Diamond

* Colors- Red, Green, Purple

* Match- Rabbit, Horse, Tiger

2022 Dog Horoscope: Unlucky Elements

* Numbers- 1, 6, 7

* Directions- Southeast

* Numbers- Golden, White, Blue

* Match- Sheep, Dog, Dragon, Ox

What are the characteristics of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac?

The Dog's traits are loyal, honest, calm, friendly, clever, open-minded, brave, straightforward, practical, and determined. The dog has a good sense of smell and is a very alert and vigilant animal. It can make correct decisions based on the circumstances. The dog has a strong sense of responsibility. A dog can act as a good safety guard for others. Dog people feel strongly about justice and fairness for all. They can a good leaders.

However, Dog has different personalities. Sometimes they can be head-strong, snobbish, cold, prying, inquisitive, judgmental, or critical of others. When they become stubborn, they can block someone's way without any negotiation.

Dog's major traits - loyalty, trust, and responsibility

To understand the true characteristics of the Dog, we need to know the Chinese Five Elements hidden inside the zodiac Dog. Dog contains mainly Male Earth. The Earth in Five Elements is connected to ground, dirt, farmland, garden, farming, brown, or something steady. Male Earth is connected to hills, mountains,s or tall walls, dry soils, riverbank, levee, or hard soils. It's hard for Male Earth to move to a new location. Therefore, the Dog's steady characteristic is connected to the stubborn personality. They don't like to make changes. They prefer to be alone. They have passive personalities, But they can interact with people pretty well. They are conservative. They have a great amount of tolerance and endurance. They have a positive attitude for the life. They keep their word and have good faith. They value people's credibility and integrity.

2022 - The Black Water Tiger Year

The year 2022, the Black Water Tiger Year, when viewed astrologically has lots of positives in store among its main theme of important changes. This optimistic view is shared in both Western and Chinese Astrology and looks a much more likely scenario than some of the 'end of the world' Mayan calendar theories. The planet Pluto's influence in 2022 signifies rearrangements while Neptune's presence will encourage our higher thought processes. This combination of planetary power will stimulate us to seek out alternative solutions for problems. 2022 in China will be celebrated as a Year of the Black Water Tiger and is also predicted to be a time for enthusiastic readjustments and steady progression.

The 2022 Black Tiger's year starts a little later than the Gregorian calendar's 1st of January and does not begin until February 1st, 2022. These two main Astrology sources suggest that the year 2022 will focus on and initiate noticeable periods of change, including advances in the way we perceive and think about things. The Yod aspect formation foreseen in Western Astrology in 2022 is a strong sign of attitude changes. The Tiger's calming Water influence is all about thoughtful transformations. So the overall astrological message that reflects in Zodiac 2022 Horoscope for the 2022 year is one of shared enthusiasm for improvements, this is good news as it is an indication of better times ahead.

Western Signs Born in the Year of the Dog

Aries: Arian Dogs are truthful and open about everything. They find it difficult to lie and hurt other’s feelings. However, they are picky when it comes to choosing friends.

Taurus: Taurus Dogs are not the ones living in their fantasy worlds. They do everything with complete concentration and alertness.

Gemini: Gemini Dogs have a likable personality, devoting most of their time and patience to help others. Fairly organized, they can be playful and carefree at times.

Cancer: Compassionate and caring, Cancer Dogs come across as soft-spoken and modest people.

Leo: Under the influence of the Dog, Leos become practical and sensible. These personalities respond well to other’s needs and treat everyone in a fair manner.

Virgo: Virgo Dogs are eager to learn and acquire new skills for their growth. They get easily annoyed if nothing falls into place as per their requirements.

Libra: The impact of Dog on Librans is such that they turn into a refined and well-balanced personality. They are worriers, facing anxiety management issues now and then.

Scorpio: Scorpio Dogs love having fun while working with others. They are uncomplicated so anything negative about them does not stay hidden for long.

Sagittarius: No matter how complex a situation gets, Sagittarian Dogs are sharp enough to solve it. Flexible and versatile, they can cheerfully work in any environment.

Capricorn: Capricorn Dogs dislike being criticized as they are perfectionists in their task. They are someone who will never break a promise for their self-interests.

Aquarius: Aquarians born in the Year of the Dog are down-to-earth, unpretentious, and rebellious.

Pisces: Commitment is important for Piscean Dogs as they value relationships. If betrayed, they are less likely to forgive.

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