Dog 2022 Horoscope. Photo: KnowInsiders
Dog 2022 Horoscope. Photo: KnowInsiders

The Year of the Dog Predictions for 2022 reveal that your career will take a turn for the better this year. Things will start falling into place as you have always wanted. Focus on advancing the skills that you possess by learning new skills from the people around you. Also, ensure that you work hard to get that promotion that you have always wanted.

When is the Year of the Dog?

The Chinese Calendar is luni-solar and based on a 12-year cycle in which each new year is associated with one of 12 Chinese zodiac animals, which always appear in the same order. These 12 animals are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. With each passing lunar year, the 12-year zodiac cycle rotates to the next animal in line.

Because the lunar calendar isn’t standardized the way that the Western calendar is, the dates of the Chinese New Year holiday — and thus, the date of the switch from one zodiac animal to the next — vary from year to year. For example, in 2021, Chinese New Year fell on February 12, ushering in the Year of the Ox. In 2022, Spring Festival is set to take place on February 2, which will mark the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit.

According to ancient Chinese tradition, every person is represented by the zodiac animal of their birth year. Individuals born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030 belong to the Year of the Dog (狗年 gǒunián).

For all dogs and dog-lovers out there, note that the next Year of the Dog will begin on February 3, 2030 and end on January 22, 2031.

Careers Fit for Dogs

Dogs are loyal and obey all orders. They put in their biggest effort to accomplish any task given to them. Because they aren’t satisfied with being worse than others, a competitive job would suit them well.

They are also sensitive to details and have strong reasoning skills. They see the dangers of being in a position of high status. This is why they’re willing to stay in the background and support others. They’d do well in a behind-the-scenes type of job. Dogs are observant and have strong morals. They judge everyone before deciding if the person is trustworthy. This makes them a good candidate for careers such as referees, lawyers and interviewers.

Working Partners for Dog

Best Working Partners

Tiger, Rabbit & Horse

As long as the Dog people cooperates with one of them, their career will be successful.

Good Working Partners

Monkey & Rooster

The three of them must work together to make achievement. For example, without the Rooster's participation, the cooperation between the Dog and the Monkey would not be so smooth.

Bad Working Partners

Ox, Dragon & Sheep

Chinese zodiac Dog and the Dragon have opposite personalities, tempers and values, so their cooperation is very discordant. The Dog, the Ox and the Sheep are all self-centered, they do not trust each other, and may hurt each other, which eventually led to the breakup of the cooperative relationship.

How to Work Happily

The Dog people are very enterprising. They work hard and earnestly and hope to achieve success through their own efforts someday. However, they always feel that their superiors suppress their talents, and their colleagues usually take credit for something they did. Therefore, they treat their work more and more negatively and even begin to complain about everything endlessly.

They should keep a common heart and face up to setbacks in workplace. Instead of complaining about everything or blaming others, they might redouble their efforts to gain the approval and appreciation of their superiors.

Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

The Dog people should better avoid debt disputes with friends in their life. Usually, it is Dog people who lend money to their friends with good intentions, but they cannot take them back, and finally lead the friendship to break up. Therefore, it is better for them to hold their money and do not lend it to others easily.

Dog 2022 Career Horoscope: Overview

Photo: Chinahighlights
Photo: Chinahighlights

Actually, the future is always open for your response. In other words, the zodiac signs will give you the best direction that is concerning your career. Perhaps, your happiness is becoming successful by doing things that you directed yourself to do. Basically, you should take the direction that your gut is leading you to because that is the way to your destination. Equally, your destination is your happiness, and that is where your instincts will favor.

Furthermore, the 2022 Dog zodiac sign wants you to love what you are doing and appreciate the position you are in. Someday you will reach the heights that you are aiming for because of your hard work. Thus, you should never settle looking for what is rightful for you because you deserve everything that is good. Notably, never think of yourself that you are late because you still have enough time to pursue your dreams.

Dog 2022 Career Horoscope: Inspiration for Dogs in Creative Fields

No matter what industry they are in, Dogs will likely find their career prospects on the up-and-up in 2022, due to the positive blessings of Tai Sui. Dogs in arts and creative pursuits will have more inspiration from life, and once they commit this to their medium, they will find opportunities to show off—in the forms of art shows or book deals, for example.

Good aspects are especially emphasized in the middle of 2022, when money comes from other sources, from some previous investment or sale of real estate. Don’t spend uncontrollably to prevent falling into a financial crisis.

Dog 2022 Career Horoscope: Enhancement in popularity for Dog Natives

Other Dog natives will likely enjoy an enhancement in their professional reputation, social status and popularity. Everyone will seem to be inviting Dog to collaborate in some way. This is a year of abundance and expansion, so Dog natives, please make sure you seize opportunities that come your way.

The year ahead brings stability in the inflow of finances, a balance between earnings and expenses, and the need to pull business moves thoughtfully – short-term investments and trying to turn some money around and increase it in a short time have no good prospects.

Dog 2022 Career Horoscope: Great News for Self-employed Dogs

Self-employed Dogs or those in business for themselves will find more clients with ease this year as well. They may find it advantageous to work with other companies or collaborate with others in the same industry. In general, many will admire Dog’s skills or professional experiences in 2022, and want to offer them a bigger stage.

Our astrological advice applies to people you work and do business with. Don’t trust strangers who make tempting proposals because they could drag you into a joint venture, which will not be beneficial to you and in which you can lose everything you have earned. Seek legal advice and help from finance and investment experts rather than acting on your feelings

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Dog 2022 Career Horoscope: Advice

Year of Dog. Photo: kindpng
Year of Dog. Photo: kindpng

The only thing is that Dogs should maintain a good work and life balance to avoid burning out, and take care of their health to make sure their energy stays consistently high throughout this year. It would be such a shame for the biggest opportunities to come later in 2022, only for Dogs to feel themselves not up to the task.

The year of the water tiger will mark a period of stability in the business sphere, suggests the Dog Chinese horoscope 2022. The natives who are embarking on their professional journey can expect a successful start. Dogs believe in the saying- hard work is the key to success. Therefore, they leave no stone unturned in showing their dedication towards an assigned task. They know what it takes to reach the top, and they tend not to miss any step on the path to victory. For the business Dogs, the year might bring you some financial difficulties. You are advised to be patient through the hardships, and the period of despair will pass by calmly. Autumn will bring a positive change on the business front.

If you want to achieve more in life, you need to improve yourself. Do the things that will enable you to advance your talents and skills. Do not be comfortable with what you have achieved now. Career 2022 Horoscope reveals that you need much more to achieve the success that you so desire.

Dogs in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

In the year of 2022, Dogs will turn their luck around from the previous year’s hardships and begin to get rid of the obstacles that have been standing in their way. This will be a special year for Dog natives, with gifts of fortune from Tai Sui, and many opportunities across each area of their lives.

Their career development will be more inspired than previous years, with a marked increase in efficiency, which add up to Dogs being excellently placed for promotions and raises at work. Love will be less stellar, although Dogs may find themselves having too much fun to pursue a committed relationship in 2022. It’s alright to enjoy the single lifestyle for a while—especially after the 2020 and 2021 the whole world has experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

How to Build Relationships with Dogs

They would rather suffer a loss than make trouble for others, and never go against their hearts to do something immoral.

When making close friends, Dogs will take some time to gain a thorough understanding of their friends, due to their traits of being conservative and cautious. Once they become close friends, Dogs will be faithful to maintain the relationship.

In love relationships, Dogs will not easily fall in love with someone. But once they do, they will be incredibly faithful to maintain the relationship and be loyal to their partner. However, their emotions have ups and downs when dealing with love relationships.

Personality: Dogs are honest, loyal, reliable, and quick-witted

The biggest characteristics of Dogs are loyalty and honesty. In fact, Dog people are cautious by nature, which means it may take a comparably long time for Dogs to accept new friends. However, once Dogs accept a friend, they will be very loyal to the friends and always be supportive. Dogs are loyal friends, honest lovers and reliable families.

Though being just and honest, Dogs are also very critical and sometimes make a sharp criticism. They are not good at taking the whole picture to consider things, which may lead to misunderstanding and blame their own mistakes on others.

Strengths: Brave, loyal, responsible, clever, lively

Weaknesses: Sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional

Dog Men: Men born in the year of the Dog are observant and straightforward. The outgoing characteristics always make them popular among friends and colleagues. However, they may feel sensitive inside and cannot stand any ambiguity. The stubbornness endows them the ability to march forward courageously and never give up easily.

Dog Women: Women in the year of the Dog are very cautious. It is hard for them to trust anyone easily but they will try their best to help trusted friends. And they care about their families deeply. Sometimes they may be a little sensitive, especially when enraged. But in most time, they care about others’ feelings and are adept at working with people.

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