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Dog Horoscope 2021 – A Look at the Year Ahead

The Year of the White Metal Ox has some conflicting effects on Dogs. The Dog 2021 horoscope predicts a mix of ups and downs. To work to prevent the “downs” this year may bring, it is best to stay as alert as possible. Watch out for people who may want to do you harm. Stay out of disputes, focus on your work, and you should be able to stay out of trouble this year.

Dog Career Horoscope for 2021

Chinese Horoscope 2021 for Dog natives reveals that the career graph will ultimately rise. Things will go well in your career, and the chances of you getting either promoted or salary increment are high. Therefore, putting in the effort and working hard will ultimately pay off, and you will definitely gain rewards. Moreover, your friends and trusted colleagues will help you overcome career and business-related obstacles and do well in that field. Your efforts will be noticed by your seniors and boss, who will ultimately recognize you for your inputs. In such a case, making good use of your decision-making abilities and act as a team player. Also, stay away from office gossip and politics, and try not to give your opinion on such things.

Dog Finance Horoscope for 2021

Dog Horoscope 2021 predicts a favorable year of the ox 2021 for Dog natives in terms of wealth and finances. You will establish new sources of income, and start saving up. Also, you will try your best to rein in your expenses and avoid overspending or spending on unnecessary things. Chinese Dog natives working in the field of real estate, property dealing, freelancing, or consultancy may come across various opportunities and advantages. As per the Finance Horoscope 2021, Dog natives must think well before making any investments or applying for any loan. There are chances of unexpected gains such as a lottery win, bonus, etc.

Dog Love Horoscope for 2021

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The good news for you is that you will not be affected by any inauspicious star in your love relationship this year. Otherwise, you will have serious problems with love this year. Even so, the love life of you Dog people will go very well in 2021. Under the impact of the punishment of Tai Sui, you will often disagree with your partner in 2021 because of some trivial matters in daily life and quarrel more and more with each other, thus have the foundation of love fall apart. In view of this, you should try your best to maintain the relationship.

Dog Health Horoscope for 2021

The Dog will have to deal with many small ailments throughout the coming year. You will be under the influence of the inauspicious star “Jiao Sha”, which increases your risk of disease and other health issues.

You will also find yourself under pressure in many aspects of your life, such as your career or relationships. This pressure could lead to stress and anxiety-induced insomnia. Make sure to eat right, exercise often, and rest well to prevent these health issues.

Seek out professional help if things begin to spiral out of control. You may also be prone to random accidents, so be extra careful when you drive or exercise.

Prediction for Dogs Born in Different Years

Born in 2018

Age: 2

Generally speaking, Dog people at this age would have a smooth year in 2020. Their parents can make full use of time to help them cultivate hobbies and nice living habits. The prediction shows that there won’t have serious illness during this period of time.

Born in 2006

Age: 14

Children born in 2006 will have good academic performance but their characteristics will easy to be unsociable this year. They can participate in some after-school classes so as to expand the circle of friends and make hearts open and cheerful. In this way, they can also cultivate more hobbies and interests. Besides, pay attention to some accidental injuries.

Born in 1994

Age: 26

2020 will be a year of hard work for Wood Dogs born in 1994. They are preoccupied with study or career, thus not likely to start a new relationship. Nevertheless, it is hopeful that their efforts will pay off in the form of promotion or a bigger market share. Facing the tight daily schedule, Wood Dogs need to keep a balance between work and relaxation, in case chronicle fatigue would occur.

Born in 1982

Age: 38

Dog horoscope in 2020 will have chances to get higher position and salary improvements, but there are some obstacles. They need to wait patiently and keep a modest attitude. Merchants should seek new products that adapt to the market and prevent their careers from stagnating. Married people will face some love problems. In daily life, they should take the initiative to care about their partners. People in stable love relationships are suitable to get married this year.

Born in 1970

Age: 50

Dog sign of Chinese zodiac will be great in a career this year. Be careful with interpersonal relationships to prevent offending some people. They are easy to encounter money scams, so don’t have illusions about high-yield projects. They don’t have good safety fortune and are prone to accidents. Therefore, be careful when driving and do not fatigue driving.

Born in 1958

Age: 62

For people born in 1982, there will be a bad fortune and some obstacles in 2020. They can host a birthday party, purchase a new house, hold a wedding for children, or other happy things to resolve the unfortunate signs. It will also be a good choice to attend others’ wedding receptions. In addition, don’t gossip behind their backs. Be careful of investment scams and stay away from unfamiliar territory. Don’t be tempted by promises of high returns.

Born in 1946

Age: 74

According to the Dog fortune in 2020, Dog people aged 74 might have poor health. Pay attention to gastrointestinal problems and have a light diet. In ordinary life, they can play chess and do some physical exercises to avoid mental retardation. They have to assume the roles of mediating family conflicts, paying attention to establishing their own authorities, and upholding a fair attitude to judge family chores.

Dog Monthly Horoscope for 2021

January: You need to pay increased attention to the 12th of this month. A heated conflict is likely to occur at work, most probably because of some colleagues who delay a project.

February: Count your every penny and save up as much as you possibly can. Following the 12th of the month, you are likely to re-discuss the salary you earn after finalizing a professional activity or even the work conditions.

March: If at the end of last month you thought that issues are far from being over, the beginning of this month finds you in a better mood. Additionally, once things are clarified, you can deal with all the projects you are involved in. Your partner might surprise you with a special gift.

April: Someone from your close entourage will contact you for a professional proposal. Although everything seems excellent, you should approach things with caution. Analyze all the data of the offer thoroughly and accept it only if the situation doesn’t involve high risks.

May: Some acquaintances, friends, colleagues will support you in entering a partnership, making known your knowledge abroad, which is very likely, you have chances. It is time to show understanding towards your life partner, to maintain the relationship warm, and make no hasty decisions.

June: You go out very often during the first three weeks of the month, and you meet interesting people. With some, you think of starting new projects, but the planets advise you, before starting anything, to finalize or at least reevaluate the ones you are already involved in. Financially, you have no worries or expenses that you can’t deal with.

July: The interaction with your partner is tense during the first part of the month when it would be indicated to show more understanding and compassion. You face challenges that test your self-confidence, but everything will end well. That is, with a well-deserved vacation in two or at least with plans for vacation.

August: For you, during the first part of the following period, things are going to be as stable as possible. No notable events will occur, so take advantage of this period of calm to rest. The end of the month will bring a series of challenges, which you will need to treat with most diplomacy.

September: In September, you will be busy with one of your parents, who seems to suffers from some serious health issues. However, have no fears, a rigorous medical check will indicate the right treatment. Fortunately, things will improve financially, so at least from this point of view, you won’t have any trouble.

October: October is likely to bring some health issues, such as viral infections or mild rhinitis, so try to prevent them because, during the following period, you will be more sensitive than usual. A friend might invite you on a brief trip, so you need all the energy in the world.

November: You will receive some money, a collaboration or contract renewal might also occur, so you will be content with how much money you have in your pocket. You will find out in what stage is the relationship with your partner, but for the moment, for whatever is to come, don’t be hasty in drawing conclusions.

December: You might go on a shopping spree to buy something new to wear and some delicacies for the Christmas party. You will see again the person who brings back pleasant memories, and you can resume a collaboration or romantic relationship.

Lucky & Unlucky Factors for Dog in 2021

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Along with Chinese horoscope predictions, we have also provided you some points that shed light on favorable factors for Dog Chinese Zodiac natives. Abiding by the below-mentioned factors, Dog natives can turn their luck around and lead a prosperous life ahead. Read about them below:

Favorable Direction: Southeast and Northeast

Lucky Color: Purple, Red, and Yellow

Lucky Number: 2,8

Favorable Month: Chinese Lunar Months January, October, and November

Unfavorable Month: Chinese Lunar Months March, June, and August

*Note from editors: The Dog Chinese horoscope 2021 has its ups and downs, that’s for sure. However, if you are willing to work hard, you can make it so there are more ups and downs. Even though the stars may guide you, it’s up to you to make the final choice. In this way, you create your own future.

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