December 2022 Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs: Astrology Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
December Monthly Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs

In December, the planet Neptune has moved in direct motion since December 4th, and the planets Uranus and Mars have been moving in regressive for the rest of the year. At the end of December, the month of December will also hit us with the regressive movement of the planet Mercury.

The December 2022 monthly horoscope predictions help you know what to adjust your life to suit everything. The following astrological advice will look at your future prospects on different aspects of the life of the 12 zodiac signs, from Aries to Pisces.

Overview: December 2022 Monthly Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs

The energies of Mars will be evenly distributed throughout December, and so in 2022 we have a unique opportunity in December to finally identify with the past. We have the option of closing open disputes or ending the long-standing grief that depresses us.

Horoscope December 2022: Full Moon in Gemini zodiac sign, Jupiter moves to Aries zodiac sign. The retrograde Mars during December 2022 strongly encourages us to move forward from the new year. To forget the past, to focus more on the present moment and a more positive future. Mars also robs us of motivation, so December should be more of a crowd walk - from a career perspective.

This is the miracle of Christmas acting, each native is fulfilled, the planetary influences offer for each of beautiful satisfactions, whether personal or emotional. Around the 18th of December, the euphoria of the preparations for Christmas provides good energies, the time for gifts has come, it brings joy and happiness, we put the animosities in the closet, it's a great time, there's of generosity in the air.

On December 20, Jupiter ends its short stay in Pisces that was caused by its retrogradation. Associated with Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, it gives a small boost to the signs of water and land. With Pluto and Uranus as reinforcements, those who need to change things will be delighted. As for those who wish to free themselves from a sclerosing situation, they will have the opportunity to do so.

Virgo and Pisces, the signs of air and fire, will be delighted with the return of Jupiter to Aries which is scheduled for December 21st. With the precious help of Mars, which is still in Gemini, it will allow them to resume ongoing projects or relationships that have been put on hold.

Saturn persists in Aquarius. Some may feel that things are not moving fast enough for them. And others will take the opportunity to structure their initiatives so that they are sustainable.

Key Dates and Special Astrological Events on December 2022

December 2022 Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs: Astrology Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
December 2022 Monthly Horoscope: Key Dates and Special Astrological Events

Horoscope December 1st: Venus opposite Mars

Venus enters the opposition with the retrograde Mars. Venus in opposition to Mars looks mainly at family relationships between parents and children, but also specifies our own value. Venus is a planet of love and money, and in the life of all the zodiac signs, it focuses mainly on the female zodiac signs, through which it sells more feminine energy.

Family relationships can be disharmonious during Venus's opposition to Mars, and quarrels can arise between mothers and children. Any relationships between parents and children that were complicated in the past are now external. Singles will tend to look for more passionate and turbulent relationships, but they do not have a long-term perspective.

Horoscope December 6th: Mercury enters Capricorn zodiac sign

The planet Mercury moves to Capricorn zodiac sign. People will need to look at the world around with a realistic view. During the movement of the planet Mercury in the Earth sign of Capricorn, we appreciate the order and arrangement.

On the planet Mercury in Capricorn, we perceive a lot of information at once, and we can also sort it appropriately, underlines Horoscope December 2022. Therefore, this period may be suitable mainly for recalculations of the family budget to the next year, for the summary of year-round accounting, or for plans for larger purchases.

Horoscope December 10th: Venus enters Capricorn

Venus enters Capricorn zodiac sign. This position of Venus will be interpreted differently for each zodiac sign, because much depends on the astrological house of Venus in Capricorn. However, presence of mind and self-control are the key words for all zodiac signs, who in this period feel a strong desire to control the actions of others. This strong desire that Venus brings to Capricorn can cause many conflicts, when other people will be too interested in our private lives. So we have to be careful, and we also have to be careful about friendships that are not too strong. People should be careful about their language, and they should also not talk about their private lives with people they do not know well, continue astrology Horoscope December 2022.

Venus in Capricorn should be used more for a solitary way of life, where we enjoy the presence of ourselves. Thoughtful and practical ideas, which some have been thinking about for a long time, can now be gradually and slowly transformed into reality.

For all 12 zodiac signs, however, Venus in Capricorn means the organization of thoughts and the right direction of emotions.

Horoscope December 20th: Jupiter enters Aries zodiac sign

The directive Jupiter enters the first zodiac sign - Aries. The sun gradually weakens in its action in Sagittarius zodiac sign, and the next day it transfers its energies to Capricorn zodiac sign. However, while the sun is in Sagittarius, Jupiter acts on the sign of Aries.

This period is also ideal for singles, who are now revealing all their powerful weapons that they have hid from others so far. The inspiration coming through Jupiter in Aries zodiac sign also gives opportunities to the unemployed, who should consider sending as many CVs as possible during this period. The results will certainly come, because the enthusiasm from the planet Jupiter in Aries brings the most happiness of all transits and also the courage to change your life.

Horoscope December 21st: Sun enters Capricorn zodiac sign

The sun changes to the 10th zodiac sign - the earth sign Capricorn zodiac sign. Traditionally, the last month of 2022 is ended by the transit of the sun from Sagittarius to the earth sign of Capricorn. The fundamental importance of how the sun in Capricorn hits the individual zodiac signs will be explained in each individual Horoscope for 2022.

However, the sun in Capricorn brings practical and new energies, which are very positive. The key words of this transit are organization, completion, but also trust, fun and hard work. All these properties of the sun's entry into Capricorn zodiac sign affect every Astrological sign of the zodiac, which will perceive this transition in their own lives. Those who have so far been afraid to show who they really are will have an ideal opportunity to express their own selves from December 21st until the start of the year 2023.

Horoscope December 23rd: New Moon in Capricorn

The sun in Capricorn zodiac sign combines energy with the New Moon in this sign. The sun and the Moon act on the earth sign Capricorn and not only affect the energies of the earth signs, but they also act strongly on the water zodiac signs.

The new moon in Capricorn zodiac sign affects all 12 signs of the zodiac for two days, and thus during the 23rd and 24th of December. It provides a health warning for female zodiac signs, who should be very careful about indigestion, weight gain, and also skin problems, warns Horoscope December 2022. Women should therefore focus on a more balanced diet, even though we are entering 24th December, which is more difficult in this area. In any case, it is better not to burden your body with overeating.

Horoscope December 29th: Mercury square Venus

Mercury square Venus, as well as the rotation of Mercury into retrograde motion. Mercury square Venus is the best time to answer important life questions. Some zodiac signs can cause social situations that cause unpleasant feelings. For example, you will have to decide between which company to spend the next few days. This period can also provoke certain conflicts and embarrassments, which are transferred to the tension in the love life. In order to avoid conflict situations, it is necessary to look for a compromise in your decisions.

Retrograde Mercury at the end of 2022 may call into question its own person and past decisions. You will look back on the whole of 2022 and wonder if you could not do more for yourself in life. People are also not interested in superficial social conversations and therefore want to avoid people who do not bring any added value to their lives. Therefore surround yourself with people with whom you feel good and try to overcome the period that encourages you to be isolated. After all, it is always better in the company of loving people than in depressed loneliness.

1.Aries - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

You end the year smoothly, this month no big difficulties, the overall mood is sweet.

The first half of December is peaceful, it is around December 14th that the changes are present, you receive a job offer or a favorable response to an application; you could start a project, a new professional activity or a creation.

In December 2022, finances will allow it because Aries will have a cash inflow ahead. Be careful, however, because there may be problems with your relatives and a large amount of money will be needed.

Singles from the Aries , who are looking for an opportunity to meet someone, will finally have it. Jupiter will make the prospect of a successful relationship not so far away.

Around December 20, the holiday season is approaching the atmosphere is lively, the family clan is welded. The period seems most conducive to develop with your children a little surprise trip to celebrate the end of the year.

2.Taurus - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

This month you do not go for it head down before you in a direction that is not yours, you think twice because you have learned from your mistakes.

In December 2022, family and home life will take second place because Taurus will finally discover what they want to do and fully focus on it. Family and partners will be very supportive Taurus. Harmony and order at home, make the Taurus energetic and willing to act.

Health will be supplemented with Taurus in December, but it's a good idea to reach for freshly squeezed juices and fruit and vegetable combinations.

From December 18th, you are dynamic and playful, you make the most of the festive period.

Around December 13, business trips are possible, new projects come to fruition, the end of the year is busy.

Financially the difficulties are frozen, you spend as you wish. Until early next year the stars protect your wallet.

3.Gemini - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

December 2022 Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs: Astrology Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
Gemini December Monthly Horoscope

In December 2022 in both professional and private areas, it will get very complicated for Gemini. You will find unexpected obstacles on your path that you should not be scared of but approach them as new challenges.

Professional success this month will depend on the balance between spiritual and material things. Focus the same attention on these two spheres of your life, and you will achieve success.

The positive influence of the planets will support you in this. The location of Mars will be favourable, which will affect your self-confidence, solve language and increase interpersonal skills. The influence of Pluto will also be beneficial.

It is around December 21st, as the holidays approach, you will need to tighten your family ties; the atmosphere will be relaxing, you will find a good energy. Your dynamism is back, you bluff your close entourage.

Planetary influences accompany your achievements, your career gains momentum, your professional wishes come true, you leap forward. You can undertake or finalize a professional project. Your love life is the opposite of your professional life; you have trouble imposing yourself, you doubt; you do not take the lead; you stay there without acting, look disillusioned.

4.Cancer - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

In the December 2022, personal matters will come to the fore. Family, relationships and friends will be a priority for you.

In December 2022, Cancer find it difficult to dissociate yourself from a project or an association. You are questioning a contract or collaboration. Your priorities go mainly to your professional activities. You have trouble finding space for family life and couple life.

Around December 14, a thinning is coming up, new opportunities are finally coming; you find your motivation. In love, if your partner blames you for being less present, you do everything to satisfy him/her. The Christmas period is timely, the moment is opportune; you make your loved ones happy.

Finances are not good.The planned business will turn out to be risky and not necessarily profitable. You will have to make extra efforts to earn as much as usual. It's only at the end of December that fortune will smile at you and the risk will pay off.

5.Leo - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

In the December, flexibility and the ability to cooperate will be important. Working in a team will help you achieve success and much faster than you expected.

The month will be stable in financial terms; there will be no shortage of current expenses. You can also afford an extra expense, something you have long dreamed about. However, do not overdo shopping with a flourish.

On the side of your loves, it goes well: you are affectionate, attentive, caring for your loved ones. You are approaching the Christmas holidays in a good state of mind.

6.Virgo - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

In December, the influence of family on the life of Virgo will become very powerful, hence taking care of loved ones will be crucial. If you want to be happy, you must appreciate your loved ones and build a harmonious relationship with them.

The influence of Venus and Uranus will add to your personal charm, which will help in developing new relationships, which is especially important for single Virgo. Singles will probably find love among people within their circle.

The stars point to your love, a beautiful evolution is present around December 9; you are not dreaming; it is the reality. Your love life is energized, if you aspire to engage lovingly or professionally, the opportunities are there. This good planetary dynamics allows you to give a turn to your daily life which corresponds totally to your expectations.

The month of December is synonymous of protection. Indeed, you are the darling of the planets; it is Christmas before the hour.

7.Libra - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

December 2022 Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs: Astrology Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
Libra December Monthly Horoscope

In December 2022, Libra focus on harmony and cooperation both at work and at home. Only collaboration can make you achieve good results at work, and you will not fall out with the bosses. Showing that you can do everything yourself, only gives you a lot of work and not a job.

Career people will get the right opportunities they need to advance in life. After the third week of December 2022, your married life will be harmonious and peaceful. Finances will also be great.

Business people will face some challenges in expanding their businesses.

You leave the worries behind, a small few days stay could end the year, enough to start on a new basis.

8.Scorpio - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

The beginning of December is mixed, you have the impression that nothing is moving forward but the opposite is happening.

Placing planets in one sector will make family and emotional problems more important than career and work. Focusing on feelings and strengthening bonds which will help you calm down emotionally and repairing relationships with your relatives will bring satisfaction.

Towards the 14th important changes are put in place, if in the immediate future you do not see results, it will not delay. You keep a good momentum, it is very important; you are marked by the strength to undertake.

Single Scorpio natives should be careful not to enter into love relationships that they might regret in the end. Your family matters a lot, and you should be fully present for them this month. Do not worry about your professional life because soon, positive changes will take place.

Health will be excellent. This month is a blessed one to Scorpio natives because it is not coupled with great challenges.

9.Sagittarius - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

December 2022 will be very calm for Sagittarius. Any changes and sudden movements will be inadvisable this month because they can bring more harm than good. You should focus on family, private life, plans and needs of your relatives.

Around December 5th you have a click, you understand then that it is important to move, you have fallen behind, the private life and professional life are related; you have trouble moving forward. The astral vibrations show you that you must believe again and again, be responsive.

On December 17, the chance hits a big blow, your loves are in the limelight and professional side you are asked. If you have recently responded to a job offer, you will receive a contact for an interview.

10.Capricorn - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

In December 2022, Capricorn he will need a large dose of patience and diplomacy. Only then can something be achieved. Any attempts to fight and take power, whether at work or home, will end up in conflicts. The moon will have a very strong influence on your self-esteem.

You will have some challenges with your finances, but all will be well towards the end of the month. Your love life will be a positive example to the people who look up to you.

From December 6th the period is pleasant, concerning your obligations you decide to make a brake; it is a well-deserved rest, the rest of the body and the spirit. Lately you have become aware that your priorities have taken precedence over your family life, it has not been easy to accept. Considering things differently certainly leads to some compromises but you remain very open to change.

11.Aquarius - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

December 2022 Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs: Astrology Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
Aquarius December Monthly Horoscope

In December 2022, Aquarius devote to relatives. You will strengthen family ties, take care of the home and the atmosphere prevailing in it. Career will go down in the background. The system of planets will not be conducive to the development of this sphere of life. The location of Jupiter will be particularly disadvantageous.

The growth of your professional activities has a positive impact on your private relations. You are changing; a comfortable situation comes into your life, even if you doubt you will get evidence around December 11th.

Your career is taking time to get on the right path, but you need to be patient with yourself.

By superstition, waiting for your projects to materialize, you prefer to keep quiet, trying to block with those around you. Before the end of the year, you refocus on your personal journey. Good surprises come at the same time as gifts; you are part of the lucky zodiac.

Health might not be too good this month. You will suffer from a chronic illness that will put you down for the better part of the month.

12. Pisces - Monthly Horoscope on December 2022

Overall, the month of December is constructive, if Pisces take a few days of vacation to relax, you will enjoy twice as much dilettante.

The powerful movements of the planets in the December period will bring a change for Pisces. Your priorities will be affected. Up to the 17th of December, you will put family first. After this date, you will focus on paid work. Jupiter and Venus will give you new, interesting prospects for professional development.

Despite the unfavourable layout of the planets and the backward movements of Mercury, you will not complain about the lack of success in love.

Jupiter and Venus will give you new, interesting prospects for professional development. It would be a sin not to take advantage of them. Stars do not predict improvement in your finances. December is not the best for planning large expenses. Make a financial plan and stick to it, for temptation will be easy.

Business people will get the financial assistance they need to venture into new projects. Career people will also not progress in their careers until next month.

Final Astrological Advice for December 2022

Thus, December 2022 is not rich in a large number of retrograde planets. During New Moon we are astrologically struck by the energy of Mars and during Full Moon also by the energy of retrograde Mercury. December is too rich in the negative aspects of the astrological chart, but it also brings some conflicts between the positive and negative aspects.

This is not a good time for a new job or a significant change in life. Retrograde Mars is not, from an astrological point of view, a period full of joy and enjoyment of life, but it is also not a burdensome or negative aspect, describes Horoscope December 2022.

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