Cinderella Fairy Tale Full Text to Read
Cinderella Fairy Tale Full Text to Read

Why is Cinderella fairytale story called Cinderella?

After Ella whips out her mother’s pink dress in hopes that she can wear it and attend the event the terrible trio take it upon themselves to burn it. When the girls see that the dress is covered in cinders and that they’re now on Ella they decide to call her Cinderella.

Cinderella Fairytale: Summary

Cinderella, also known as The Little Glass Slipper, English name is Cinderella, French name is Cendrillon. This is a fairy tale about a young girl living in unfortunate circumstances and marrying a Prince.

Cinderella grew up with an evil stepmother and stepsisters. They would not let her go to the prince's ball, but her fairy godmother made it happen with magic.

Cinderella danced with the prince and they fell in love. Since she had to leave by midnight, she ran and lost one slipper. The prince found the slipper and searched for her.

After he found her, they were married and lived happily ever after.

Charles Perrault's "Cinderella"

"Cinderella" by Charles Perrault is about a young lady named Cinderella who lives under the cruel grip of her stepmother and stepsisters. That is, of course, until she meets the prince and falls in love. Perrault's version of the tale was first published in 169 and was a retelling of the first European printing story written by Giambattista Basile.

When Was Cinderella Written?

Cinderella FairyTale: Full Text Story, Best Pictures and Video in English Version
Charles Perrault's Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper

The Cinderella author, Frenchman Charles Perrault, was a lawyer. Having gotten into a literary argument about the perceived advantages of modern writers versus more classical literature (called "The Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns"), Perrault published a collection of stories in 1697 titled Tales of Mother Goose. The classic fairy tale "Cinderella" was among those stories he published in this collection, but in this collection, it had the title of "Cendrillon" as it was in French. Though not the first published version of "Cinderella," Perrault's version is the one most widely known thanks to his additions of glass slippers, a pumpkin carriage, and a fairy godmother.

Grimm brothers' Cinderella

The version of Cinderella, written by writer Charles Perrault in 1697, is the most famous and most humane version.

There is also another version of the story written by the Grimm brothers in the 19th century. The Grimm brothers' version of the story has the great difference that the help for Cinderella does not come from the fairy but from the fairy. Wishing on Cinderella's Grave.

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The Full Text Cinderella Story of Charles Perrault in English Version

One upon a time, a girl named Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Poor Cinderella had to work hard all day long so the others could rest. It was she who had to wake up each morning when it was still dark and cold to start the fire. It was she who cooked the meals. It was she who kept the fire going. The poor girl could not stay clean, from all the ashes and cinders by the fire.

“What a mess!” her two stepsisters laughed. And that is why they called her “Cinderella.”

One day, big news came to town. The King and Queen were going to have a ball! It was time for the Prince to find a bride. All of the young ladies in the land were invited to come. They were wild with joy! They would wear their most beautiful gown and fix their hair extra nice. Maybe the prince would like them!

At Cinderella’s house, she now had extra work to do. She had to make two brand-new gowns for her step-sisters.

“Faster!” shouted one step-sister.

“You call that a dress?” screamed the other.

“Oh, dear!” said Cinderella. “When can I–“

The stepmother marched into the room. “When can you WHAT?”

“Well,” said the girl, “when will I have time to make my own dress for the ball?”

“You?” yelled the stepmother. “Who said YOU were going to the ball?”

“What a laugh!” said one step-sister.

“Such a mess!” They pointed at Cinderella. All of them laughed.

Cinderella said to herself, “When they look at me, maybe they see a mess. But I am not that way. And if I could, I WOULD go to the ball.”

Soon the time came for the stepmother and step-sisters to leave for the big party.

Their fine carriage came to the door. The stepmother and step-sisters hopped inside. And they were off.

“Good-bye!” called Cinderella. “Have a good time!” But her stepmother and step-sisters did not turn around to see her.

Cinderella FairyTale: Full Text Story, Video in English Version, Life Lessons
cinderella step sisters and mother

“Ah, me!” said Cinderella sadly. The carriage rode down the street. She said aloud, “I wish I could go to the ball, too!”

Then - Poof!

All of a sudden, in front of her was a fairy.

“You called?” said the fairy.

“Did I?” said Cinderella. “Who are you?”

“Why, your Fairy Godmother, of course! I know your wish. And I have come to grant it.”

“But…” said Cinderella, “my wish is impossible.”

“Excuse me!” said the Fairy Godmother in a huff. “Did I not just show up out of thin air?”

“Yes, you did,” said Cinderella.

“Then let me be the one to say what is possible or not!”

“Well, I think you know I want to go to the ball, too.” She looked down at her dirty clothes.

“But look at me.”

“You do look a bit of a mess, child,” said the Fairy Godmother.

“Even if I had something nice to wear," said the girl, "I would have no way to get there."

“Dear me, all of that is possible,” said the Fairy. With that, she tapped her wand on Cinderella’s head.

At once, Cinderella was all clean. She was dressed in a beautiful blue gown. Her hair was set up high on her head inside a golden band.

“This is wonderful!” said Cinderella.

“Who said I was done?” said the Fairy Godmother. She tapped her wand again. At once, a beautiful carriage came to be, with a driver and four white horses.

“Am I dreaming?” said Cinderella, looking around her.

“It is as real, as real can be,” said the Fairy Godmother. “But there is one thing you must know.”

“What is that?”

“All of this lasts only to midnight. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, it will all be over. Everything will go back to how it was before.”

“Then I must be sure to leave the ball before midnight!” said Cinderella.

“Good idea,” said the Fairy Godmother. She stepped back. “My work is done.” And with that, the Fairy Godmother was gone.

Cinderella looked around her. "Did that even happen?" But there she stood in a fine gown, and with a golden band in her hair. And there were her driver and four horses before her, waiting.

“Coming?” called the driver.

She stepped into the carriage. And they were off.

Over at the ball, the Prince did not know what to think. “Why do you have that sad look on your face?” the Queen said to her son. “Look around you! You could not ask for finer maidens than these.”

“I know, Mother,” said the Prince. Yet he knew something was wrong. He had met many of the young women. Yet after he said “hello,” one by one, he could find nothing more to say.

"Look!" Someone pointed to the front door. “Who is that?”

All heads turned. Who was that lovely maiden stepping down the stairs? She held her head tall and looked as if she belonged. But no one knew her.

“There is something about her,” said the Prince to himself. “I will ask her to dance.” And he walked over to Cinderella.

Cinderella FairyTale: Full Text Story, Best Pictures and Video in English Version
Cinderella is dancing with Prince

“Have we met?” said the Prince.

“I am pleased to meet you now,” said Cinderella with a bow.

“I feel as if I know you,” said the Prince. “But of course, that is impossible.”

“Many things are possible,” said Cinderella, “if you wish them to be true.”

The Prince felt a leap in his heart. He and Cinderella danced. When the song was over, they danced again. And then they danced again, and yet again. Soon the other maidens at the ball grew jealous. “Why is he dancing all the time with her?” they said. “How rude!”

But all the Prince could see was Cinderella. They laughed and talked, and they danced some more. In fact, they danced for so long that Cinderella did not see the clock.

“Dong!” said the clock.

Cinderella looked up.

“Dong!” went the clock again.

She looked up again. “Oh, my!” she cried out. “It is almost midnight!”

“Dong!” rung the clock.

“Why does that matter?” said the Prince.

“Dong!” called the clock.

“I must go!” said Cinderella.

“Dong!” went the clock.

“But we just met!” said the Prince. “Why leave now?”

“Dong!” rung the clock.

“I must GO!” said Cinderella. She ran to the steps.

“Dong!” said the clock.

“I cannot hear you,” said the Prince. “The clock is too loud!”

“Dong!” rung the clock.

“Goodbye!” said Cinderella. Up, up the stairs she ran.

“Dong!” went the clock.

“Please, stop for a moment!” said the Prince.

“Oh, dear!” she said as one glass slipper fell off her foot on the stair. But Cinderella kept running up.

“Dong!” said the clock.

“Please wait a moment!” said the Prince.

“Dong!” rung the clock.

“Goodbye!” Cinderella turned one last time. Then she rushed out the door.

“Dong!” The clock was quiet. It was midnight.

“Wait!” called the Prince. He picked up her glass slipper and rushed out the door. He looked around but could not see her blue dress anywhere. “This is all I have left from her,” he said, looking down at the glass slipper. He saw that it was made in a special way, to fit a foot like none other. “Somewhere there is the other glass slipper,” he said. “And when I find it, I will find her, too. Then I will ask her to be my bride!”

From hut to hut, from house to house, went the Prince. One young woman after another tried to fit her foot inside the glass slipper. But none could fit. And so the Prince moved on.

At last the Prince came to Cinderella’s house.

“He is coming!” called one step-sister as she looked out the window.

“At the door!” screamed the other step-sister.

“Quick!” yelled the stepmother. “Get ready! One of you must be the one to fit your foot in that slipper. No matter what!”

The Prince knocked. The stepmother flew open the door. “Come in!” she said. “I have two lovely daughters for you to see.”

The first step-sister tried to place her foot in the glass slipper. She tried hard, but it just would not fit. Then the second step-sister tried to fit her foot inside. She tried and tried with all her might, too. But no dice.

“Are there no other young women in the house?” said the Prince.

“None,” said the stepmother.

“Then I must go,” said the Prince.

“Maybe there is one more,” said Cinderella, stepping into the room.

“I thought you said there were no other young women here,” said the Prince.

“None who matter!” said the stepmother in a hiss.

“Come here,” said the Prince.

Cinderella stepped up to him. The Prince got down on one knee and tried the glass slipper on her foot. It fit perfectly! Then, from her pocket Cinderella took out something. It was the other glass slipper!

“I knew it!” he cried. “You are the one!”

“WHAT?” shouted a step-sister.

“Not HER!” screamed the other step-sister.

“This cannot BE!” yelled the stepmother.

But it was too late. The prince knew that Cinderella was the one. He looked into her eyes. He did not see the cinders in her hair or the ashes on her face.

“I have found you!” he said.

“And I have found you,” said Cinderella.

Cinderella FairyTale: Full Text Story, Best Pictures and Video in English Version
Cinderella and the Prince were married, and they lived happily ever after

And so Cinderella and the Prince were married, and they lived happily ever after.

The End


Read Cinderella Fairytale For Kids with Your Own Style

You can also memorize and retell this Cinderella fairy tale more attractive to your child with the following version:

Once upon a time lived a nobleman who, after the death of his first wife, remarried to a haughty woman who already had two daughters by nature similar to her mother. The nobleman also had a daughter from his first marriage, but unlike her half-sisters, she was kind, beautiful, and good, just like her mother.

Immediately after the wedding, her stepmother showed her real face, so she forced her stepdaughter to do all the hardest work around the house and sleep in the attic. She therefore caressed and cared only for her daughters and dressed them in the most beautiful dresses. Despite her misery, the girl endured everything well, and she was not allowed to complain to her father because he was also afraid of her stepmother. Every night after a hard day, she used to sit by the fireplace, which is why she was called Cinderella. Even though she was wearing rags, she was still more beautiful than her sisters.

One day, the king organized a ball for his son and invited all the nobility, including two ugly stepsisters. They enjoyed preparing for the ball. Cinderella, who, like any other girl, wanted to go, selflessly helped them in their preparations. But so ugly dressed and eternally laden with ashes, she was convinced no one would let her into the castle. Her half-sisters agreed.

An important day finally came and the half-sisters headed to the ball. Cinderella watched them off with tears in her eyes. Then her godmother, who was also a good fairy, saw her. She felt sorry for the girl and when Cinderella told her she wanted to go to the ball, the godmother decided to help her. She first sends the girl to the garden to get a pumpkin, which she then digs out, carves, and, with her magic wand, turns it into a beautiful gilded carriage.

After that, Cinderella had to bring a mousetrap with six mice, and the good fairy touched each with a wand. Mice turned into beautiful horses. All that was missing was a coachman, so Cinderella brought a trap with three rats. The fairy touched each with a wand and turned them into coachmen. Six more servants were needed, and as Cinderella found six lizards in the garden, the fairy turned them into servants.

As Cinderella was still wearing an ugly and dirty dress, the fairy used her wand once more and made a beautiful silver and gold dress and shoes. The beautifully dressed Cinderella was ready for the ball and so she set off for the castle in a carriage. The fairy warned her not to stay after midnight because the carriage would turn into a pumpkin and her spells would disappear.

When she came to the great hall, the king's son immediately noticed her and was amazed by her beauty. Cinderella started dancing with the prince, then sat down at the table with her half-sisters, talked to them, and shared the lemons and oranges she had received as a gift from the prince. The half-sisters didn't recognize her. Just before midnight, Cinderella thanked everyone and quickly disappeared. At home, she thanked her godmother and said that she would like to go to the ball tomorrow because she had received an invitation from the prince himself. Later, the half-sisters returned and enthusiastically talked about a beautiful girl that no one recognized.

The next day, she asked the older stepsister to lend her a yellow dress so she could go to the ball, but she was repulsed and refused. The fairy godmother jumped in to help once again and Cinderella had a great time so much that she forgot what time it was. The first sound of the clock at midnight forced Cinderella to flee, but one of her shoes, which the prince had taken, fell off her foot. The search began, but no one knew where the beautiful princess had disappeared. The guards said they only saw a village girl, but not a princess. The prince announced that he would marry a girl to whom the shoe belonged.

The servants carried the shoe all over the kingdom, and when they reached the house where Cinderella lived, the half-sisters hurried to try on the shoe, but it did not suit them. Cinderella asked if she could try when the half-sisters started laughing. The nobleman in charge of the shoe said that she can because that was the king's order, and that every girl has the right to try on a shoe. Cinderella tried a shoe that fit her perfectly.

The sisters were amazed, and even more so when Cinderella pulled another shoe out of her pocket. After that, the godmother came and made Cinderella's dress even more beautiful than before. The sisters then realized how evil they were and begged Cinderella for her forgiveness. She forgave them and when she married the prince, she called them to live with her in the castle and married the gentlemen from the court while her evil stepmother was banished from the court.

The Meaning and Life Lessons of the Cinderella Story

Cinderella teaches the morals of kindness towards all forgiving others for doing wrong and never letting bad things ruin your heart.

A printable version of an oral story guide demonstrates that the tale of Cinderella signifies personal growth and transformation. As Cinderella learns to differentiate between good and bad her new dress reflects that change since inner change correlates with outside alteration as well.

♦ The first lesson is to be on time

♦ Be Courageous and Kind. Pure kindness and love triumph over evil.

♦ Lessons about love between people and people

♦ Lessons to learn to love yourself, be proud of yourself

♦ Be Positive, Not Negative

♦ Never stop dreaming. and You have to work for those dreams!

♦ Always have mice and birds make your clothing.

♦ Never be afraid to ask for help. …

♦ Extreme sensitivity can be a virtue. …

♦ Parents don’t always make the best decisions. …

♦ Actions speak louder than words.

Was Cinderella a true story?

His original Cinderella based on a true story contains violent elements as well since the wicked stepsisters butcher their own feet while trying to get into the slipper that the Prince had found. … Perrault based his fairy tale on two accounts of dark depravity in Brittany France.

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