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Culture is always a fun thing to learn. Family and society culture makes you who you are today. Knowing what is appropriate to do, and what is inappropriate, is considered fundamental.

Gift giving is quite important in Chinese culture, especially on special occasions like New Year's Day. Let's find out what top best-recommended Chinese New year Gifts Giving Etiquette are with Knowinsider!

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Gifts for Friends

Alcohol: During Chinese New Year time, every family enjoys a big meal every day. And one of the indispensable drinks on New Year's Day is alcohol so it is quite suitable to bring alcohols or wines when you are visiting your friends, especially they are very fond of drinking. According to the topchinatravel.com, white spirits are traditional Chinese alcohols and popular sellers during Chinese New Year. Popular white spirits like Fen Jiu, Luzhou Laojiao, Honghua Lang, Guojiao in fact almost every alcohol will change to a red festive appearance package for a better sale during this time of year. Just remember that you shall bring two bottles, as things are auspicious in pairs regarding gifts in Chinese culture.

Tobacco: If your friends are smokers then tobacco could be a happy choice. Some cigarettes in China can be expensive such as Nanjing or Zhonghua, yet gifts are about care and courtesy rather than sending dear gifts and expecting for an equivalent reward. So pick those ones which your friend often have will do, but remember to give one single pack is impolite, one bar is a proper gift and two bars are the best!

Home Supplies: If you are visiting a new-married couple, or your host has just moved to a new house, some home supplies couldn’t be better. Things like juicer, tea set or kitchen crockery are wise choices.

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Gifts for Seniors

Hat, Gloves, Scarf or Clothes: when you are visiting elderly people, things that matter to their health or comfort would be a good gift. A warm hat, gloves, scarf or clothes are a clever choice for keeping them comfortable during New Year time as it is winter.

Massage Chair, Foot bath massager or Fitness Equipment: fitness equipment is always welcomed by seniors. Massage chair, foot spa machine and massage pillow are all reasonable choices.

Tonic Products: For seniors who are not in perfect health conditions, gifts such as tonic products, such as cubilose, ginseng and cordyceps are wise choices. Just carefully check the warranty print and expiry dates when you are paying for it.

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Gifts for Kids

School stationary & Books: They are always welcome by their parents for improving their studies.

Toys, Candy & Chocolates: Barbie dolls for little girls and transformation toys for a little boy. Candies & chocolates are just common sense.

Red Envelopes: Red envelopes are most popular within kids during Chinese New Year time. They would always be happy to have some pocket money at their own expense.

Besides these mentioned ideal gifts, there exist some rules you should follow when giving New year Gifts in China. Let's find out some of them collected from the vividchinese.com:

The older generations will give money to the younger generations. For instance, the grandparents to the grandchild, the uncles, and aunts to nephews and nieces, the parents to children, according to Vivid Chinese.

When choosing envelopes, be careful to get the red ones. You may also find white and blue envelopes for sale in stores, but those are for funerals.

When giving money, ensure it is crisp and new. Also, be careful of the amount of money you put in the envelope, an “even number” is better and avoid any “number 4.”

Always start by presenting a gift to the oldest (or most senior) member if giving gifts to a large group or whole family.

When giving or receiving a gift always use two hands.

Giving gifts when visiting friends and relatives during Chinese New Year is common. It is a good idea to wrap your gifts in red or gold. Avoid wrapping them in white, black or blue.

It is considered bad form to receive a gift and open it immediately in front of the giver. The person receiving the gift will likely express their thanks before putting the gift aside to open in private later

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