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Celebrated for a period of three days, Brij Mahotsav in Rajasthan, India is majorly observed in the Braj or Brij region of the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. This Mahotsav is held in the honour of Lord Krishna, its main attractions being multi-coloured attires, folk dances, along with traditional music. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire city of Bharatpur echoes with the sound of melodies on the occasion of this festival.

For the unversed, held in the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month of Hindu calendar, this festival is also celebrated in Vrindavan. In Vrindavan, this festival sees a thong of devotees dressed up in colourful attires singing, dancing and depicting Ras Leela of Lord Krishna. The Leela is a true depiction of the love between Radha and Lord Krishna.

What is Brij Festival?

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Lord Krishna. Photo: Iskconmysore

The festival takes place during the month of March. It is celebrated a few days ahead before holi. This festival is also takes place in a grand, elaborate and colourful manner. Lord Krishna is worshipped during this festival. Various types of cultural festivals are also held. Bharatpur comes alive during this festival, the spirit of which can be felt, Ntpindiatourism noted.

History of Braj Festival of Bharatpur

The Braj Bhoomi is extremely famous as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. This is also considered as the very soil where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. And on the auspicious occasion of this festival, many artists come together for performing Ras Leela that essentially depicts the life of Lord Krishna. The Brij Festival in Bharatpur is a true blend of the historic ethos that sets India apart from the rest of the world, Adotrip cited.

It is considered as a very important place for people belonging to the Buddhists community. Yes, interesting to know, isn't it? It is believed that it was Lord Buddha himself who had preached and opened various monasteries in this particular place along with other nearby regions. Yes, there was a time when about 3,000 monks used to live in these 20 monasteries. However, later on, these temples were ravaged by Muslim invaders like Mahmud Ghazni and Sikander Lodi.

Brij Festival's Celebrations

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Photo: Tourmyindia

The festival sees villagers splashing colors on each other and painting their houses in different and bright colors. The major highlight of the festival is the dance called Raslila which it is said was performed by Krishna and Radha in moments of deep intimacy and affection. The sight of villagers performing this dance in traditional attires is extremely pleasing. The sound of folk melodies and songs is a treat to the ears.

The region comes alive with beautiful colors and vivid people as they play with colors. Dance is often a cultural part of the festival with music and stories. The festival has popularized folk dance and opera by many professionals and amateurs. Locals, as well as tourists from all across the world, come here to witness the saga. The Brij festival exhibits the traditional culture of Rajasthan, Mapsofindia sited.

Significance of Brij Festival Tour

The region reflects the true essence, spirit and culture of the region. The unique festival of Brij is celebrated by all people, which signifies unity and love. There is a Radha Krishna temple where people gather in the morning to offer prayers. Before that they take a dip in the holy water at the ghats of Banganga River. The worshipers believe that if you take in this water then you can get yourself purified. They believe that your soul gets purified by this holy dip.

How to Participate in Brij Festival?

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Photo: Worldphotographersclub

By Air

Bharatpur has no airport. The nearest domestic airport is in Agra, 56 km away. Kheria Airport has limited flights to domestic destinations in the country. The nearest international airport is in Delhi, 184 km away. Indira Gandhi International Airport offers air connectivity from major cities of India and the world. From both airports, taxis and private vehicles ply on the route.

By Rail

Bharatpur has its own railway station. The railhead is well connected with major cities of India. The city is accessible from the railway station as it lies in the very centre. Taxis, autos, cabs and buses ply on this route.

By Road

Bharatpur has good road connections with Rajasthan and India. The city can be accessed by state owned buses, luxury buses, private vehicles, taxis, etc. there are frequent services from Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Brij Bharatpur Festival is a colorful celebration. Attend the festivities of the incredible history and heritage of the state. Check out our collection of hotels in Bharatpur from options of luxury hotels, palace converted as heritage stays, budget lodgings at your desired location. Discover Rajasthan and its royal delights, browsing through numerous listed Bharatpur tour packages. Book short tour plans or explore longer tours to cities like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar and other major cities. With us, grab comfortable and hassle free travel plans to the Royal Rajasthan, according to Indianholiday.

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