Tuesday. Photo: The Cut
Tuesday. Photo: The Cut

Traditionally Tuesday is the third day of the week. A person born on this day has the ruling planet of Mars, which symbolizes a fighting spirit, a desire to lead the way and a will to win. Tuesday's child is active, enthusiastic, energetic, courageous, brave, impatient, sometimes too fiery and destructive, and has a big desire to achieve success.

People Born On Sunday in Personality

People born on a Tuesday are fighters. They are energetic souls who love to have all their wishes granted. They do not take no for an answer. They strive for their goals. They are not lazy or weak, instead they full of power and unending strength.

They are energetic and active:

Tuesday born fellows are full of energy. They never seem to run out of it. They are always on the move. They reach far for their goal. They don’t stop just because others say so. When they feel like quitting, the need to expend energy keeps them moving till they reach for gold. They attract attention and help easily because people are amazed at how much they struggle to get what they want.

They are daring and hardworking:

People born on Tuesday are pretty daring. They will always do what others are afraid to do. They can find a way even when no one wants to try. They are brave go-getters. They push for what they want. They are hardworking. They know how much success costs and are determined to pay. They are passionate individuals who don’t back down in sight of failure.

They are born fighters:

Tuesday born babies are born to fight in the world. They refuse to keep calm and lie low when everyone else does. They are full if valour. They are mighty men and women. They strive for what they want. They do not accept status quo or the conventional way of the world. They fight for recognition and success. They fight for love. They fight to be acknowledged. They fight for everything in life that doesn’t come easily to them.

They become very successful in their career:

A Tuesday born personality is bound to become very successful. They work hard and struggle to achieve success. They do everything possible to get noticed by the world. They are courageous leaders who can defend their cause at any given time. They are honest about all their dealings and follow only legitimate paths. They are dedicated to their visions and plans. Once their eye is set on a prize, they keep moving until they acquire it.

They bother about situations that are out of their control:

People born on Tuesday tend to worry a lot. They bother about the way things are and how they want it to be. They worry about every single thing. They get sad over situations which they cannot control. They wish they have the power to change some things. They always notice the broken bridge between what is and what they want. They feel sad over certain reactions and decisions which other people make too.

They desire to have the best things in life.

Tuesday born individuals desire the best things in life. They have a good eye for fine luxuries. They want the trending accessories and stuff to be in their possession. They crave expensive and quality things. They work hard so they can afford to buy the things they want. They always want to satisfy their need for certain materials. They will stop at nothing to make sure they acquire these things.

They have a fiery will:

Babies born on Tuesday are fierce and strong-willed. They fight for what they want. Their hunger and thirst for more fuels their drive in life. They want to see more, do more, get more and be more. They are often never satisfied. They don’t lay back when everyone else decides to. They make sure to find their way out of inappropriate situations. They do not settle for less. They keep going against all odds.

They do not know how to handle criticism well:

People who are born on Tuesday have an issue with criticism. They welcome constructive criticism which appeals to their emotions. They want to be criticized in a thoughtful manner which wouldn’t tramp on their ego. They prefer to be told that they tried rather than being called a failure. They hate to hear condemnations disguised as criticism.

They only do what seems right to them:

Tuesday borns have a tough mind of their own. They do not let other opinions get in their way of thinking. They listen to everybody’s advice but tend to only follow what their mind tells them. They may act so unyielding because they believe their intuition always guides them right. They only do what is right in their mind. They search for answers from within their heart.

They are full of enthusiasm:

People born on Tuesday are enthusiastic souls. They put their heart into everything they do. They are always excited. While others may not see any good thing yet, Tuesday borns are sure to get excited for what the future holds. They are inspirational beings who inspire everyone around them. They stay happy even in the midst of uncertainty and upturns. They show enthusiasm towards life, according to Naijagists.

Body texture and personality

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Mars has a special effect on people born on Tuesday. Their hair is curly, neck long and shoulders wide. There is a kind of sharp current inside them. Most of these people you will find that there is a rash or some kind of mark on their face. People born on this day are savoury, whitish.

They are very brave due to the influence of Mars. He gets angry very quickly. Although they are very clear of the heart. But they are not able to waste anyone's talk or joke.

Especially the people born on Tuesday are very aggressive and playful by nature. There is always a desire to overtake them. Nature has made him very courageous, courageous, brave, smart and active, as Acharyavshastri noted.

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People Born On Sunday in Love

Most times you tend to worry a lot and get absorbed in deep thoughts into your closed self. Because of this, you will find it difficult to connect with others. In order to find your love and nurture it to maturity and understanding, it is important that you consider the emotional needs of your partner. You always tend to speak out your mind without any forethought or reservations, often you end up upsetting your partner with your words. Think twice or thrice before you speak. Look at the issues of life from different perspectives. This stand will let you maintain harmony and good understanding between you and your love partner, as reported by Times of India.

People Born On Tuesday in Marriage

Your impatient and hot-tempered natures are your enemies when it comes to peaceful married life. You will protect your life partner courageously shielding them from all the odds of life. However, your pushy nature can be destructive to the peace and harmony in relationships. Do not explode when you under the spell of your emotions. Take your time and think well before you talk. Remember that the hurt caused is never reversible. With a considerate approach, you can make your married life a smooth and lovable journey. While it is your natural tendency to rule and lead, at home give equal status to your life partner to ensure harmony.

People Born On Tuesday in Career

They have very good decision-making ability, they take decisions in jokes. They are very intelligent as well as have attractive personality and are fast-paced. Therefore, they also achieve good success in the work of responsibilities.

People born on Tuesday learn very quickly in their field of employment such as technical work, physical force work, or work related to machines, and they work with big heart.

The people born on Tuesday have earned more names in their career as leaders, police, army, bureaucrats, sportsmen, car mechanic, car racing, production of vehicles, adventure sports. Hence, there is no shortage of funds.

People Born On Tuesday in Health

The people born on Tuesday are mostly healthy and disease-free. And even if their health deteriorates, they have to face problems related to blood, infection, etc. In addition, they are more likely to suffer injury or accident than others.

Lucky days, numbers, and Colors

Auspicious number of people born on Tuesday: 3, 6, 9

Auspicious color of people born on Tuesday: Red maroon

People born on Tuesday have auspicious days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Planet sign: Mars

Mars symbol. Photo: Labyrinthos Academy
Mars symbol. Photo: Labyrinthos Academy

Mars, the God of War, is the ruler of Aries. In astrology, Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. It is the survival instinct and can be thought of as the “leftover” animal nature of man.

Mars rules our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. Our sexual desires come under the rule of Mars. Whereas Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars is most associated with basic body attraction. This is the planet of action rather than reaction. With Mars, there is no contemplation before action. The drive associated with Mars differs from that of the Sun in that it is self-assertion rather than the assertion of the will; it is raw energy rather than creative energy.

Mars Symbol GlyphMars is the push that gets us out of bed in the morning, our drive and desire nature, and our active energy. When we are “acting out” our Mars, we are assertive, directed, forthright, and adventurous. On the negative side, we can be impulsive, rash, impatient, aggressive, and forceful.

In the chart, the position of Mars by sign shows our basic sexual nature, how we express our anger (our temper), what makes us angry, and our first instinct to act. Our competitive nature is revealed in the nature of Mars’ sign. By house, the position of Mars shows the areas of life where we apply our drive and express our enthusiasm. Planets that Mars contacts are colored with action and self-assertion. These planets can represent the kinds of experiences we seek, reported by cafeastrology.

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