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What is Zodiac Sign If You Were Born in May?

In general, people born in May will be a bit stubborn, strong-willed, brave and always dare to face all challenges.

If you were born between May 1 and May 20, your zodiac sign is Taurus. For the remaining days of May, you will have the zodiac sign Gemini. Both of these zodiac signs have very unique and interesting personality traits.

What Colors are Suitable for Those Born in May?

People of the Metal element can choose any color, but the most suitable colors are blue and pink. Colors including green, earthy, green, and amber are also colors suitable for Taurus people.

In addition, Taurus is an introvert, so they will tend to like to decorate their private space in dark, light tones. This style contributes to creating a relaxing and comfortable space after a long, tiring day of "plowing".

Gemini is suitable for bold, shiny colors like white, red, and yellow. Besides, light orange is also the characteristic color of Gemini.

Yellow stimulates Gemini's intelligence and it seems that people of this sign are the perfect symbol for yellow.

Light orange will create an endless source of inspiration, bringing a more stable and excited mood to Gemini. Choosing light orange also helps them feel warmth and optimism when facing all difficulties.

Born in May: Horoscope, Zodiac Sign Personality, Astrological Prediction for Love, Career, Money
Born in May: Birthday Horoscope, Zodiac Sign, Prediction for Love, Career and Health

Personal traits of people born in May


Because it belongs to the Earth element, Taurus is a zodiac sign that likes stability, principles and is super punctual.

As an honest zodiac sign, they always like to be true to themselves, so you will easily see their nature.

Taurus values his family and friends very much, is emotional and respects love. Even in their emotional relationships, they are very sincere and loyal.

Taurus likes everything to be under their control, from money, work and love. They are financial managers, smart spenders, and very planning.


Belonging to the Air house, Gemini is highly adaptable, loves a free and liberal life, and hates being controlled. Gemini is very eager to learn, wants to explore life around them and is extremely intelligent.

They are extroverts, super sociable, always actively participating in group activities. But sometimes, they are also very negative and pessimistic about their own difficulties and do not want anyone to know about them.

Gemini is a zodiac sign with poor patience, they often do not like something for too long. These signs tend to work related to the arts.

They have the disadvantage of being easily angry and out of control, thus making others displeased.

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Which zodiac sign is Taurus man compatible with?

Taurus man and Aries woman: Both have similar personalities and are both active and intelligent. Taurus will feel the sincerity and enthusiasm from Aries. Aries are funny and lovely, creating a fun space when together. Aries is an emotional, considerate and sensitive person in love. Both are enthusiastic and strong, supporting each other in difficulties. Taurus's perseverance makes Aries admire and respect him.

Taurus male and Taurus female: Taurus and Taurus couple are a perfect combination with almost 100% similarity. They understand and sympathize with each other. Taurus is the ideal type that the other person is looking for. Both are serious about their work and achieving their goals. Their cooperation in business creates positive energy. Taurus is also someone who takes good care of family and housework.

Taurus man and Cancer woman: Taurus and Cancer couple are not compatible with each other. Cancer has a gentle nature and brings together traditional family qualities. Taurus is strong and quiet, while Cancer is beautiful and hardworking. Both aim for a gentle and peaceful life, sharing their emotions and comforting each other. Cancer understands and is sensitive, accompanying Taurus as a spiritual encouragement.

Taurus man and Virgo woman: Virgo and Taurus are a suitable couple. Virgo is serious, quiet and has its own principles. The Taurus guy is someone who can withstand that personality. Both are compatible in love and work. Virgo is the ideal family woman who takes care of everything. Taurus cannot find fault with her.

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​Which zodiac sign is Taurus woman compatible with?

Taurus woman and Cancer man: Taurus and Cancer couple are completely compatible. Taurus is busy with work, Cancer is thoughtful and considerate. Cancer man is sensitive and aware of Taurus's changes. Two opposite personalities create harmony in the family. Both support each other in work and provide motivation for each other.

Taurus female and Virgo male: Virgo and Taurus couple are similar in personality and outlook on life. The Virgo man is difficult and demanding, but they both feel similar. Both are serious and value feelings. The Taurus woman has a strong personality, but when she is with the Cancer man, she becomes more calm. The Cancer man is quiet and takes care of his lover through meaningful actions.

Female Taurus and male Capricorn: With almost perfectly similar personalities and interests, this couple is a perfect combination among the 12 zodiac signs. He and she are both quiet, strong and thoughtful. Capricorn man knows how to be romantic and care for his partner. Both are loyal and willing to sacrifice for each other. Together they make efforts in work and practical life to create a prosperous and warm future.

Which zodiac sign is compatible with Gemini woman?

Gemini female and Aquarius male: Gemini female is strong and personable, easily moved by Aquarius's delicate emotions. They are willing to share joys and difficulties with each other. The Aquarius male, worried and protective of his lover, fulfills Gemini's desire to be cared for and loved.

Gemini female and Libra male: Gemini and Aquarius are in harmony with beautiful love and care about each other's appearance. They explore similarities and together create spaces filled with intelligence and humor. When we are together, laughter and happiness are always fresh.

Gemini female and Sagittarius male: The combination of Gemini and Sagittarius is a combination of intelligence and dynamism. Together they enjoy traveling and self-discovery. Not only in love but also in work, they support each other. Sagittarius motivates and motivates Gemini, and emotions always come first.

Which zodiac sign is Gemini male compatible with?

Gemini man and Aquarius woman: Gemini looks for a beautiful and gentle Aquarius as their ideal role model. When together, two people feel peaceful and happy. Gemini will support Aquarius a lot in work and life, bringing her safety.

Gemini man and Leo woman: Both Gemini and Leo are passionate about exploration and are strong. They love freedom and travel. Leo often has bold ideas, but Gemini does not give in to her. Leo has a hard time accepting mistakes, so Gemini always needs to give in. Both are hot-tempered and easily lose control, so tolerance is necessary to maintain a long-term relationship.

Gemini man and Gemini woman: The two have many things in common in terms of personality and interests. They like to enjoy life and not worry about the future. When they are together, they spend time and take care of each other. However, you should not cooperate in business with each other, because each person has their own ideas and does not always agree with each other.

​Love Horoscope for People Born in May


Taurus individuals experience a tranquil and tender love life. Due to their comical dispositions, they are also prone to quickly developing infatuations with relationships based on immediate attraction. In addition, they possess several acquaintances and connections, which significantly reduces their likelihood of experiencing feelings of isolation.

Taurus individuals often have significant challenges in their romantic relationships due to their obstinacy, traditionalism, and inflexibility. Consequently, their connection and love are fraught with tension and in a state of disrepair. Prior to making any decisions, Taurus should thoroughly assess and deliberate.


Gemini exhibits a considerable degree of romanticism and open-mindedness when it comes to love. They desire to experience a romantic and enchanting relationship, and they radiate charisma towards their partner. Nevertheless, due to their capricious natures, their affection was shattered and failed to achieve its ultimate aim.

Gemini frequently has a series of partnerships in order to discover the suitable one. However, when they encounter the suitable individual at the appropriate moment, they exhibit an exceptionally genuine commitment to nurturing love.

Career Horoscope for People Born in May


Most people born in the Taurus zodiac sign in May are ambitious and know how to determine and plan clearly for the future. More specifically, thanks to good financial management, they rarely go "out of pocket".

At work, Taurus always tries his best and does his best, so it is easy to score points with his superiors and achieve success. Taurus can both work in groups and work independently effectively thanks to their concentration and seriousness in their work. At the same time, possessing good leadership skills, they are always trusted by others.

From the basic personality section, we can see that people with Taurus should choose one of the following careers:

Politician: Being calm, always devoted to a common cause and with the desire to contribute to building a rich and beautiful homeland, a politician is a great job suggestion. Taurus is also very persistent and knows how to look at problems accurately, so he can become a talented politician. This choice will help Taurus receive support and love from everyone around him. as well as having an attractive income.

Finance and banking experts: Both men and women of the Taurus zodiac sign are good at calculating and managing money, so they are very suitable for jobs related to finance, banking, auditing, etc. Taurus always tries their best. , eager to make money with his own strength. However, they never let money "die" in one place but always use their strengths and intelligence to make "money make money".

Musicians, singers: Singers and musicians are both highly artistic jobs and are chosen by many Taurus. With their persistent personality, they will endure hard training, strive to achieve the highest possible achievements as well as reveal all their natural talents.

Designer: With extremely diverse imaginations, creative professions like design are quite suitable for people with the Taurus zodiac sign. When pursuing this field, they will quickly create open, unique, new design products that are consistent with the trends of the times.

Makeup: The field of makeup and beauty care is currently pursued by many people. Not only is it a profession that helps them earn a good income, but it is also an opportunity to satisfy their passion and unleash their creativity.

Management and administration: The next career suitable for this sign is management and administration. Being creative, straightforward and trustworthy people, all information and decisions have been carefully considered and evaluated before being made.

Chef: People of this zodiac sign are patient and meticulous, so they can also pursue a career as a chef. For boys and girls of the Taurus zodiac sign, delicate dishes with complex recipes cannot be difficult for them.

Journalist, writer: It is also very difficult for Taurus to ignore the fields of journalism and literature. In this environment, they will effectively promote self-discipline, independence and freely struggle with words.


Gemini is suitable for intellectual and creative work. Belonging to the type of person who is not afraid of difficulties, Gemini will work effectively with active and humorous people. Jobs suitable for this sign are journalists, writers, lawyers, marketers, etc. These jobs help them have the opportunity to communicate, expand relationships and fully utilize their strengths.

What occupations are suitable for people born in the Gemini zodiac sign?

Some of the most suitable jobs for Gemini are:

Public relations - PR: Cleverness, agility, psychological judgment, and good handling of situations will help Gemini people develop well in public relations - PR.

Journalist: Men and women of this zodiac sign always research, analyze and know how to evaluate surrounding issues from many objective perspectives. Therefore, journalism is also a suitable field for this sign.

Interpreter: Flexibility, agility, good listening and communication will help Gemini be more successful as an interpreter and translator.

MC - host: Being active, humorous, dynamic, and able to handle situations effectively are outstanding strengths that are very suitable for them to become MCs.

Writers, novelists: With a rich soul, coming up with many unique ideas,... will help them become outstanding writers and novelists.

Teacher: Gemini is easily attracted to academic work, so being a teacher is very suitable. Changing the classroom or innovating teaching methods is a good suggestion to help Gemini be more excited about their daily work.

Tour guide: Because you love to explore and explore, becoming a tour guide is the perfect suggestion for Gemini.

Health horoscope of people born in May


In general, Taurus has quite stable health but still needs special attention to the nose, throat and upper lungs. Taurus in May has an excellent digestive system, so they will easily become overweight, so to comfortably enjoy delicious food, you should create a suitable exercise regimen.


Gemini's nervous system is often overloaded with information, so they easily suffer from insomnia and cannot rest well. Gemini always changes frequently to adapt to the surrounding environment, including eating habits, so the digestive system is easily affected or suffers from intestinal diseases.

Geminis in May need to pay attention that in addition to regular health check-ups, they should also exercise regularly, drink lots of water and eat lots of green vegetables to improve their health.


May is an extremely interesting month because just this month there are two zodiac signs with completely opposite personalities. People born under the Taurus sign like stability and do not like change. They are often cheerful, sociable and interested in those around them. Taurus has good money management and leadership skills.

Gemini people are known to be sneaky. They are good at communication and tactful, but sometimes impatient. Gemini attracts many friends because of their dynamism and fun.

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