Celebrity hairstyles for men. Photo: KnowInsiders
Celebrity hairstyles for men. Photo: KnowInsiders.com

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Women adore men who keep up with the latest fashions, particularly when it comes to hairstyles. Although it can happen the other way around, most of the time men will bow down to their women. You will undoubtedly make the fashion statement of the season with rolled-up sleeves, a well-chosen haircut, and a secret cologne.

In terms of men's hairstyles, celebrities frequently set the standard. Numerous celebrities are credited with creating popular hairstyles, while others choose unconventional haircuts that develop a cult following.

There was a great deal of diversity in menswear, with celebrities feeling free to experiment with their hair and wear different looks for every occasion.

What are the Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles for Men Right Now?

1. Messy yet tamed hairstyle

Photo: top10about
Photo: top10about

Not every messy hairstyle has to have a laid-back vibe. This is a great hairstyle that looks elegant and tamed rather than messy. Celebrity Andrew Garfield has been spotted wearing this elegant hairstyle. To look especially elegant, this type of hair should be styled with business wear.

Keep your hair simple to make your disheveled hair look elegant. While messing up your mane, don't go overboard. Brush back the sides with your fingers and give it a wake-up look.

2. Crew Cut

Photo: Ohman.vn
Photo: Ohman.vn

For men who desire a preppy look that is effortless to style and consistently looks stylish, the crew cut is a straightforward haircut option. Zac Efron adores the crew cut because it's very functional and goes well with his naturally thick hair texture. Although it requires more work to style than a buzz cut, this traditional Ivy League haircut is still sufficiently low-maintenance to be worn sporadically.

There are numerous fade haircut styles to choose from, such as the high, mid, low, and bald fades, for a polished appearance. Keep your face clean and use a light matte pomade to give your hair a textured finish to achieve the ultimate college look. Guys can look tough and dapper by growing a beard.

3. Slicked back faux hawk hairstyle

Photo: top10about
Photo: top10about

One of the most stylish and well-liked hairstyles for men nowadays is the faux hawk, which is seen on soccer players. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and football player David Beckham both own this hairstyle. So why has this haircut become so popular worldwide?

It looks fantastic styled with a thick, rugged beard. A large portion of hair remains in the center of the head after the side hairs are clipped closely. At the back, you can choose to form a V-shape along the centerline.

How To Style Men Blowout Haircut In Hottest Trends

4. Comb Over

Photo: jppolymers.in
Photo: jppolymers.in

The comb over is a classic hairstyle that looks great on guys who want to look put together and sophisticated for most events. With the hair in front swept to the side and a traditional taper on the sides and back, the Zac Efron comb over is typically longer and more conservative.

You should request a hard part and a short taper fade haircut from your barber for a more contemporary style. After, you'll have a thick style that you can secure with a potent wax or pomade. Keep your parting sharp and brush your hair in one direction to prevent unsightly cowlicks.

5. Side parted pompadour haircut

Photo: top10about
Photo: top10about

This is another of the most stylish and daring celebrity hairstyles for men that will be popular in 2022. Pompadour men's hairstyles come in a variety of forms, but the side-parted Pompadour hairstyle is classic. Back in the 1990s, movie stars were frequently seen sporting this chic haircut. They have now returned, albeit with a few minor adjustments.

David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth, and others frequently sport this daring yet vintage hairstyle. This look looks great with a suit and a sophisticated bow tie.

You can style hair of different lengths in a pompadour. The mid-section of the head has thick, long hair that can be parted to the side, while the sides are cropped to military short hair length.

6. Buzz Cut

Photo: top10about
Photo: top10about

Zac Efron looks great with the buzz cut, a short men's haircut that signifies a move towards more serious roles. This hairstyle with military influences is perfect for men who want a low-maintenance appearance that needs little styling. Request that your barber trim your hair to a length of between 1/4 and 3/4 inches in order to achieve this timeless look.

Combine your buzz cut with a skin fade for a tapered cut on the sides and back for a more dimensional look. While most face shapes can pull off this short haircut style, men with square jawlines and masculine features seem to look best.

How To Style Fade Men Haircuts In Hottest Trends

7. Textured Crop

Top 10 Best & Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles for Men - Big Trend 2022/2023
Textured Crop Haircuts

Though brief, this textured look is very effective. This sleek and carefree hairstyle is cropped close to the head.

This hairstyle by Jake Gyllenhaal is a great illustration of what can be done with short hair. Rather than just wearing his hair in the popular spike or pompadour styles, Gyllenhaal chooses to have dense hair on top and buzzed sides. This makes the hairdo a cohesive style that is equally at home or at the office as it is on the red carpet.

8. Gosling's Brush Up

Photo: haircutinspiratio
Photo: haircutinspiratio

Actor Ryan Gosling with an easy breezy hairstyle. Chic and understated, this ensemble exudes a subtle sense of style.

Given that it blends in with the crowd, Gosling's choice of style may come as a surprise. But that's what makes it so beautiful. This look is a more subdued version of the brush-up that fits well with everything in your closet and complements your overall look. This is the ideal look for you if you enjoy looking put together.

9. Angular fringe hairstyle

Photo: top10about
Photo: top10about

The Top 10 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles for Men with Angular Fringe

Another popular celebrity hairstyle for men in 2022 is this one, which is particularly well-liked by younger celebrities. You'll look bold and messy if you style it correctly. This stylish and daring haircut has been spotted on Justin Bieber and Zac Efron.

This celebrity hairstyle is definitely appropriate for young boys like you. Remember to show off your messy side by wearing an oversized tee and a hoodie with this hairstyle.

The angular fringe looks good on men with round faces because it has tapered sides, an angular cut, and a top layer.

10. Dapper Quiff

Photo: haircutinspiratio
Photo: haircutinspiratio

The dramatic quiff of Liam Hemsworth is a meticulously styled appearance that delivers maximum impact. The hair gains movement, presence, length, and volume all at once from the style.

Unbeatable as a classic style is the quiff. The front of Hemsworth's quiff is particularly striking because it is perfectly styled to give it direction and flow. Hemwsworth's decision to part his hair on the right side is noteworthy, as most men prefer to part their hair on the left.

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