Best Tips to Know Zodiac Signs Secretly Hate You
How to Know Zodiac Signs Secretly Hate You

Hate might be a strong word, but there are sometimes when we just can't help but say that we hate someone.

Just as astrology tells us about the positive and negative traits of each zodiac sign, it also tells us about the zodiac signs dislikes or hates.

Some zodiac signs are much more comfortable in their hate for someone, while others employ the "avoid and disappear" method and hope that works. There's a reason you hate the person you do, otherwise, you probably wouldn't even be thinking about them

1.Aries: Say "I hate you" directly, without hiding

According to the signs of the 12 zodiacs that hate you, Aries has an upright temperament, when they like someone, they are enthusiastic and straightforward, when they hate someone, they show them rudely. They tend to say outright “I hate you” and “stop talking to me” without hesitation.

Sheep are often seen as arrogant and malicious because they are often blunt. But if Aries says things like this, they really don't want to be involved with you anymore and have no deep intentions.

If you communicate with Aries, you don't have to guess at all about the hidden meaning, because this person can't say that without hiding, doesn't like to insinuate.

This outspoken personality trait is also a very good thing for all relationships. However, if it's an unfamiliar relationship, perhaps people will be hurt by the straightforwardness of Aries.

2.Taurus: Making excuses to avoid each other

Compared with likes and dislikes, Taurus values ​​preferences more.

The weird, realistic Taurus can do things they don't like for their own benefit, but if they really hate someone, they'll find ways to hide, not even meeting Taurus.

The application of such avoidance tactics so as not to hurt the feelings of two people. In fact, it's just because Taurus is still calculating quite carefully, afraid that hating directly will be detrimental to themselves, they think "what if the other child still has something useful in the future", don't hate it. face.

Taurus often say that they are assertive people, just hate them, they won't like to see each other anymore, but when you have useful values, Taurus will still pretend like nothing happened and take the initiative to come to you. good, talk like never angry.

This Buffalo looks honest and stupid, but in fact, they live extremely well, always putting their interests first.

3. Gemini: Disrespectful way of talking and behaving

Usually Gemini is still a very special person when it comes to socializing, you are the kind of person that anyone can talk to but is difficult to get along with.

When Gemini doesn't like someone, they will show a lack of respect for that person in both words and actions.

Normally, Gemini will try to consider everyone's opinion when talking or working, not like to interrupt. Therefore, being in this group of constellations is often welcomed and loved by many people.

But if Gemini hates you, then it's extremely attitude, disobedient, not receptive to opinions, or sulky or scowling when you talk.

When you approach them and talk to them, they will also intentionally avoid your gaze or pretend to be busy with someone, such an attitude is sending a message - I hate you.

4. Cancer: Slowly disappear from your world

Cancer doesn't usually make it too obvious to hate someone, but they'll take steps to try to stay away from anything that has to do with you.

When hating a person, they will not do shameful things like block facebook but silently unfollow or limit interaction so that they no longer see each other every day to relieve eye irritation.

On the inside, he hates but on the outside, Little Crab is still friendly, smiling at you every day, it's hard to realize that you are being hated by them.

When you hate someone, Cancer won't say things like "please go away, I hate you", but when you realize it, Cancer has long since disappeared from your world.

This sign does this because because they don't like arguing or being questioned why they hate, they will quietly disappear into the person's life peacefully.

Best Tips to Know Zodiac Signs Secretly HATE You
Which Zodiac Signs Secretly Hate You and How to Know That

5.Leo: Disdain the opponent out

Leos are people who are often admired and worshiped for their extraordinary talent and energy.

When they like someone, they are usually very generous and show warmth and tolerance, never comparing or calculating. But once you hate someone, even if you try to cover it up, Leo will still show contempt for the other in many ways, even breathing will feel hate.

Leo's love often stems from appreciating a person's bravery, character, and ability to work. Like it, hate it, too, Leo many times hate a person just because of that person's dirty working attitude and lifestyle, so he hates and despises him.

Looks like a hero, but actually Leo often despises people who specialize in backstabbing, playing stoning, when you are hated by this constellation, you will still be pinned no matter what you do, don't take the chance bug fixer.

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6. Virgo: Don't make it clear, don't care

Perfectionism is what most people think when they talk about Virgo. But what a lot of people don't know is that Virgo's stubbornness shows more than how they treat someone they like or are close to.

Anyone who is placed in the sights of the Virgo will be overlaid with expectations and demands by this sign. Contrary to the personality of other zodiac signs, Virgo has no requirements for the person she hates, "living or dying regardless of you".

Virgo is inherently very attentive to etiquette and etiquette, treating everyone with courtesy. With the person you hate, she is beautiful, doesn't talk much, doesn't refuse, doesn't smile and doesn't show her face. In short, he is very apathetic, not enthusiastic, making the other person awkward and confused but can't do anything.

People who are hated by this sign will feel that they are treating them with pure but politeness, know that they are hated but still do not get angry, quite surprised by the calmness of Virgo.

7. Libra: Separation until the opponent disappears

Libra - people who pay attention to balance and coordination will not do unfriendly actions towards someone they hate for honor, want to keep a good name for themselves.

Their habit is to alienate you in stages. For example, where they used to see you 4 times a week, they will gradually reduce it to once a week, making enough excuses not to have to go see the person they hate.

The words used to talk to you will gradually change from intimate to cold, you will often hear words used by Binh Nhi in conversations with strangers passed on to you.

They can persist in doing this for a long time without getting bored. Libra is extremely adaptable, so he also adjusts his mental state during this process and maintains a stable mood at all times.

This constellation does so because it is very abstain from idle gossip around, so they will try their best not to fall into being accused of by others, hating each other but still keeping the peace, indeed. is the pinnacle of the Scales.

However, even if you hate people in the first place, Libra won't show it, even smiling politely at them.

8. Scorpio: Apathetic indifference, cold as ice

Of the 12 constellations, it is easy to see the most likes and dislikes in Scorpio.

According to the signs of the 12 zodiac signs that hate you, Scorpio clearly loves and hates, dares to love, dares to hate, not only can make the whole world know who they like, but when they hate someone, people around can only see them at a glance. knowable.

This sign can completely ignore the people they hate. Other constellations can't do this well because they are still entangled with many things such as face, fear of quarrels, value of taking advantage...but Scorpio doesn't care about these things, hate is hate.

No matter how handsome or beautiful you are, rich or powerful, you can be treated with indifference. Tiger when hated.

However, this constellation is a person who is also very clear about public and private affairs, will not bring personal feelings to work, during working hours it is extremely public and private, but at the end of work, you will know what it is. polite.

Don't bet with this sign when they don't want to see you again. Don't text or call in vain because they won't pick up or answer.

Even if it's the same way home, two people will never meet each other "accidentally", but if they do, it will be the same as not meeting.

Best Tips to Know Zodiac Signs Secretly HATE You
Every Zodiac Signs Likes And Dislikes Revealed

9. Sagittarius: Want to pretend to be nice but can't pretend

Sagittarius is inherently afraid of trouble, even though he hates a person but is very secretive, they think that if they let the other know that they are hated, it will be very troublesome, he will pretend to be very nice to the other person so as not to cause trouble. complex in the body.

Unfortunately, Sagittarius is a constellation that does not know how to disguise its feelings and thoughts among the 12 constellations.

The difference between the kindness a Sagittarius shows when they like someone and the kindness they pretend to show to hide their "hate" is especially obvious.

In short, if you are hated by a Sagittarius, you will experience awkward treatment and thoughtfulness. This all stems from the fact that Sagittarius is really too afraid of annoying things happening to them.

No matter how much they hate you, this sign can still control and treat you as usual. It's just that they are not strong enough to boldly express their attitude to you because they always live by the motto of peace and harmony.

Hate is an emotion, so while you say that you don't care about them in the slightest, you still kind of do because you hate them

10. Capricorn: Unpredictable attitude

Capricorn is very lazy when it comes to solving other people's problems. Like it or hate it, they are not very strong compared to other signs. Even if you are hated by a Capricorn, there will be no obvious feeling of being hated or not.

Plus, Capricorn is often a bit "chic" and a bit serious in everything, so it's difficult to judge by just one statement whether they hate someone or not.

Sometimes you can clearly see that they frown when talking to you, but the words they say are all complimenting you or thanking you, I don't know which way.

The ending is also difficult to accept rude words from others, so it is polite to those around. If you are in front of them talking nonsense, even unintentionally using vulgar words, you will definitely be "taught moral" to the point of exhaustion.

The most special feature in this constellation is that when being hated, the more you want to make that person hate you more. On the other hand, some Capricorns want to try the "sweet honey to kill the flies" method, be nice to the person they hate, and then kick hard.

11. Aquarius: Go talk bad about you to others, not directly

Aquarius, a slightly eccentric person, although a bit hypocritical in character, will also clearly show a dislike for those he hates.

It is not wrong to use the word "weird" to describe Aquarius, because people under the sign of Aquarius are rebellious and careless, always living in a colorful private world that very few people can enter. No matter how much you love or hate, keep your distance.

Aquarius is usually not very good at hiding his likes and dislikes. Once you hate someone, you will tell your friends about the things you find unpleasant about that person.

It's not that Aquarius likes to talk behind their back, they don't fear what they say will be heard and hated, instead, they hope that person can know "what makes you hate me" and correct it. error.

Aquarius has an innocent and gentle side, not holding grudges, even people they once hated can still be friends and develop closer relationships after the misunderstanding is resolved.

The normal temperament of this 11th constellation is very lovely and pleasant, but when touching their psychological "dark areas", don't blame "why is the sea salty", but if you are humble enough to do good, everything will be fine. go there again.

12. Pisces: Hate but still try to be as tolerant as possible

Pisces boys and girls are inherently straightforward, clear, and rarely hold a grudge against someone too hard.

Even if the other person has done something too extreme, Pisces will still go to him and advise him that “How can you live a happy life if you are always thinking about the bad things, stay positive. be great".

Therefore, Pisces can also be tolerant of those they hate and try not to care about them so as not to say hurtful words to each other.

In front of them, Pisces kept saying yes, yes, but when they turned away, everything became meaningless. They don't care what you say before.

Pisces believes that it is useless to spend their time and energy hating someone, it is better to spend that time playing, caring for the people you love.

Although Pisces is quite childish, dreamy and sensitive, in the way they treat people, they are mature and optimistic that makes others jealous.

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