Best Free Ways to Watch IPL 2023 in the US and Canada
Free Ways to Watch Live IPL - T20 cricket 2023

World class T20 cricket is on the menu once again, as the Indian Premier League (IPL) returns for its 16th season. KnowInsiders show you how to watch an IPL live stream for free in the United States right now.

The both cricket fanatics and newbies in the US have free or low-paid options for streaming every single match this season.

How to Stream IPL Matches In USA for Free Online?

Watch IPL on JioCinema using VPN

This year, the JioCinema App offers free IPL match streaming. The only issue is that you can only access it if you are located in India. For fans in the US, there is, fortunately, a solution.

With a VPN, you can connect to international streaming services from any location in the world. You can stream every thrilling IPL game for free on JioCinema with the right VPN, though some are better than others (more on that later).

• Download and sign up for a streaming-friendly VPN (check out our top picks below)

• Open the VPN app and select a server based in India (the options vary based on which VPN you choose)

• Head over to

• Choose your language, order a pizza, and watch for free

It's important to note that our top VPN recommendations do charge monthly fees. Therefore, you won't be entirely free to stream the games. However, they frequently provide money-back assurances, risk-free trials, and discounted subscriptions.

What is VPN and How We Can Get best VPN to Access All What is VPN and How We Can Get best VPN to Access All

Watch IPL on Hotstar using VPN

Hotstar is the most popular and cost-effective way to watch the 2023 IPL live in India. But given that Hotstar's services are not available in the USA, cricket fans from that country may be able to find a suitable, legitimate source to watch the IPL 2023 live streaming for free. The IPL 2023 can be watched live in the USA in a variety of ways.

Without regional Indian content, Disney + Hotstar is available in the USA for $9.9. As a result, by accessing Hotstar's Indian version, you can watch a large number of Indian movies and television shows. The simple steps to stream the IPL 2023 live on Hotstar while using a VPN are listed below.

After unlocking Hotstar in the USA, you can watch IPL 2023 and local Indian content for free online on Hotstar. To unlock Hotstar in the USA, just adhere to these simple instructions.

• Download and install PureVPN or NordVPN.

• Sign up on your VPN app by using your Email.

• Open the VPN to your laptop or mobile phone and connect to the India server.

• Now, you can enjoy the Indian version of Hotstar in the USA.

Note: You can tested ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN and Proton VPN for the best with IPL watching, according to experience.

Top 20 Best Free Sites to Watch IPL 2023 Online from Anywhere (by Country) Top 20 Best Free Sites to Watch IPL 2023 Online from Anywhere (by Country)

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How to Watch IPL: Live Stream Cricket in the US (and Canada) For Low Paid

You can stream the IPL 2023 via Sling TV and Willow TV. However, these services require a monthly subscription fee (low paid) and do not offer a free trial.

Watch Live IPL: Willow TV Channel

Willow TV, a dedicated live cricket channel that is available from a number of cable providers, including Dish, Spectrum, Xfinity, Verizon Fios, and more, is airing it (in Canada as well!).

Willow TV can be accessed at

Fans in the United States can now access the Willow Channel through their local television provider to watch all the top-tier cricket from around the globe in High Definition.

With several hundred days of live cricket coverage each year, Willow is the only 24-hour live cricket channel in the USA. The International Cricket Council (ICC), the Indian Premier League (IPL), the England Cricket Board, Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, and other organizations have exclusive agreements with Willow to serve as their official broadcaster.

For a small monthly subscription fee, the channel is accessible on the majority of satellite and cable networks, or it can be accessed as part of South Asian or sports packages.


ESPN offers a streaming service called ESPN+ that gives users access to numerous live sporting events, including cricket games like the IPL 2023.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to join ESPN+ and watch live IPL games:

• Visit the ESPN+ website at

• Click the “Subscribe Now” button on the ESPN+ homepage to begin the subscription process. You will need to provide your email address and a password to create an account.

• ESPN+ offers monthly or annual subscription plans. The monthly subscription costs $6.99 per month, while the annual subscription costs $69.99 per year. Choose the plan that works best for you.

• You will need to provide payment information to complete the subscription process. ESPN+ accepts major credit cards and PayPal.


After purchasing an ESPN+ subscription, install the ESPN app on your phone or tablet. The app is accessible on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV streaming devices as well as iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

Use the email address and password you used to create your ESPN+ account to sign in to the ESPN app on your device.

To find live IPL games, go to the cricket section of the app. Using the search function, you can look for particular games or teams.

Click on the video to start streaming once you have located the live IPL game you want to watch in the USA. Cricket matches are well-covered on ESPN+, with both standard-definition and high-definition options available.


Willow TV is one of the sports channels available on FuboTV, an online streaming service. Furthermore, cord cutters who don't want to subscribe to a cable or satellite TV package should consider FuboTV as a great alternative. You can watch IPL games on a variety of devices, including your TV, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, thanks to FuboTV's access to live and on-demand broadcasts.

Comcast Xfinity

Another well-known US TV provider, Comcast Xfinity, includes Willow TV in its sports package. Comcast Xfinity, like Dish Network, offers access to high-quality IPL match coverage, including live broadcasts and replays of previous games. If you're on the go, you can watch IPL games on your computer or mobile device thanks to Comcast Xfinity's numerous streaming options.

Dish Network

A provider of satellite TV, Dish Network provides a range of programming packages, including sports packages with Willow TV. If you have a Dish Network subscription, you can access Willow TV to watch IPL games. Cricket matches are well-covered by Dish Network, and the Willow TV channel is accessible in both standard and high definition.

Sling TV

Live television programming is available online through Sling TV, an online streaming service. Sling TV also provides a variety of packages, one of which is a sports package that includes Willow TV, a well-known sports channel that airs cricket matches, including the Indian Premier League (IPL).

You must first sign up for Sling TV and select the sports package in order to watch the IPL 2023. You can access the Willow TV channel and watch live IPL games once you've subscribed. Cricket matches are well-covered on Sling TV, with both standard-definition and high-definition options available.

YouTube TV

Willow TV is one of the many sports channels available on YouTube TV, a streaming platform. You must sign up for YouTube TV and select the sports package in order to watch IPL games there. You can access the Willow TV channel to watch IPL games live after subscribing. You can watch IPL matches on your TV or online via the YouTube TV website or mobile app. YouTube TV offers coverage of cricket matches in standard and high definition.


A satellite television service offering a variety of programming packages, including Willow TV, is DirecTV. You must subscribe to one of the packages that includes Willow TV in order to watch IPL games live on DirecTV. You can access the Willow TV channel to watch IPL games live after subscribing. Cricket matches are covered by DirecTV in both standard and high definition, and you can watch IPL games online or on your TV by using the DirecTV website or mobile app.

How to Watch Live IPL Online Without Cable

If you don't have a cable TV subscription? There's no need to worry because Willow TV is available on a variety of devices through OTT service provider Sling TV. You can choose to pay just for Willow (starting at $5 per month) or include it in your current Sling package. Visit its website ( to learn more and sign up.

Yupp TV, a South Asian streaming service ($10 per month), will also have the 2023 IPL games available for US cricket fans to watch.

In the USA, Hotstar has been your only option for live IPL streaming. Disney + has worked with Hotstar to provide its streaming services for many years. As a result, Hotstar's content will now be available on Hulu and ESPN+ in the USA. Hotstar has chosen to organize its content by category. The majority of the films, seasons, and TV shows will be moved to Hulu, while all sports-related content will be moved to ESPN+.

The networks Hulu, Disney, Hotstar, and ESPN+ are numerous. With over 174 million subscribers, only Disney is currently attempting to offer all of its content in a single pack. As a result, you can now watch the IPL live in the USA on ESPN+ and Disney movies, TV shows, and other content on Hulu. A year-long subscription to Hotstar costs $49.99. And you can pay $13 per month to subscribe to Disney's new bundle.

More Alternatives to Watch Live IPL in the USA

You can try these quick ways to get the best IPL Live Streaming Experiences.




Top Apps to Watch IPL for Android and iPhone.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is a professional Twenty20 (T20) cricket league that was founded in 2008. It follows a straightforward round-robin group and knockout format, unlike the MLB or other US-based sports leagues. The eight teams compete against one another both at home and away, earning two points for victories, one point for ties, and zero points for defeats. The bottom four teams are eliminated following the double round-robin, while the top four advance to the playoff round.

In Conclusion

KnowInsiders advise signing up for a reputable streaming service like Disney+ Hotstar, which is authorized to broadcast IPL games in many nations, including the USA. This will guarantee that you can access trustworthy, legitimate, and high-quality streams of IPL games.

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