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Best Cars Suited to Each Zodiac Sign. Photo KnowInsiders

Whether you’re an astrology aficionado or just think horoscopes are a bit of fun, you’ll find the ideal car to suit your zodiac sign.

From coupes and family SUVs to hot hatches and future electric vehicles, there’s a dozen models aligning with the characteristics of each star sign. Are you a racer by nature, an adventurer or a family-first person? Find out in our “motorscope” below.


Smart Fortwo

An oddball at heart, the Aquarius prefers the unconventional over the traditional. To him or her, it's more satisfying to deviate from the pack and try something new than do what's typical and expected. In fact, Aquarius' thrive on their individuality -- which is why the Smart Fortwo complements them so well. This tiny two-passenger car features a peculiar design that looks like a cross between a clown car and a pea pod, but it's far from ugly. What's more, on the outside it looks as if it would be cramped, but its cabin is actually roomy and comfortable. And though it doesn't appear much stronger than a lawnmower, the Fortwo has enough pep to make city driving a breeze. An Aquarius couldn't ask for a more unique car.

Hummer H3

Self-absorbed Aries strives to always be the center of attention -- asserting an imposing, yet exciting, impression on everyone that they encounter. Though Aries can be overbearing at times, this trait fits them well, as they're strong and confident natural leaders. For this reason, the Hummer H3 is perfect for an Aries. Not only does its hefty size leave an imposing impression, but its squared-off military design exudes leadership. What's more, its strong off-road capabilities make it a thrilling performer ready for any adventure.

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Safety-First Volvo

3D Car Show
Photo 3D Car Show

Patient, reliable, warmhearted and security loving, you’ll delight at the news that the Volvo XC60 is the safest car in the world. It’s a roomy family SUV with front and side airbags, and a state-of-the-art automatic emergency braking system that helped it earn a record-setting 87 percent on child safety metrics. Plus, its buttery soft, ergonomically-designed leather seats appeal to your self-indulgent side.

Ford Fusion

Valuing security over all else, the Taurus is simple yet attractive, subdued but strong, and predictable yet reliable. Like the Ford Fusion, the Taurus is a steady performer. As its name suggests, the Fusion fuses an array of assuring elements to create an everyday vehicle that's comfortable and easy to live with. From its pleasing exterior to its spacious interior, solid performance, and strong reliability, the Fusion leaves drivers satisfied. It's even an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Top Safety Pick" -- a plus for any sign of the Zodiac.

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Comforting, Classic Jetta

Photo Pinterest
Photo Pinterest

Adaptable, versatile, youthful and lively, you, dear Gem, are basically the VW Jetta in human form. Even if you’re retired, you’ll still look fresh AF in this sassy sedan. We know you get stuck on appearances (Love you, mean it!) so before you protest that the Jetta is kinda basic, peep the 2018 update: Touch-screen app connectivity? Check. Concert-quality stereo system? Check. Blind spot sensors? You know it. This car is as cute and cunning as you are.

Chevrolet Corvette

While astrologists believe that the Gemini is too scatter-brained to pay close attention to fine details, they also assert that he or she is quick (both mentally and physically), as well as communicative and adventurous. As such, the Chevrolet Corvette is an appropriate vehicle for the Gemini. In line with the Gemini's superficial nature, the ‘Vette's iconic design looks both luxurious and menacing, but it's interior cabin falls short of the refinement found in other luxury sports cars. However, its Ferrari-like power and intuitive sports handling ensure no moment behind the wheel is ever dull.



Cancerians are loyal and dependable souls. They are renowned for their intuition and charisma and do their best to look out for their family and friends. They need a vehicle that’s as big-hearted as they are, like the new Highlander Excel SUV. With its roomy seven-seat interior there’s space and comfort for everyone on board. It’s also a joy to drive, featuring smooth, quiet and efficient hybrid electric technology, a panoramic roof and a premium JBL sound system.

Audi A4 Avant

Cancers are a contradiction, taking comfort in security but always on the look out for something new and exciting. And while they may give the impression that they're quiet and composed, they actually have very strong personalities. Furthermore, nurturing is second nature to them -- so they always surround themselves with those they love.

Of all vehicles, the Audi A4 Avant matches them best. Its long list of standard safety features and excellent performance in federal government crash tests provide security, while Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive system ensures that it's capable of any adventure. And though power is the last thing one would expect from a station wagon, the A4 Avant outperforms many in its class. Combined with its comfortable yet luxurious accommodations for five, the A4 Avant is a Cancer's dream.


Suburban Goddess Subaru

Photo Subaru
Photo Subaru

You are generous, warmhearted, faithful, expansive and, OK, just a teensy bit on the bossy side. But when you put the pedal to the metal in your roomy, smooth-riding, all-wheel-drive Forester…you are ready to pick up your son and his lacrosse buddies and take them straight out for ice cream. Just make sure you crank up that Sirius XM radio and don’t eavesdrop on their backseat goss sesh, K Ma? Your star sign tells us you have a tendency to be interfering.

GR Yaris

Warm-hearted and very generous, Leos love the finer things in life – not only for themselves, but for others too. They choose their friends wisely, and they can’t resist the latest gadgets and tech. Their ideal car is powerful and out-of-the-ordinary – like the new, rally-inspired GR Yaris, a hot hatch with impeccable style. Its aerodynamic design and advanced technology were developed with the Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team, and under its bonnet there’s one of the most powerful three-cylinder engines ever built.


Practical Prius

Photo Prius
Photo Prius

Modest, meticulous, reliable and intelligent, you wear your green heart on your sleeve—and wouldn’t dream of driving a gas guzzler. This pioneering hybrid keeps evolving with the times, and US News and World Report even named it its sixth best compact car in 2018. Plus its roomy interior and excellent fuel economy appeal to your sensible side.

Lexus LS

Virgos are perfectionists. While they may appear composed on the surface, inside they're constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to improve. The result is an exceedingly high level of fussiness -- which isn't always a bad thing. No car embodies such qualities as well as the Lexus LS. Outside, the LS looks modern and attractive, but doesn't stand out. However, inside it features a level of sophistication fit for its distinction as a super luxury car. The seats are comfortable and luxurious, the controls modern and intuitive, and the materials unsurpassed. The LS is definitely a Virgo's car.


On-Trend Escalade

You’re urbane, flirty and highly social with a tendency to be easily influenced (no, we did not say gullible). Thus the Cadillac Escalade—the best-selling luxury SUV in America—is right up your alley. Roomy enough to pick up seven of your BFFs en route to the club (you know the promoter so you’ll sail past the velvet rope), its Bose speaker system and built-in Wi-Fi ensure you can blast Beyoncé the whole way there—and post selfies to the ’Gram while stopped at red lights.

Chrysler Town & Country

Libras go to great lengths to ensure that family and friends are comfortable and satisfied in their surroundings. Artists at heart, they combine creativity with intelligence to ensure harmony for everyone. Following suit, the Chrysler Town & Country is engineered to seat seven passengers in a variety of arrangements that meet everyone's needs. In addition to traditional face-front seating, the Town & Country offers Swivel ‘n Go seats -- by rotating the second row to face the third row and erecting a table in between, they create a mobile family room. Stow 'n Go seating is another versatile option. This system allows the second- and third-row seats to fold flat for increased cargo room. Like the Libra, the Town & Country has everyone's best interest at heart.


Woman of the Woods Jeep Wrangler

Determined, forceful, powerful and passionate, you don’t take the road less traveled; you go off-roading altogether. You’re exciting and magnetic yet secretive. You need a convertible Jeep with 33-inch all-terrain tires that you can drive over rocky woodlands while blasting Indigo Girls and just zen out alone for a while. (We’re not judging. We wouldn’t dare.)

Mazda Mazdaspeed3

With the Scorpio, there's always more than meets the eye. On the outside they appear calm and collected, while inside they're brewing with intense passion and power. The effect is an air of mystique that surrounds them everywhere they go. In line with the characteristics of a Scorpio, the Mazda Mazdaspeed3 features an attractive, low-profile hatchback design. Yet under its hood is a 263-horsepower turbocharged I4 engine that delivers loads of raw, unadulterated power. Combined with balanced sports handling, the performance-tuned Mazdaspeed3 takes turns and twists better than many sporty cars. Indeed, Scorpios will appreciate the secret it keeps.


Saturn Sky

The Sagittarius is free-spirited, always optimistic, and would rather enjoy the present than dwell in the past or on the uncertainties of the future. Consequently, it's hard to pin a Sagittarius down -- as most find routines too boring to bother with. With such a flighty personality, only a sporty convertible will do. Case in point: the Saturn Sky. It's sexy, quick, and offers little room for extra passengers and cargo -- perfect for Sagittarius' dread of drama and baggage.

Ultra-Luzxe Range Rover

Photo Range Rover
Photo Range Rover

Optimistic and freedom-loving, joyful and a bit restless, you’re going places and you plan to get there in style. Enter the new Range Rover. Key stats like your speed, incoming phone calls and gear position appear in high def on the windshield, so you’ll feel all Tom Cruise in Minority Report whether you’re driving across polo fields or to the farmers’ market.


Land Cruiser

Sagittarians are spontaneous, fun and great travellers, always looking for the next destination or adventure. They are constantly curious, so need a vehicle that can take them anywhere, like a Land Cruiser, whose off-road prowess spans more than 65 years. The latest model has a muscular 2.8-litre four-cylinder engine and adapts seamlessly to its surroundings, whether high-rolling in the city, or getting muddy in the countryside.

Tough Mother-Trucker Ford F150

Practical, prudent, ambitious yet careful, you’re not one to blow your savings on a status symbol. You’ll display your famous sense of discipline with Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, thank you very much. This puppy can haul a boatload of sports gear or an actual boat. It also scans the road ahead for pedestrians (one of many innovative safety features), making it ideal for both obscenely crowded Trader Joe’s parking lots and city driving—basically, anywhere your unique brand of strength is required.

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