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New Year’s Eve is a special time to reflect upon the past year and to celebrate all of the amazing goals and dreams that you have for the upcoming year. For us, New Year’s Eve is always family time, filled with sparkling cider, party poppers and LOTS of fun crafts and activities to keep us busy all night long! It’s one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my family, and I love spending this time sharing our favorite memories and planning our new year together.

To keep the countdown ’til midnight exciting, Knowinsider has put together a list of 7 fun New Year’s Eve activities to keep the kids busy and entertained.

1. Party hats

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Need a great party hat idea? Look no further than this super-sweet pipe cleaner tiara. Wouldn’t your little princess love to ring in the new year decked out in this?

Prefer a more traditional hat? I might need to make these for me to wear. Or another simple DIY party hat with a traditional look. These look like they’d be easy to pull together with things around the house.

2. Fireworks

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Fireworks are a traditional part of celebrating the new year around the world. This cute printable lets kids color the fireworks every hour throughout the night in a creative countdown activity. In between the coloring, the kids might want to make their own yummy fireworks to eat.

I think this may be my favorite fireworks craft ever! I just know my girls and their cousins will love making these festive fireworks rings this year.

How about sneaking in a little science this New Year’s Eve? Demonstrate liquid density with the fireworks in a jar activity. The kids will love the cool color mixing, Raisinglifelonglearners added.

3. Countdown goodie bag

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Grab plain treat bags and write the time on it. Each hour (depending on when you start will be how many you make), have a fun treat inside the bag. Ideas to include are glow sticks, silly string, confetti wands, party poppers, noisemakers, pop rocks or rock candy crystal sticks.

4. Home movies: dinner and a show

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Most of us have hours of home videos, but how often do we look at them? Spend the last evening of the year looking back as your family's great moments. This might take a little prep, finding the videos, but it'll be fun to relive first steps, school plays and family vacations. Make it a real movie experience by making popcorn and getting theater-style candy, Familyeducation said.

5. Play dress-up

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Pull that vintage little black dress out from the back of your closet. Dust off your sharpest suit. Gussy up your kids. Your night will feel special and fun if you get dolled up for it—plus it will make for excellent pictures for that family photo album.

Feel free to be over the top: White gloves, pearls, bow ties and tiaras are easily found at your local party store, in your kids’ dress-up trunk or, if you’re really lucky, in grandma’s closet. Paint everyone’s nails. Wear hats. Break out the glitter and get fancy! If you’re heading out to celebrate, let the kids dress themselves—it’ll be less fuss and it will get them excited for the big night, according to Todaysparent.

6. Midnight in another country

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If your kids are small, it's hard to keep them up for midnight festivities. So celebrate midnight in another country, when it's still early in your part of the world. Get in the spirit by playing music and serving food from that country. You could celebrate the New Year in Paris, Greenland or even the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (with an underwater theme).

7. Set some goals for the new year

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One is never too early for learning goal setting. It’s great for our kids to dream big dreams and see them to fruition. Help your children think through the things that they’d like to learn, see, visit, earn, and do in the new year. Be sure to let them dream big and then think through how to accomplish their goals. You’d be surprised what you can do together, according to Lifeasmom.
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