Babies Born in October Are Likely to Become Billionaires
Babies born in October are likely to become most successful

Which month will produce the most successful people? It is October!

As parents patiently wait for their babies to join the family, it's hard not to question what they'll look like, what their personalities will be like, and what they'll do in their life. Will they be happy? Will they be strong? Will they be successful? That's where Play Like Mum comes in.

Looking at a list of the 300 most successful celebrities and billionaires as pulled from the Forbes Billionaires List, Forbes Celebrity 100, as well as lists from Money Inc, Business Insider, and Bauer Media, the U.K. toy company analyzed when the influencers were born. Turns out that most successful people were born in October, with June and July not far behind. Indeed, celebs bringing in the big bucks like Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian have October birthdays, while Kanye West celebrates in June and Jennifer Lopez in July. Could there actually be something to it?

Here were the findings, October born babies are likely to become most successful:

#1. October: 36 birthdays

#2. June: 30 birthdays

#3. July: 28 birthdays

#4. January: 27 birthdays

#5. April: 27 birthdays

#6. September: 27 birthdays

#7. May: 25 birthdays

#8. March: 23 birthdays

#9. August: 21 birthdays

#10. February: 20 birthdays

#11. December: 19 birthdays

#12. November: 17 birthdays

Some billionaires born in October? Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, and Ralph Lauren. In terms of a particular day, the study found that October 13th may have an edge when it comes to financial success.

Babies Born in October Are Likely to Become Billionaires

And it’s not just billionaires, some successful artists also have October birthdays. Tombola studied 26 Mercury Prize winners and found the best birth date to scoop the award is October 17. Some previous winners of the award include Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and Dizzee Rascal.

Libra is the zodiac sign with the most billionaire

If you’re a Libra, consider yourself in luck. Researchers at the UK Domain, an educational resource that provides digital and business expertise to individuals and small businesses, found that out of the top 250 billionaires on the recently released Forbes Billionaire list, there were more Libras (September 23 to October 22) than any other sign. Overall, there were 27 billionaire Libras on the list. Pisces came in second, with 22 billionaires, followed by Cancer, Taurus, Leo, all of which tied with 20. Capricorn and Sagittarius came in last, with just 8 billionaires for each zodiac sign.

Here’s the full list:

#1. Libra: 27

#2. Pisces: 22

#3. Cancer: 20

#4. Taurus: 20

#5. Leo: 20

#6. Scorpio: 16

#7. Gemini: 15

#8. Aries: 15

#9. Aquarius: 12

#10. Virgo: 11

#11. Sagittarius: 8

#12. Capricorn: 8

That’s surprisingly similar to what the billionaire study revealed. September babies are either Libra or Virgo; the latter ranked tenth on this list of billionaires. We admit that it’s not always an exact science. Successful billionaire Bill Gates is actually a Scorpio.

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