Aquarius Horoscope (21/12 - 28/12)

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Aquarius. Photo: India TV News

Dear Aquarius, lately you have been feeling down and if you don’t change that you will ruin everything you have worked for. Revive your strengths and step firmly on your feet. Do what you think is right, trust your gut and don’t listen to anybody. The stars will send you positive influences and you will become more active and dynamic in your ventures.

Your love horoscope for this week

Your relationship is favored this week. You will succeed in anything you try, so prioritize the important issues and resolve them once and for all. If you are single, good news: the stars will bring you what you’re looking for.

Your career horoscope for this week

Your professional life is starting to get in order. Make the most of every connection in order to achieve your goals. Avoid risks that will get your finances in trouble, as Horoscopefriends reported.

Tarot Reading for Aquarius

You could be facing a major decision this week! This situation may be presenting a moral dilemma for you, and The Lovers card represents needing to becoming clearer on what your values and beliefs are before determining how to proceed. Do you feel compelled to go a certain direction based on fears or feelings of guilt? Don't let those things become motivating factors. Instead, try to understand that every action has a reaction and decisions such as these are never easy. Stay true to yourself -- you can't go wrong.

All about Aquarius

Symbol: The Water-Bearer

Dates: Aquarius are born between January 20th and February 18th. If you were born within three days of a sign change you may belong to a cusp of two zodiac signs (Capricorn – Aquarius cusp or Aquarius – Pisces cusp).

Element: Air Sign

Quality: Fixed Sign

House: Eleventh

Ruling planet: Uranus and Saturn

Colors: Blue and indigo (Aquarius colors)

Tarot cards: The Star (Hope, Vision, Recovery, Equilibrium, Bridging, Searching) and Queen of Swords

Horoscope and lucky numbers: 7, 14 and 20

Most compatible signs: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Least compatible signs: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarius the Water-Carrier is one of the oldest identified constellations of the Zodiac (meaning that the sun, moon, and planets all occasionally or regularly pass within its boundaries) It’s a big though faint constellation located in the southern hemisphere and is one of the oldest constellations known to the ancients, it’s appearance almost universally associated with water and the rainy season.

Able to adapt to any situation, Aquarius is a sign that always wants to build its own roots. It is a changing sign endowed with a strong will for independence and affirmation. For Aquarius, the word “freedom” takes on its full meaning. They are original and non-conformist people looking to seize any opportunity offered to them.

Aquarius are unpredictable in every aspect of life and hence it is sometimes difficult to know exactly what Aquarius are like. They are cunning and always plan for a way out, even in love. Their main enemy is boredom. Just like Gemini, Aquarius love to keep their mind busy and hate lack of activity. This is a quality that he also shares with every Fire sign, including Aries.

They are very attached to humanity and believes they have been vested with a noble mission: to offer all the help (and healing) they can to other people. In spite of their very independent nature, Aquarius natives are always surrounded by people and always want to make new friends. They are all willing to fight for freedom and justice. These traits are justified by the symbol of their astrological sign: a water bearer.

Aquarius is someone you should not try to control or cage. They need to move around and talk as they like. Otherwise, another facet of Aquarius will appear. They are said to be cold and distant, but in truth, they are mainly cautious about their emotions and feelings. It is hard for them to trust anyone, but once it is done, they are gentle and caring beings.

3rd Air sign with Gemini and Libra, Aquarius is also the 4th fixed sign, with Uranus as a ruling planet. It is a male sign in analogy with the Eleventh House of the zodiac. The body parts that best represent Aquarius astrological sign are the ankles and the legs.

The favorite colors of Aquarius are blue and indigo. Among the days of the week, Saturday is the one that suits them best. Their lucky numbers are 7, 14 and 20. Tarot card associated with Aquarius is the Star. The Aquarius star sign is also ruled by Saturn in addition to Uranus.

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